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Successful Loglines & Synopses

Successful Loglines and Synopses

Rat-A-Tat-Tat (Noir Crime) by Robert Fleet


Generation Y noir: Four robbers, each has his own dark-humored or violent story as he heads to the bank they plan to hit: one is for the money, two is for the glow, three is for the ultra-violence - and the fourth... we just don't know. Yet.


Friday, 1:30 PM - Four masked men rush a corner bank to rob it. Action stops as the door is opened.


The night before the heist - Gathered around a TV, four young men quickly go over the plan. Talkative smartass ALFIE HAWKS leads the group: immature and giggly BILLY LANG, quiet co-worker JEAN-LUC HUSTON, and thuggishly terse CLAUDE WELLS. The plan is simple: wear "Lone Ranger" masks, arrive separately, rush in, rush out, change clothes, separate.


Friday, 1:30 PM - Four masked men rush a corner bank to rob it. Action stops as the door is opened.

1:10 PM - Billy Lang runs from his crappy apartment, late. In a comic race, he catches a bus - and is almost thrown off by a Driver who wants exact change. He strikes up a conversation with IDA SEBERG, pretending he is Clyde Barrow to her Bonnie Parker. Ida, it turns out, is a teller at the bank to be robbed. CORNELL BELMOND enters the bus - a cop detective who uses Billy Lang as an informer. He puts the screws on Billy, promising several return visits if nothing valuable comes out of Billy's mouth. The bus lets Billy off at the Bank. It is 1:29 PM.


Friday, 1:30 PM - Four masked men rush a corner bank to rob it. Action stops as the door is opened.


1:10 PM - Jean-Luc Huston helps his older lover, SIDNEY JAFFE out of their house: they are both Cajuns, sparring familiarly to cover up concern that Jaffe is dying. Huston is helping with the robbery, in fact, to buy a farewell "vacation" to Acapulco together. They walk the short blocks to the bank. It is slow-going, and Jaffe must stop behind a strip-mall to rest. He sends Huston on - then, out-of-sight, Jaffe collapses. Huston arrives at the bank just as Billy Lang gets off the bus. They pretend they do not know one another. It is 1:29 PM.


Friday, 1:30 PM - Four masked men rush a corner bank to rob it. Action stops as the door is opened.


1:10 PM - Alfie Hawks, cocky and self-assured, calmly shaves himself and dictates the "brilliant" details of his plan into a micro-recorder: Friday at 1:30 banks are filled with cash for weekend merchants, take $100s only, Express Mail it to an offshore "no-questions" account on the Isle of Jersey, etc. With occasional flashbacks, Hawks is still smarting from the cynical put-downs he and Huston must endure daily from BOGART, their manager at the probably-corrupt shipping firm they both work in for day jobs. Hawks drives to the rendezvous point, proudly noting (and dictating into the recorder) Billy Lang's and Jean-Luc Huston's arrivals. He plans on erasing the tape, but puts it off till later. Hawks parks far from the rendezvous, leaves the micro-recorder in the car - and unknowingly leaves the door unlatched, slowly swinging open. It is 1:29 PM.


Friday, 1:30 PM - Four masked men rush a corner bank to rob it. Action stops as the door is opened.


1:10 PM - Claude Wells rises from a bedroom tryst with LAUREN ASTOR, a woman who is both terrorized and aroused by his silent physicality. Calmly destroying a breadbox, Wells prepares a meal in her kitchen, then leaves - carrying a gym bag full of guns. Using a hammer, he smashes open a car window and steals the vehicle. Driving towards the bank he sees a bus - and through the window catches sight of Billy Lang talking to Belmond, the detective. Wells pulls to a side street and tensely observes: Belmond leaves the bus before Billy Lang, goes to a waiting car - but drives away from the bank. Reassured, Wells uses his hammer again to steal a second car, drives it by the bank - the other three are "casually" approaching - then stops his car in front of the bank, motor running. It is 1:29 PM

Friday, 1:30 PM - Four masked men rush a corner bank to rob it. Action does not stop -


Wells shoots out one security camera; Lang tries to shoot the second, misses, smashes it with his gun. Only Alfie Hawks is supposed to talk, but Billy Lang keeps muttering smartass comments - and the bank teller, Ida Seberg, begins to recognize him from the bus. Meanwhile, Wells and Huston are successfully looting the vault, while Hawks keeps customers and employees down on the floor.


Billy Lang giggles at the "power" they have - which causes Ida to accidentally say aloud "I know you." Wells and Huston hear her. Wells starts to raise his gun - but Huston shoots Ida first, shouting at Billy Lang, "No witness! NO Witness!"


They leave. Hawks, Lang and Huston crouched on the floor of the stolen car, Wells (unmasked) driving. As they drive, Hawks starts to equally divide the money into Express Mail envelopes - but Wells insists Billy Lang's share be cut in half because he screwed up. Billy disagrees, but is punched out by Jean-Luc Huston.


1:45 PM - At a post office, Huston mails the Express Mail packets to numbered accounts in Jersey, then walks away. Hawks, Lang and Wells drive the car away in an opposite direction. All have changed jackets.


2:00 PM - The guns are dumped down a sewer chosen at random.


3:00 PM - The clothes and masks are buried in an empty field. Billy Lang tries to ingratiate himself with Wells to get back his half-share of the money. Wells says simply "No witness" and picks up his hammer.


4:30 PM - Wells and Hawks dispose of Billy Lang's body in a dumpster at a deserted construction site, leaving it open for the coyotes to scavenge. They separate.


7:00 PM - Wells leaves the stolen car, license plate removed, in a neighborhood where it will be stripped or stolen again.


9:00 PM - Huston returns to his house, finds out that his lover Jaffe is dead.


9:00 PM - Belmond, the detective, pounds on Billy Lang's door, demanding information. He is let in - and shot to death - by Wells. "No witness."


9:00 PM - Alfie Hawks cannot retrieve his car from the parking lot: a security guard, noting the open door, has discovered the micro-recorder - and is replaying Hawks' plan of the robbery, detail by detail.

Tsantsa (Horror) by Leslie Streit


An unscrupulous art dealer is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse and soon becomes the #1 suspect in a series of grisly


David Starbird will do anything for a buck. He buys and sells tribal art for very rich clients but is not able to make ends meet. He owes a nasty
loan shark a lot of money. He resorts to shady business practices. He also drinks too much.

Starbird is hired by a wealthy client to procure a shrunken human head. The client, a cripple, believes that these heads have tremendous
restorative powers. He offers Starbird a huge sum of money, enough to end all of his financial woes.

Starbird’s search for the shrunken head takes him to a mysterious old man, Papa Bahasa, who exists in a subterranean dungeon underneath a
peculiar herb shop. Papa Bahasa forcibly extracts a drop of Starbird’s blood as part of the payment.

Almost immediately, Starbird experiences terrible visions – fire, the flash of machete blades, strange gyrating shadows.

Starbird goes back to his client but finds he has been murdered. He was decapitated and his head is missing. The police think that Starbird is
the number one suspect.

Starbird seeks help from various people – an expert on magic, an upscale gallery owner. All of the people he contacts continue to die in horrible

Starbird sets out to prove that Papa Bahasa is the murderer and he needs the “tsantsa” in human heads in order to stay alive.

As Starbird discovers more about Papa Bahasa’s powers of black magic, he realizes that he is fighting for his very existence and that the real
evil may lie deep within his own soul.

Honor Camp (Psychological Suspense Thriller) by Robin Sen


To save his own life, a street-wise teen is forced to use the survival skills taught to him by a boot camp for troubled youths when he stumbles upon another boy's murder and the group's dark secret.


