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Blair Witch Director/InkTip Member Returns with "Exists"

In 1999, A contained horror film turned into a worldwide sensation.  15 years later, its director returns to the filmmaking style that created a "monster."

We've all heard this industry tale: Armed with a cheap Hi-8 camcorder, Eduardo Sánchez, co-director Dan Myrick, and their band of three actors shot The Blair Witch Project for $60,000. With a genius marketing campaign (perhaps Hollywood's first "viral” campaign), including an ahead-of-its-time website that spread fake news about the witch's legend, "Blair Witch" spooked up $248 million worldwide at the box office.

The found footage film was reborn. 

Besides being used for years as a comparative film in numerous business plans by indie producers trying to convince investors they have the next low-budget sensation, "Blair Witch” popularized a storytelling technique in "found-footage” that still permeates today, especially given the ubiquity of everyone filming everything everywhere with their phones and GoPro cameras.  Before the gap between consumer and professional video cameras narrowed, "Blair Witch" not only justified a narrative reason for exhibiting an amateur look to millions of people, but did so years before the YouTube generation began uploading video blogs and homemade films.

It not only grew into a popular filmmaking genre, but it kickstarted methods studio marketing campaigns use to blend a movie or TV show's reality with ours.

In short, they created a monster.

15 years after the "Blair Witch" phenomenon, InkTip member Sánchez has returned to these roots with his latest film, Exists. The found footage horror focuses on another legend that haunts the woods: Bigfoot.

"Exists is the sixth project Jamie Nash and I have done together since discovering his first script on InkTip," Sanchez said.  "I owe InkTip a lot."

Lionsgate acquired North American distribution rights to Exists at SXSW.

will be released on 10/24/14 in theaters and on VOD.

Find a contained thriller/horror script here (requires access to InkTip).

The neat website for Exists can be explored here.

See the trailer here:

Michael Kim
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Michael Kim has worked in every department at InkTip. He now co-directs Marketing and serves as the VP of Product Development & Media.  His main interest includes discussing the impact found footage has created in media...over a good beer.

Written by: Michael Kim
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