Ryan Sole has a secret. He killed someone. Everyone's got problems in their lives, but Ryan doesn't know if he can handle this. He's only sixteen years old. A street-wise, troubled youth craving acceptance, Ryan is lured into a local boot camp for teens. After learning outdoor survival skills and being empowered with trust, Ryan is put to the test when he discovers that the boot camp he belongs to is a front for narcotics dealers training and using kids as drug runners. When Ryan stumbles upon another boy's murder and the camp's dark secret, Ryan is hunted by the very leaders that taught him the skills he must now use to survive. In pursuit, the camp leaders soon employ Lucy, a teen drug addict, to play on Ryan's raging hormones and draw him from the cover of a dense forest, to his death. Ryan faces the dangers of the wild, being hunted by his mentors, and betrayed by his peers only to encounter a Jamaican drug posse at the center of his uncertain fate. Honor Camp follows Ryan's prematurely forced journey of willpower from adolescence to adulthood, his struggle for acceptance and against authority, while simply trying to survive nature, and three people trying to kill him.

Multiple (Drama) by Robert Rosenthal


A well-meaning psychiatrist risks his career, his marriage and ultimately his life when he attempts to treat a young woman with multiple personality disorder. This is the first accurate portrayal of this condition since SYBIL (1979). Written by a psychiatrist, based on true clinical material. Optioned twice.


Psychiatrist VIC PERLMAN wants to rebound from the humiliation of a malpractice suit for undue familiarity by taking on the treatment of LIZ, a disturbed
young woman who cuts herself and suffers episodes of amnesia. Liz becomes increasingly intrusive in Vic's personal life, but Vic finds himself totally out of
his league when she turns out to have multiple personality disorder.

She wants to remember what happened to her as a child when her psychotic mother jumped out a window. Her seductive and violent alter-personalities have
other ideas. So does her powerful physician father. Even Vic's wife would rather he just dump the case, however unethical that might be. As the story builds to
its thriller-like finish, Vic must risk his career, his marriage, and ultimately his life to uncover the mystery behind Liz's different personalities.

Rational Panic (Suspense/Thriller) by Robert Rhyne


A college professor believes a student in his play writing class is involved in the disappearance of his wife after the student writes a play with a similar character.


Professor Marc Fisher's wife, Michelle, vanishes from a New Orleans hotel during Mardi Gras. Michelle suffers from panic attacks that have left her unable to walk across a room without assistance, making foul play a certainty in her disappearance. After months of fruitless searching, Marc returns to his job, teaching play writing at a New Orleans college. His worst fears play out when a student, Lynne Rambeaut, creates a protagonist who weirdly mirrors Michelle. As Lynne reveals things about her character, details that match Michelle's every quirk, Marc becomes convinced she abducted her. And when Lynne kills off her play's heroine, the mind games really begin!

Is it drama or reality? A play or plan for murder? Marc Fisher plays the ultimate mind game in a city where the line between illusion and reality is never clear, ultimately leading him to a truth that's way stranger than any fiction.


All Exclusive (Horror/Thriller) by Joseane Brunelle and Tristan Tondino


When an obnoxiously demanding executive on an all inclusive beach resort vacation progressively fades from reality, she discovers she can no
longer communicate with the very people who can save her from the horrifying ghosts threatening to tear her away forever.

Tagline: The ultimate leave of absence.


Margaret Benton decides to celebrate her 34th birthday with her latest flame Brad Taylor in an all inclusive club on an island - a well
deserved rest for a high strung workaholic about to burn out.

Margaret can't help but bark orders to everyone near her - unfortunately, that also includes Brad, who happens to be not so tolerant of her imperious
personality, despite the fact that she's paying for his vacation. Even in bed, she's overbearing.

However, the symptoms that drove Margaret to taking some time off are intensifying - what seemed at first to be routine anxiety is slowly turning
into the beginnings of a nightmare. Gradually, she feels herself becoming nearly invisible and inaudible! No one appears to acknowledge her demands.

One night, the young executive suddenly finds herself having horrific visions of tortured spirits haunting the island - as she tries to express
her terror to Brad, it is as though he completely ignores her and walks away, leaving Margaret alone and vulnerable on the beach. As she decides
to make her way back to her hotel, Margaret is dragged into the ocean by a terrifying force which tries to drown her. She struggles, frees herself
form her supernatural assailant and runs screaming through the party of hotel guests. NO ONE SEES HER! Her all inclusive vacation has become all

Margaret is on her own, pursued by unrelenting ghosts that allow her no rest. She discovers Brad has already moved on, assuming she also has found a
new lover in this promiscuous hot tropical paradise.

Margaret, the domineering executive used to giving orders to a huge web of subordinates has to face horror - all alone. Until she encounters a strange
local elderly woman, Sophie, who is already disturbingly aware of Margaret's plight. Sophie's secret will make your skin crawl...

The Ghost Horse (Animation/Children's Adventure) by Auguste Dinoto


A one-eyed Wizard Horse, an owl, and a coyote, go on a quest to help a young Mustang free his mother from a tribe of Indians, and get his
father's herd back.


As the Indians attacked the Mustangs in a dead-end canyon, ROOKER, a jealous horse, steals the herd and leaves Diablo’s father and mother to be captured.
Diablo’s mother hides him in a cave. His mother is captured by the Indians. Alone and frightened in the desert, Diablo finds himself being chased by a
pack of wolves. He meets ONE EYE, the wizard horse, WINK, the wise old owl, and SLIVER, the coyote. The four go on a quest to free his mother from the
Indians, and get his father's herd back from Rooker.

Surf Doctors (Comedy) by Mike Teitelbaum


Two California surfboys rollercoast thru a tropical medical school farce, foiling the scheme of mad doctors creating the world's most powerful


RANDY BLUE and SPENCER BOLLES are a couple of Huntington Beach surf locals. One day, while out on the waves, they see a beautiful woman, LABIA LUSCIOUS, in a tiny dingy, being chased by a huge yacht manned by WEGO, YUGO and IGO, latter day Marx Brothers. Spencer and Randy save her life and cause the yacht to crash into the rocks. Randy brings Luscious home to meet his father and mother, BOBBY and ANNETTE BLUE, ex-1960's beach movie stars.
Bobby Blue is now a U.S. Senator. Before dinner, Luscious sprays an atomizer full of "lust gas" at Senator Blue. Luscious explains that she works for a small medical school on the Caribbean island of Provincia. Overpowered by Luscious, an agent for sinister characters, and her lust gas, Senator Blue agrees that Randy and Spencer should go to St. Catherine's medical school.

Randy and Spencer cause havoc on the plane ride over to the island. They are welcomed at the school by the GO Brothers, musical bumpkins who survived
the yacht's demise. They meet the school's headmaster DR. SCHMENDRAKE, a sinister German. Back in the U.S.A., Senator Blue receives a call from
SENATOR COTTONMOUTH, an evil politician. Cottonmouth warns Blue that if he ever wants his son back alive, he'd better hand over the original film stock
from all his old beach blanket films.

Randy and Spencer discover that the campus looks disappointingly unlike the brochure and more like an abandoned veterinarian school, which it is. They
meet the school's resident manager, SCAROUCHE, a Jamaican with a refined British accent. At the school, the boys meet up with FLEUR DE LIS, a
representative of the French perfume industry, who is spying on Schmendrake. After Schmendrake's ridiculous first day of orientation, Randy and Spencer
begin to suspect that this place is a fraud.

Schmendrake is the inventor of the "lust gas" and works for Senator Cottonmouth. Spencer, Randy, and Fleur decide that the school is evil and
that they better get off the island. Senator Blue flies into Provincia with film stock to get Randy and Spencer off the island. Blue is captured by
Schmendrake's thugs. Randy, Spencer and Fleur set off to escape. While running from Schmendrake's thugs and their pig bloodhounds, they again meet
up with Scarouche. He explains that he is a C.I.A. agent and that Schmendrake is an evil scientist. Schmendrake's lust gas requires a special
ingredient, XP90, that is a catalyst and is only found in certain old film stock - specifically the films of Bobby Blue - and that Schmendrake plans to
use the lust gas to conquer the world. He is financing his scheme through the sale of Gatorsnaps, a snack food made with a mysterious ingredient. Our
young crew decide to stop Schmendrake's evil plan, but Scarouche is captured by the singing Go Brothers. Spencer and Randy break into Schmendrake's
castle and discover Blue, totally incapacitated by the lust gas. While seeking to escape to get help from the Marines, Spencer is captured by the
thugs and their trained pigs. Randy and Fleur regroup and form a plan to invade the castle.

Fleur distracts the guards while Randy dresses up like a pig and sneaks into the castle courtyard. But he is attacked by sex crazed pigs who find him
attractive. At a huge scientific convention in this castle, SCHMENDRAKE explains to his colleagues that he is planning to release the lust gas in
America. The gas causes sex cells to multiply so fast, people will have an insatiable urge for sex. They will literally copulate themselves to death.
With America as his example, the world will capitulate to him. His benefactor, Senator Cottonmouth, will be the new President of the United
States of Schmendrake.

Randy bursts into the meeting and releases a tube of lust gas before escaping. The gas malfunctions, and all of the doctors turn green, blow up
like balloons and float up to the ceiling. Blue explains that he gave Schmendrake Abbott and Costello films for the XP90 extraction instead of his
original beach movies. Using their surfboards, the crew escape from the castle. The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES shows up at the island with the
Marines and proclaims Provincia a U.S. colony. Senator Cottonmouth is hauled off by the Go Brothers to be fed to the alligators. Randy re-unites
with his father, who has gained respect for Randy. Randy and Spencer decide to stay with Fleur on the island. Randy to manufacture and sell Gatorsnaps
and Spencer to head the tropical medicine department.

Odyssey (Thriller) by Lori Queirolo


A team of retrieval experts, led by a biblical archeologist, race to find the scattered pieces of an ancient prophecy written by the Great Betrayer, Judas Iscariot. Pilot.


Far beneath the surface in Egypt, two young explorers venture through an ancient pharaoh’s tomb in search of a fascinating prize; a piece of the legendary Judas Scroll. Believed by biblical historians and archeologists to have been written by Judas Iscariot, the Gospel according to the Great Betrayer offers up a powerful 2000-year-old prophecy that some would kill to possess.

These two individuals work for an organization known as Odyssey, a special taskforce created and designed explicitly for the purpose of retrieving the pieces of this dogma-shattering document. Another shadowy organization, comprised of religious zealots, opposes them with murderous force. And with this tragic clash we begin our tale, one that will merge fanatical faith, science, archeology and a little bit of Indiana Jones meets the Da Vinci Code.

In 1947, legend has it that a Bedouin shepherd boy, in search of his lost goat, tossed a stone into the blackness of a cave he had just discovered in the Qumran hills near Jerusalem. Hearing the sound of pottery shattering, the shepherd boy went to investigate and discovered what many biblical experts consider to be one of the greatest document related finds in all of modern history- the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The scrolls discovered at Qumran contained original copies of almost every book of the Old Testament. Other excavations along the course of the Dead Sea revealed an even more tantalizing prize: the so-called Gnostic Gospels- previously unseen written accounts of Jesus' life and the turbulent times following His crucifixion. These discoveries dramatically altered the historical record and sent shockwaves through the religious community in a way not seen since the Middle Ages and the Crusades.

In the years to follow, many historians, archeologists and biblical experts would travel to the Holy Land in search of more of the scrolls and the explosive secrets promised within them. Secrets some wanted hidden for all time.

Secrets others would kill for....

In the pilot we meet Dr. Dana Sahntay, a Professor of Biblical History and Archeology at ASU. She leads the Odyssey team, a group of complex and often troubled individuals brought together by the mysterious “Foundation”, Their mission is simple: locate and obtain the scattered fragments before they can fall into the hands of those who would use it bring about the End of Days.

Her leadership skills forged by the tragic familial losses she has endured, Dr. Sahntay leads her team, comprised of a former Marine, a professional cave explorer, a technical wizard and a reluctant grad student against a brotherhood of religious Zealots, fanatics who will do anything and everything to obtain the seductive power of prophecy that the Judas Scroll promises.

This is that story….

Dakota Frost and the Fall of Rainbow Sherbet (Animation) by Richard Dane Scott


A young girl ventures to a land covered in eternal ice cream to stop a despotic king from using children as the key ingredients in his own blend of Rainbow Sherbet!


Experience the epic adventure of thirteen-year-old DAKOTA FROST as she crusades into the glorious ice cream-filled land of Spumonia. Meet the hilarious pint-sized MARSHMALLOW MEN who hunt and gather like tribal warriors. Meet their pesky nemesis THE GUMMI BEARS as they flock across the land in search of the elusive rodent-like CHOCOLATE CHIPS. But brace yourself for Dakota's chilling revelation, when she learns of the diabolical plot concocted by Spumonia's very own tyrannical KING NEAPOLITAN NUTTGANGER: he's using children as the special ingredient for his own blend of RAINBOW SHERBET! Dakota and her new friends must race against time to save others. They cross flowing rivers of pineapple topping, battle a mythical yogurt beast, and have a showdown of the ages with THE FANGLINGS - the spoiled milk-curd army of the King. After a hard fought battle, they are victorious. The King is overthrown. Peace is restored. And Dakota unravels her own personal mystery: she is the rightful heir to the kingdom of Spumonia. Taste the adventure. Live the sweet dream.

Cockfight (Comedy) by Leslie Scott


'There's Something About Mary' meets the 'Horse Whisperer' in Tijuana.


“Spare change?” the bum asks him. He pulls the money clip stuffed with hundred dollar bills from his pocket and responds gleefully, “No thanks, I’ve got plenty”. Thus begins the thirtieth birthday of Charles Nelson Van der Hoven III, the egocentric sole heir to the world’s most successful condom company. But when his parents decide their son has been suckling at the teat of the trust fund for too long, his playboy lifestyle soon goes the way of the Dodo. So what if his parents kick him out of their Beverly Hills address, take his Ferrari, his phone and his bank accounts? He can still count on his model-girlfriend Tiffany who has stuck by his side faithfully through all his selfish, self-centered, inappropriate comments and actions, in the hopes of one day becoming his blushing trophy bride. But when he tells her he’s broke, she drops him on the side of the road like a hot burning coal.

In a search of a drink, Charles stumbles across some amigos who want to help relieve him of his remaining dollars, and his day goes from bad to badder. Hoodwinked into Tijuana during a tequila stupor, he’s left for dead in a puddle of his own vomit with no money, no shoes and no ID to get across the border. Much to his chagrin, if he’s going live long enough to see his inheritance he’s going to have to get a job. Thus his new life begins.

He’s sells chiclets at the border until the local kids (tougher than teamsters) kick his ass. A local artist uses him as the model for his series of Pedestrian Crossing signs (as both the man and the little girl). He has a brief stint as a butcher until a small mistake leaves his boss a few fingers short. Luckily, he runs into Carlo Velasquez (21), a young and very successful trainer of cockfighting cocks and darned if he couldn’t use a smart gringo like Charles in his operation. Charles sees himself as the front man, pressing the flesh, mingling at parties but Carlo has other ideas. Charles finds himself cleaning chicken shit from the hundreds of cages at the farm and if it wasn’t for Carlo’s unbelievably sexy sister Maria (25), he wouldn’t make it a second day. Soon, Carlo sees something in Charles no one else possibly could and he gives him the opportunity to train his own cock.

With the help of Carlo and Willie Johnson (40s) a black, ex-boxing promoter, Charles becomes a sort of cock whisperer, training his cock (Maria’s named Muffin) in scene for scene recreations of the Rocky movies. Muffin becomes “the chicken that crossed the road, to kick Colonel Sanders’ ass”. Unfortunately, Charles falls in love with his little chicken and refuses to let it fight for fear of his little friend being killed. Maria laments it’s too bad there’s not some form of protection for his cock. The son of a condom magnate, he quickly devises a rubber suit to keep his little buddy from getting hurt.

Enter Maria’s jealous ex-boyfriend, Vicente Quartnay, Mexican mob boss and the owner of the very successful “Quartnay Cocks”. When he sees the suit, he realizes that a PG version could legalize the currently X rated sport of cockfighting and therefore cut him out of this very lucrative industry. And before long,
Charles, Maria and Muffin find themselves in a showdown the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the OK Corral in which the fate of the cocks lie in their
very hands.

The First Gentleman (Comedy) by Mary Kay LaBrie


A popular two-term president becomes The First Gentleman when the former First Lady is elected president.


When First Lady and Congresswoman Marcia Stone Davis is elected President of the United States, her controversial two-term president husband, Dale Davis, is forced to assume the traditional role of "First Spouse" so that he won't get in the way. But, as we soon find out, playing second fiddle to anyone has never been Dale's thing.

After being accused of trying to maneuver a third term by his adversaries and bumbling his way through his first few events, Dale's staff assigns him a mentor. She is popular former First Lady Margaret Riley. Her husband was president in the 1980s. She is adored by the nation as a national treasure. In reality, Mrs. Riley is anything but a sweet old woman. She's a tarot-card-reading spitfire who orders Dale around like she's a drill sergeant. As it turns out, Mrs. Riley has her own agenda, and she expects Dale to carry it through to the House and Senate.

Can a popular former First Lady talk a former President into supporting a controversial issue that even his wife, the current president, can't support? Can Dale keep out of the way as Marcia fights her own political battles? Will the Davises ever sleep in the same bed again? But most importantly - Will America ever be the same now that Dale Davis is "The First Gentleman?"


The Tutor (Period Drama) by Barbara Kymlicka


A young man, spoiled and pampered by his far too attentive mother, falls in love with an older woman of lower class, hired to teach him how to court a lady. Will this be a lesson in love or heartbreak? A Scriptapalooza Top Ten Runner-Up & FEFF Good To Go Winning Script


London, England 1850. Jack Ashton (18), a spoiled, lovable rascal of the upper class, spends his leisure time playing at pranks and riding about the countryside with his best friend Henry. As her only child and only connection to her beloved deceased husband, Jack’s mother Catherine has doted upon and spoiled Jack beyond measure. As a result, Jack has grown up without proper manners and etiquette and is completely ignorant in the ways of courting and charming a lady. And Jack has his eye on quite a lady. Lucy Langley, a spoiled demanding young woman with very high standards. When Jack turns to his mother for help, Catherine hires Claire Touchett (38) to tutor Jack in the art of courting a lady. Due to her age and having never been married, Claire is considered an “old maid”. Jack is horrified and is embarrassed when he learns of his mother’s plan, but for once, Catherine puts her foot down and Claire stays. Embarrassed by his mother’s decision to hire Claire, Jack is at first obstinate and rude but eventually develops a friendship with Claire, who is charming, headstrong and honest. Not unattractive, Claire’s decision not to marry has been her own, since she has chosen to wait for true love.


Meanwhile, Jack’s friend Henry finds true love with one of Lucy’s visiting cousins, Emily. Henry and Emily fall head over heels for one another and as such, Emily hides that fact that she is already engaged to wed someone else. When Henry finally learns that Emily is promised to another, the pain of heartache is too much to bear and, to the horror of Jack, he takes his own life.


Catherine struggles through her second marriage to philandering husband, Richard, whom she discovers has impregnated another woman, the young niece of her dear aunt Isabel. Jack despises Richard and sees him for who he truly is, a greedy womanizer who has no love for his mother. Feeling very alone, Catherine turns all her attention and love onto her son. Her need to be loved is so strong it unleashes unwanted desires towards Jack which sicken and frighten her.


As Claire’s tutoring begins to work, Jack manages to charm Lucy off her feet. The problem is, Jack is no longer interested in Lucy. Instead he finds himself falling in love with Claire. Though she attempts to resist, Claire too falls in love with Jack as he makes her feel young and full of life. They desperately attempt to keep their love a secret from those such as Lucy, who now has her sights set on Jack, and Lucy Langley does not take no for an answer. Knowing his mother would condemn the affair due to their differences in age and class, Jack struggles to become a man and stand up for himself and the woman he loves. Will Jack and Claire win the battle for their love, or will their differences in age and class tear them apart?

The Script Writer (Horror/Thriller) by Ron Aberdeen




An unsuccessful writer throws his computer out and replaces it with an old Underwood typewriter, once used to write “Psycho”. With his typewriter, his screenplays come to life.




Alasdair Andersen is an unsuccessful screenwriter, until he buys an old Underwood typewriter at an auction. The typewriter once belonged to the creative horror screenwriter, Joseph Stefano, the man who penned ‘Psycho’.


Alasdair hates his successful novelist wife, Katia Jordan. Not because of her independent income but because she’s a better writer.


Anyway, he has his father’s legacy, so he can afford to live in his own dark world, full of improbable characters, who now with his typewriter, seem real.


Gradually they become real. Taking over his life as he finds he can control his characters by what he types. Getting them to carry out acts from his abysmal scripts.


When his wife is stabbed to death in the shower, the police charge Alasdair with her murder.


He says he didn’t do it, Norman Bates did.


He is found criminally insane and sentenced to spend a minimum of twenty years in an institution. That is until he is given his old typewriter to help with his rehabilitation.

THE BOX (Horror/Thriller) by Ron Aberdeen




Seven college friends find the gateway to Hell, when they open the box.




What should have been a great day out by the river for seven college friends, turns into one of fear and murder when they decide to explore an island, where they discover a derelict colonial mansion.


It’s spooky but not deadly, until they enter the loft and find the old clothes, which they all put on.


Then they discover THE BOX.


Opening THE BOX releases a dark swirling mist that engulfs them, sucking them into it.


They emerge in 1863 not knowing where they are.


Eventually, six of them work it out, when they see the colonial mansion in all it’s glory but in George’s mind, he’s a Union Officer fighting for a cause.


And his friends are dressed as his enemy.


One by one he eliminates his quarry, then leaves the island. Only to be confronted by the local Sheriff and his men, searching for seven missing college friends.


The Sheriff’s investigation leads to the discovery of six bodies and the arrest of George, for murder.


The police are baffled. The mystery draws them deeper and deeper until, they too, discover and open - THE BOX!


Then all is explained. . . or is it?


George knows!

Lisa Strata (Comedy) by Regina Marubio-Weith


Girls Gone Mild. Sex is funny. Abstinence is a riot. To stop the draft and end the war, Lisa Strata, a sorority co-ed, leads a sex strike protest. Like Animal House, Fandango and "The Contest, Master of My Domain" episode of Seinfeld, it is irreverent, sexy, sassy and political. Winner of the Spirit of Moondance Award for Comedy.


The script has good coverage/analysis from Cynthia Butler through the Moondance International Film Festival. Winner of the Moondance International Film Festival Spirit of Moondance award for Comedy, Lisa Strata is a modern day version of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata. This modern adaptation could be called Girls Gone Mild.

Lisa Strata, determined to stop the impending revival of the military draft, devises a scheme to have all the women on campus withhold their sexual favors from the men until this goal is accomplished. They take over the campus Student Union dressed in their sexiest attire and declare a sex strike on campus by affixing the letters Nu Phi and Sigma Epsilon Chi (No Sex) to the Student Union.

At first, their battle of the sexes is limited to the men on campus. The women empty every porn shop in a fifty mile radius of the campus. Over beers at Tappa Tappa Kegga, the men devise ways to lure the women out, including an Alpha Male "beefcake" contest, suit and tie serenades and buying every battery in town. Lisa must advance her cause nationally while anticipating the moves of the fraternity men and preventing the women from abandoning their cause.

Her movement gains momentum and soon all college women all over the U.S. are abstaining from hitting the sheets, driving the men to petition their congressmen to defeat the draft bill. The movement spreads to older women, causing the revenues for condoms and male enhancement drugs to plummet. The major pharmaceutical lobbyists join in the assault on congress. Eventually, the President’s own wife cuts him off unless he plays ball, so to speak.
Lisa enlists the aid of a DC madam who shuts down the sex trade to the Senate. Even the Streetwalkers Local 69 goes on strike! When the draft bill comes to a vote in the Senate it is unanimously defeated. Furious, the President declares that he will sign the draft bill into law by executive order in three days.

Unwilling to accept defeat, Lisa and her cohorts find women and one man in Washington who have had encounters with the President that would make Bill and Monica look like an innocent flirtation. Backed into a corner, the President declares that the draft will not be reinstated.
An excerpt from Cynthia Butler’s coverage follows:

“The story is very well structured… The dialogue is … very well written. The repartee between Lisa and Troy and between Lisa and Matt... is clever and brisk; it crackles and pops… The script contains a wonderful balance of dialogue and action; it's not just talking heads philosophizing about war. Some of the scenes where each of the sexes up's the ante are very funny indeed-- the guys with their on-stage beefcake performances and their coat-and-tie romantic serenades, the women emptying out the local porno-sex toy shop. The humor is priceless… Lisa Strata is a very funny take off on the Greek classic comedy about war and the war of the sexes. Although there are some critics who will compare it to the Greek original, it's more likely that audiences will compare it to campus classics, Animal House and Fandango, especially with the merciless satire of fraternities and sororities in House and the anti-war sentiments of Fandango. "

Three Iron Doors (Horror/Thriller) by Peter Arneson


A young man wakes up alone in a locked vault. He has no food or water, no clue how he got there, and no way to get out.


MARK JOHANSSON (early 20s) is unhappy with his life. He is a year past college, stuck in a dead-end job, tired of bars and bad TV, and missing his glory days as an athlete. He is foul-mouthed, short-tempered, cynical, and sarcastic. In short, he is like many young men.

As the film begins, he wakes up on the floor of a locked and empty bank vault. His only companions are a locked steel cabinet, a swarm of flies, and a dead rat.

Mark has no idea who kidnapped him, or how, or why. At first, he assumes that his buddies are playing a prank. He spends the morning dreaming up retaliatory pranks and waiting to be let out.

But no one comes.

In the afternoon, he gets worried that he’s been forgotten, and makes noise to alert people in the building.

But no one hears.

By evening, he is hungry and thirsty and furious. He shouts threats at the walls, refusing to spend another night in a room that smells like piss (his own).

Guess what, dude.

Next morning, he starts to take more drastic action. He opens the steel cabinet in a surprising way. Inside are tools: a small sledgehammer, a hand-drill, and an acetylene torch.

These tools have no effect on the hardened alloy of the vault door.

Mark realizes then that he is in a struggle for his life. It is not a prank by friends, but slow torture by some enemy (still unseen). And he must face it alone. Childish tantrums and waiting will not save him. He leaves them behind. His anger hardens into deep rage and a vow of revenge.

He attacks the wall beside the vault door.

It takes all day to drill, burn and smash through the thick concrete and steel. Mark narrowly escapes death by asphyxiation and by explosion of the torch. As the first act ends, he finally squeezes through a jagged hole in the wall. On the other side, he finds...

I won’t tell you and spoil the surprise. But I promise it is VERY unexpected.

This script will cost little to produce because of its short length and few locations. It is scary and funny, with a deeper layer of meaning under the entertaining surface. And the happy ending will leave the audience feeling good.

Calling all Ushers (Romantic Comedy) by DonnaMarie Vaughan

An unmarried 30-year-old woman finds herself “looking for love on a deadline when she volunteers her 'fictitious' boyfriend to be an usher in her sister's wedding.

Script was previously known as A DATE FOR THE WEDDING and was the 2003 WINNER of the DTA Screenwriting Competition.

The Armor (Thriller) by Robert Petrecca


An attack on Jerusalem leaves a foreign correspondent buried alive in the tomb of Christ. Emerging with miraculous abilities beyond his control, he is caught up into a deadly conspiracy designed to manipulate the "second coming" - now the correspondent of heaven - like it or not. (2004 Christian Screenwrite 3rd Place Winner) (2003 Screenwriting Expo 2 quarter finalist)


A foreign correspondent forgoes his career in favor of rescuing survivors when he is caught in the ambush of four rouge stealth fighters on the city of Jerusalem. Deserted and disheartened in the war torn ruins, he takes cover within the walls of an ancient church, only to be trapped in its confines when it is shelled. He is buried alive in the tomb of Christ and left with only three nails with which to dig his way out.

Days later, when an elderly, blind Israeli man stumbles over him on the banks of the Jordan River and immediately receives his sight, Simon Tanner unknowingly awakens to the first in the terrifying line of events that will ultimately turn his sense of reason inside out.

Sidetracked by the military while departing the Holy Land, Simon confronts the grim reality that he is the soul survivor of the onslaught and knowledge of the attackers is still anonymous to apparently all.

His return to New York brings a relentless barrage of demonic encounters, prophetic visions and uncontrollable miracles; besieging his every attempt at regaining his former lifestyle and clearly pointing the way toward the inevitable - Simon must become the foreign correspondent of heaven, whether he likes it or not.

Now the zealous target of someone who would prefer him to be made very publicly dead, he confronts the revelation that a baleful conspiracy is at work in high places. The violent assault on the world's religions has been set into motion to bring forth the Messiah and usher in "the end of the age" - even if it means destroying most of mankind to get Him here.

"The Armor" is the astounding story of one man's personal conflict to abandon his own free will in order to save the free will of the world.

© Robert L. Petrecca
All rights reserved

Ralton House (Horror) by Lizanne Southgate


Ralton House has everything Katie ever wanted: huge greenhouse, isolation and a very sexy gardener. But Ralton House already has a master and Katie's dream come true is about to become a nightmare from which there is no waking.


With the help of friends Lisa and Gillian, Katie moves out of the city to her newly purchased home, the beautiful and isolated Ralton House. As they lug boxes, Gillian (on anxiety medication) thinks she sees a figure in the upstairs window, but there's no one there. When Gillian finds herself locked in the basement with something that whispers to her, Katie chalks the experience up to nerves and sends her friend home.

Armed with a glass of wine, Katie explores her new home, finding only photos of ex-residents, a strange wedding ring...and a photo of herself that couldn't possibly exist. Exhausted, she falls asleep into a strange, erotic dream, and when she wakes, the ring and photo are gone.

Happily she begins to set up her basement darkroom when the power goes out and she finds herself locked in with something moving in the darkness around her. Smashing her way out through a window, gasping and bloody, Katie collides with Dorian, the very sexy former gardener. Once Katie is bandaged and her nerves temporarily soothed, Dorian takes on responsibility for a garden where every plant is lethal.

Katie resumes work in the darkroom, attempting to rationalize the increasingly strange happenings in Ralton House. But when someone, or something, scares her in the greenhouse and then tampers with her negatives, Katie blames Dorian and sends him away, leaving her alone with the whispers and dreams. In town the Sheriff wrestles with telling Katie the truth about Dorian, while Lorna, the Realtor, does her utmost to conceal the history of Ralton House from Katie.

Back in the city, Gillie tries unsuccessfully to reach Katie while Lisa conducts a web search on Ralton House that brings its hideous history to light. Dorian returns as Katie's off again, on again lover and it's he who discovers the body of a former owner in the greenhouse. But Dorian's nowhere around when Lisa arrives, Ralton's history in hand, and pushes her way through the greenhouse's lovely blossoms in search of Katie. There, briefly, Lisa comes face to face with Ralton's secret before she dies and is left under the flowers in the company of a long dead child. Katie's dreams turn ugly and her life grows worse when she goes to town and discovers Dorian's secret. At the same moment, Lorna prowls Ralton House, hoping to tell Katie the truth. But she too dies, secret untold. Unable to reach Lisa or Katie, Gillian speeds through the night toward Katie. Meanwhile Katie fights for her life against a dark intruder, killing him only to discover she's destroyed her only chance of ever leaving Ralton House.

Urban Grace (Comedy) by Ed Schultz


They tried to save New York from itself.


Grace Stuyvesant is fleeing a failing suburban marriage to find herself and happiness in New York City. What she finds is a job on a weekly newspaper and a homeless man who thinks he's the original purchaser of Manhattan Island. She sees a story, while he sees someone to help him find a permanent burial place. "They keep digging me up!" he claims. Together they discover Manhattan's not for the timid, and soon find themselves fighting to save their city from the powerful forces seeking to plunder the city's substantial riches -- and spoil its magic.

Ed Schultz is a multi-award-winning filmmaker and two-time EMMY Award winning writer who has had several of his theatrical works produced in New York. He is a member in good standing of WGA/East and The Dramatists Guild.

©2002 Ed Schultz

Tradition (Drama) by Danny Esposito


Italy, 1942: Spirited young woman awaits her secret lover's return from war to defy her "traditional" society, but discovers she is pregnant.


Christina’s lover, Antonio, must leave for his tour in World War II. He promises to marry Christina and take her away from her suppressive town when he returns (they secretly meet at Christina’s deceased father’s secluded cabin). Christina is impatient, and furious at the war taking Antonio from her.

Christina alleviates her frustrations on the only person she confides in, fourteen-year-old Filomena. Filomena loves Christina, but envies the fact that Christina speaks with a man by herself when she is forbidden to.

This leads Filomena to spy on boys playing soccer in the town. One boy from out of town spots her and cons his way close enough to her to be able to kiss her on the cheek. He walks away triumphantly, while Filomena laughs in elation at the experience. Two young boys from the town have seen everything, however.

Lucia – Christina’s mother – has been a business partner with Lorenzo, the town mayor, since her husband passed away five years ago. Lorenzo collects the produce from her farm and sells it in the city, because women from the town are forbidden to
participate in the city market.

Lucia sternly warns Lorenzo that his wife, Victoria, suspects them of having an affair (which they are not). However, Lorenzo seizes every opportunity to touch Lucia’s arms and rub his face in her hair. Lucia has grown to care for Lorenzo, but keeps him at
bay because should the townspeople find out, it will cost her the inherited land. Because of this fact, Lorenzo promises to rectify the situation with Victoria.

The news of Filomena’s impropriety spreads like locust. Filomena’s mother – angered at the shame brought on her family – banishes Filomena from her home.

When Christina hears, she rushes to Filomena’s and her secret meeting place. There she finds the crying Filomena, and sneaks her into Lucia’s barn.

Lucia and Christina clash in a battle of wills on the fate of Filomena. Christina is determined to face the people and explain how the boy cornered Filomena and forced the kiss upon her. Lucia knows Christina will do just that and so decides to take it upon herself to defend Filomena.

The next day, before the plan can even be set in motion, one of Lucia’s workers discovers Filomena in the barn. The townspeople hear of it immediately, and the focus shifts to Lucia and why she would harbor a whore. Lucia, unknowing to Christina and with great apprehension, forces Filomena from the barn, but counsels her to beg her mother for forgiveness.

Filomena seeks her mother out and finds her at the town well. There, surrounded by townspeople, Filomena’s mother denounces Filomena as no longer being her daughter. Filomena runs around the well, unable to escape the unbearable weight of stares and
the screams of her mother calling her a whore. Filomena jumps in the well.

A month later, Christina confesses to Lucia that she is pregnant. After her outrage, Lucia decides it best Christina stay at her father’s cabin until she has the baby. Christina wants to have the child - in defiance - right here at her farm. Lucia promises to disown her if she does. Defeated, Christina goes along with her mother.

Although the townspeople are unconvinced of the lie about Christina caring for Lucia’s pregnant sister, Lorenzo convinces them it is the truth, even though Lucia has told him nothing. Victoria has had enough: especially since Lorenzo defended Lucia in the
Filomena scandal. She follows Lucia until Lucia finally brings her to the secluded cabin where Victoria sees the pregnant Christina.

That night, Victoria threatens to expose Lucia unless she disposes of the baby and marries Christina off to Marco, a local boy. Victoria’s thinking is once Christina is married; Marco will run the land, ending Lorenzo and Lucia’s business partnership. Besides, Victoria cannot say for certain that the father of Christina’s child is not Lorenzo. Lucia reluctantly agrees.

Lucia helps Christina deliver a baby girl. In Christina’s joy, she explains to her mother how once Antonio returns, they will all run the land together and live in defiance of the people. Lucia can only tell her to accept the ways of life instead of what she wants.

While Christina sleeps, Lucia, in excruciating horror, disposes of the baby in the lake. The next day, Christina goes to get water for their voyage home and discovers the baby (the baby’s blanket is caught by a rock, which prevents it from being swept away). Lucia summons all her strength to act like a townsperson and tell Christina it is for her own good and that they must now move on. This triggers Christina to leap on her mother, force her to the ground and shake her furiously. After recovering, Christina goes to her mother only to discover she is dead: the sand beneath Lucia’s head hid the rock underneath.

Christina tells the townspeople that Lucia slipped on the rocks by the shore, which is not uncommon. During Lucia’s funeral, Christina is told she is to be married to Marco. Christina decides, after burying her mother, that she will kill herself like Filomena.
When departing for the well, she falls to the ground in a moment of weakness, and realizes that the land is now hers.

Christina declares to everyone that she will not marry Marco and that the land is hers by delivering a letter to the town post office addressed to Antonio, whom she announces is her husband. The news spreads like locust, but Christina never looks back.

Prison of the Damned (Horror) by Nicole Jones & Ian Jones


"Assault on Precinct 13" meets "Dawn of the Dead" in this story about a jailbreak that goes horribly wrong when the inmates learn that some of their fellow prisoners are no longer human. Trapped between trigger-happy cops on the outside and bloodthirsty zombies on the inside, they must join forces with one of their former jailers in order to stay alive.


Curtis Thayer, a mild-mannered college professor, is imprisoned for the mercy killing of his wife. He falls in with a couple of inmates who have planned an elaborate jailbreak. A violent riot in the prison yard gives them the perfect cover for their escape.

What they don’t realize is that this maximum-security facility houses more than just drug dealers, killers and thieves; it also holds pure evil. As the rioting spreads throughout the prison, some of the unsuspecting inmates accidentally release the Damned - criminals so evil that when they die, even Hell doesn’t want them. The undead spread throughout the prison, indiscriminately killing anything and everything that crosses their path.

Major O’Conner is head of the agency responsible for keeping the Damned under control. When he discovers they’ve escaped, he calls for immediate backup. The prison is now completely surrounded by soldiers with orders to shoot first, no questions asked.

When Thayer and his buddies triumphantly emerge from the prison, they find themselves in the middle of a warzone. Thinking it is better to be safe in their cells than dead with a bullet in their backs, they go back into the prison, only to find it overrun by bloodthirsty Damned.

Trapped between the Damned on the inside and heavily armed soldiers on the outside, Thayer and his band of criminals must put aside their differences and join forces with O’Conner to stay alive.

Lonely Teardrops (Biographical) by Jennifer Brasher


Legendary singer Jackie Wilson (Baby Workout, Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher and Higher, Lonely Teardrops) battles fate and his demons as his turbulent career is threatened by a secret love affair with a married white woman from Illinois.


A black man from 1950's Detroit, Jackie becomes a rock'n'roll star, but he has the voice of an opera singer and hungers for respect as a singer and a man. When he falls in love with Lynn, there's no place for their inter-racial love affair in a prejudiced world. As Jackie's bitterness mounts, it threatens to end his career and destroy those he loves most.

The Language of Love (Thriller) by Dennis J. Greza


An alcoholic therapist becomes the victim of a sadistic client who knows his darkest secret.


MAURICE SNELL is a therapist assigned to obtain a confession from a suspected child killer -- a priest, FATHER MICHAEL. Maurice discovers the priest is obsessed with another young boy. Maurice’s inquiries into the boy, who may be a victim of the priest, yields an unexpected twist: the information the priest provides about this boy hasn’t happened yet.

The apparent child killer has a unique ability which allows him to prey upon his victims in an unconventional way -- he’s clairvoyant. This leads to a devastating cat and mouse game when Maurice discovers the boy the priest is obsessed with will die unless he intervenes.

Maurice is pushed to an extreme and kidnaps the priest in an attempt to force the truth from him. Only the truth the priest reveals is Maurice’s own dark secret. A secret that will forever change his perception of the world in which he thinks he lives.

The Flesh (Horror) by Lisa Fletcher


Mother and daughter menaced by entity.


After her child is verbally accosted by a frightening old woman in the school restroom, a mother receives ominous visions that something even worse will soon happen to her little girl.

The frightening old woman is actually a supernatural being that wants to help the mother; it just needed her attention first. Though it can't act in the physical world and can only be heard by small children, it uses visions and dreams to warn the mother of a fleshly danger in the neighborhood: a first-time child molester who will panic when things don't go as planned.

And what does the entity want from the mother in exchange for this "help?" Using rudimentary sign language, it tells her. The only thing it wants for saving her daughter's life is, "One night in head."

Contained story: two houses on same street; school (after hours); empty commuter train car (interior only); the woods.

Special effects: makeup/appliances to create "glimpses" of a frightening old woman; a zipper on the face of a small boy.

Murdergirls (Crime/Thriller) by Craig Berger


A group of high school girls sets out to prove they are so popular they can get away with murder---and they do.



Devon Grant is the most popular girl in school. Problem is, she's also a sociopath. Together with her best friend Morgan Chambers, she holds Kennedy High School in thrall, simultaneously thrilling those lucky enough to get close to her, and terrifying any who dare cross their path. When Danni Moore is brought into their group, largely because her father has just bought the biggest clothing outlet in town, she sees both the glory of being worshipped by one's classmates, and the seamy underside of that world, the contempt the other two girls have for everyone and everything.


After Devon gets caught pulling off a particularly mean prank and gets off scot free, Morgan suggests that she can get away with murder. Danni jokingly counters that no one is popular enough for that. The sociopathic Devon is offended, and resolves to kill someone in front of witnesses and escape punishment.


Devon and Morgan dismiss this as empty talk, but when Devon shoots her ex-boyfriend in the middle of the school cafeteria a few days later, they understand it is all too real. Morgan, being fairly unbalanced herself, is excited by the new development, but Danni finds herself caught in the middle of an ugly situation, looking for a way out. A trial commences, and Devon, concocting a story about how her ex-boyfriend was abusing her, does indeed get away with it.


Detective Jack Riggs suspects that Danni is the weak link and goes after her, but Danni, whose popularity only increases as a result of the publicity, won't break. After Devon commits and gets away with another murder, this time claiming self-defense, Danni realizes she's in over her head, and agrees to work with Riggs.


Danni learns that the other two girls have made a list and are planning a Columbine-style attack on their school at the end of the week. Danni alerts Riggs, but Devon and Morgan, suspecting trouble, move the attack up to the next day. Danni manages to get the word out to Riggs, but several students and teachers are killed or wounded before the girls can be apprehended. Danni testifies against her friends in the ensuing trial, but miraculously, they are exonerated again, this time using an insanity plea. Devon and Morgan are on top of the world, and Danni has fallen to her pre-popularity status.


Riggs approaches Danni again, but having been burned already, she wants nothing to do with him. Danni approaches Devon and Morgan to apologize, but she has incurred their wrath, and the discussion turns into an argument which leaves Danni in tears. Indignant, Devon insists that those they killed had it coming. Danni mentions a specific girl, Allison Kroft, who Morgan cannot remember killing, but Devon does, having seen the girl's name in Morgan's journal. Devon then recalls that the girl did not actually die, but has been in intensive care.


At this point, Riggs appears. He reveals that while Danni was initially reluctant to cooperate, Riggs' promises of renewed social status convinced her to wear a wire to trap the girls. It turns out that Allison Kroft was in intensive care, but died after the trial, and the girls were never tried for their murder.


Devon and Morgan prepare for a new trial, but when Morgan's incriminating journal is uncovered, it is clear that even they cannot talk their way out, and they agree to a fifteen year sentence. As promised, Danni, for being brave enough to come forward, is lauded as a hero, and becomes the most popular girl in school. Looking back on the events that got her there, she doesn't regret a minute of it.

Three Putt & Shank (High Jinks on the Links) (Comedy) by Steven Lachman


A down-on-his-luck golf pro turns to a dog for a caddie to resurrect his game.
(Think "Legend of Bagger Vance" meets "Turner & Hooch")


Likeable loser golf pro Delwin 'Three Putt' Dalrymple is a gimmie away from parking cars for a living. He's lost it all --
the caddie, the wife, the big screen TV. And then right before the big tournament, a Shank shows up on the practice range.

Oh, did I mention Shank is the name of a caddie. And did I say Shank is a -- dog. Shank likes to bark in your backswing. Shank likes to run through your legs while you putt. Shank likes to relieve himself all over -- Good ol' Shank.

Against all odds they team to beat the fickle fate of golf, romance and life.

It's a heartwarming feature length comedy about a golf pro and his best friend.

For Which it Stands (Drama) by Ryan Gielen


When an outcast high school sophomore refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, a vigilante television newsman attacks him on-air, ensnaring the town and eventually the entire country in the drama that unfolds. Satire/Drama. Top Ten: A Feeding Frenzy Screenwriting Competition. Crafted at Jeff Gordon's Writers Boot Camp.


At certain points in our nation’s history, events and circumstances propel ordinary men to great success. Perhaps to the benefit, perhaps to the detriment of society, men who should never ascend... do.

This is the story of Cam Steel, a vigilante television reporter, hellbent on destroying any liberal pansy socialist scumbag that gets in his way. Though stuck in the quotidian news-vacuum that is Buffalo, New York, Cam is determined to make a name for himself, at any cost.

Cam’s new target is Michael Melon, an outcast high school sophomore who refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, not out of defiance... out of sheer laziness. As Cam pushes and pushes the story, word spreads like wildfire and soon the entire nation is watching the drama unfold, and weighing in on this “possibly treasonous” act.

What follows is a satirization of the conservative news movement in America, and all its participants. With smart, satirical send-ups of major news personalities, the story unfolds quickly and evenly, and ultimately makes a gut wrenching case for artistic and individual freedom.

After ruining Michael Melon’s life, Cam Steel finally gets that promotion, but in the end, Cam gets his when a spurned liberal shows up at Cam’s office for payback.

Smart dialogue, sharp humor, and unforgettable opening and closing sequences make this script tremendously accessible. Top Ten: A Feeding Frenzy Screenwriting Competition. Crafted at Jeff Gordon's Writers Boot Camp.

Still Life (Suspense/Thriller) by Shohn L. Turner


A killer paints portraits of his victims as they are dying, then sends the paintings to the police. The hero must find and solve the complex clues, which are embedded in the paintings, while the victims are still alive.


Still Life is about a killer who paints portraits of his victims as they are dying and then sends the paintings to the police. When Detective Charley Golds sees the magnificent works of art, which have become a media sensation, she brings her friend Jameson Collins onto the case.


Jameson was once a tenured professor at a prestigious Art Academy in New York City, but is now a raging alcoholic racked with guilt over the loss of his wife and daughter. He feels responsible for their deaths and drowns himself in alcohol to avoid the pain.


After several dramatic successes and failures, Jameson overcomes his personal problems to help the police. Then, when the most recent painting is x-rayed and Jameson's own painting is discovered underneath the latest clue, Jameson knows he's a suspect.


Jameson not only has to fight to save the latest victim, but also to clear his name. Then disaster strikes when an impressionist painting arrives with Charley’s badge. Jameson’s only friend is to be the next victim.


In an exciting conclusion, Jameson figures out the impressionist painting just before it’s too late and saves Charley’s life. Then Jameson paints a scene which leads the killer into a trap. Jameson turns the tables on the killer and does so by using the killer’s own modus operandi.


Still Life combines the morbid premise of SEVEN with the character development of AMERICAN BEAUTY. With a quick pace, a flawed hero, and a villain designed for sympathy, this story has all the elements of a commercial success, but with a minimum of locations, no special effects, and the nature of this story being character-driven thriller, this film can be made on a small budget. Still Life has gotten excellent coverage, having placed as a finalist (top 1% of over 2950 entries) in the 2003 Scriptapalooza competition.

Playing by the Rules (Drama) by Arthur Kraft


Based on a true story. When a teacher fails a basketball star, he becomes ineligible for the state play-offs. The townspeople make threatening phone calls, sabotage her car, and get her fired. Her husband is almost killed driving her car and her son comes close to suicide. It takes all her stamina to fight back through legal channels--and to win.


CHARLOTTE AVERY is a high school English teacher in a small, Oklahoma town, a teacher with a dilemma. She should fail EDDIE for excessive truancies, but if she does, he becomes ineligible to participate in the upcoming basketball play-offs--and he is the star of the team.

Charlotte is shaken by a phone call from a man threatening her if she fails Eddie. But her husband and teenage son tell her to do what she thinks best. She gives Eddie an "F."

All hell breaks loose. Students wear buttons to school reading "Wanted: Charlotte Avery, Dead or Alive" with "or Alive" crossed out. Her husband's boss threatens to transfer him across the state. A fire is set by the Avery front door and the family rushes to put it out.

Eddie's grade car mysteriously disappears. The principal asks Charlotte to fill out another, hinting she should pass him. Charlotte is so distraught she runs out of the building. The school board fires her for abandoning her position.
But the town isn't done with her. Her car is sabotaged and when her busband borrows it, he is almost killed.

Charlotte fights on alone. Lawyer after lawyer refuses to handle her unpopular case until she finally finds a young attorney just starting his practice; he appeals her firing in district court.

While Charlotte waits for the court decision, her son becomes so despondent he drives the car onto the railroad tracks and waits there for a train. She races to the crossing, sees a train bearing down, but her son won't move the car or unlock the doors. She jumps up on the hood--and waits. At the last instant he drives off the tracks.

The court orders the school to restore Charlotte's job, yet she still must face her students. She enters her classroom anxiously. One student says he admires her taking a stand. Others agree. Though several students refuse to join in, most of them rise for a standing ovation.

Raining Cats (Family Drama) by Deb Havener


A young girl overcomes the death of her pet cat by rescuing all the strays that dwell in the underground sewers - meanwhile, her single mother finds romance with the local mall Santa Claus.


Rain must fall into everyone's life - but it really seems to pour down on gangly LISA POTTER. This awkward twelve-year-old just can't make friends with anyone - except for the ragged and forlorn stray cats that roam her working-class neighborhood.

When her own cancer-stricken cat has to be put to sleep, Lisa is broken-hearted. She carries the dead animal home to bury it, only to run into a group of popular kids who already regard her as a freak. They grab the bag from her and toss it around, unaware of the contents. One of the boys - RYAN - peeks inside the bag, then hands it back to Lisa with masked emotions. Lisa runs away from them, vowing never to have any friends other than cats - cats who will love her no matter how unpopular she is at school.

When Lisa's divorced Mom - MADDIE POTTER - learns that her daughter's pet cat has been put to sleep by a well-meaning vet, she guiltily resolves to buy her a new one. She's been so busy working at her cashier's job that it seems she's losing touch with her weird adolescent daughter. But Lisa won't hear of it. She knows her dead cat Buddy is watching her and missing her...

Moved by Lisa's loss, Ryan visits the animal clinic, where his mother works. He is well aware of the sorry beasts that must be put to sleep every few days. Ryan sneaks out a box of death-row strays and leaves them on Lisa's doorstep.

Thinking this is a sign from her late, beloved cat, Lisa smuggles the strays into her room. Maddie, desperate to cheer up her gloomy daughter, agrees to let them stay. The gesture seems to work - mother and daughter start to talk again, and they even manage to have a nice shopping trip together - despite an embarrassing encounter with the mall's Santa Claus (aka, local architect DAVID MILLER).

When "Santa" runs into Maddie at her workplace, he manages to get up enough nerve to ask her out for coffee. It's a little embarrassing for Lisa, but Maddie starts to date him! A chubby, balding man, David is the opposite of the men Maddie usually goes for (and the man she married and divorced) but it turns out she really likes being treated decently for a change.

But, just as things seem to be improving, four cats turn into more cats - and Maddie just can't take it. She throws out the forlorn creatures and locks horns with her daughter again.

Undaunted, Lisa creates a makeshift animal shelter in an abandoned house. Ryan , who has been spying on her, finds a way to help. The unlikely allies form a secret friendship through their rescue efforts -- even risking life and limb in the sewers during a downpour.

Ryan pleads with the socially retarded Lisa to try having people for friends instead of just animals. For starters, he urges her to be part of the school's set construction crew for the upcoming play. She reluctantly agrees and finds she is starting to fit in after all.

But jealous BECCA - the most popular girl at school - spies on Lisa and Ryan's cat rescue operation. Bitter and hurt, she places an anonymous call to the police, telling them that there are a hundred strays in a condemned shack full of feces and urine. She'll do anything to get back at Lisa for "stealing" Ryan away - the boy she's had a crush on all year.

After the school play premieres, the kids gather for pizza and to watch themselves on the nightly news - they have a PSA spot for their play and are eagerly awaiting their 30 seconds of fame. Their high spirits are dashed when the next story shows police and "animal control" workers removing the stray cats from the abandoned shack - so they can be humanely put to sleep.

Lisa and Ryan race from the party to the clinic to intercept the cats. Right on their heels are the rest of the kids who are moved by their plight.

When Maddie gets a call from the police about her "brat, delinquent daughter," Maddie steps right into the fray - first telling the cops off, then rolling up her sleeves to help her daughter with the cats.

Finally, Maddie discovers that her Santa Claus with a heart of gold is much more than that. Being a Santa is only a hobby for the well-off architect. When Lisa and the other kids stand up for the cats, he steps in to help out. With his team, he rebuilds the abandoned house and opens it as a local no-kill shelter.

The other kids jump at the chance to volunteer to be with the animals they rescued, and Lisa becomes, at last, a local hero.

NOTES: Recently requested by Mad Circus Films and Diversa Films

Whispers (Horror) by Dipo Oseni


If the night could speak -- it would whisper.


William Gray is a man plagued by the death of his first wife. An insurance adjuster, he has seen every shape, form and manner that death takes.

But nothing will deter William from his search for an answer -- an answer to the question that will bring back his dead wife.

Like a man possessed he devotes himself to this singular pursuit. Then, in the dead of night, with not a soul around to speak, William's search finally comes to an end. For he is visited by a beautiful, mysterious, eight-year-old girl.

It is this stranger who sends William on a terrifying journey of unexpected twists and truths as she helps him answer the question that has obsessed him for almost a decade - Why do people die?

Animal Instinct (Comedy/Drama) by David Lourie


When the animals of the world rebel against humans to save their disappearing habitats, the WarMongers want total warfare. But the PeaceTeam, led by dolphins, understand warfare would be deadly to all. So they race to find their teenage Chosen Ones, a stunning intelligent girl and a gifted boy who astral travels through a mystic Portal to rescue the future.


The Animals of the world are infuriated by the wanton destruction of their habitats by the upstart young species called "Humans." So they organise a historic gathering of the Animal Kingdom, on a spectacular scenic headland in Tasmania. But there, in a hilarious sequence, they split into two opposing camps. The War Mongers are led by the Lions, who want to attack
the Humans and wipe them out. But the Peace Team is led by the wise Dolphins, who understand that everyone will be annihilated in a war with Humans. So the Dolphins devise a plan to persuade the Humans to live more sustainably with nature.

However, the War Mongers refuse to wait for the Peace Team's plan to kick in, because more Animal species are going extinct every day. So the War Mongers stage a series of bold, imaginative attacks against human developments, in sequences that are as funny as they are destructive. The Dolphins can't stop them, so they have to beat them. Now the race is on, to see which team will be first to turn things around. At stake is the risk an all-out war that would wipe out most of the life forms on Earth, including Humans.

The Peace Team's strategy is to recruit a young Human with just the right sensitivities and aptitudes. The Dolphins will give him special empowerments, enabling him to influence his adult Humans to repair their own damage, and to live harmoniously in the future. To do this, the Dolphins plunge down to the deep ocean floor, where they enter the ruins of an ancient city, and pass through an eerie, mysterious glow zone and go into a giant green Pyramid. Inside the futuristic Pyramid Control Room they seek
out their Chosen One, and bestow upon him the Power Of Unlimited Information.

The boy they choose as their champion is an intelligent, mischievous teenager named Luke, who draws his own amateur comic strip called "Animal Instinct." Luke is contacted by the Dolphins through a puzzling new icon that appears on his computer. It's a glowing green Pyramid. When it blinks, Luke can click on it, and his astral body is transported through a Portal to any real-life situation he is investigating. From there he can bring information back through the Portal into real life. Luke also gains the ability to 'hear' the thoughts of Animals, and to 'speak' his own thoughts back to them.

Luke's stunning 15-year old sister Tammy is a budding high school video journalist, and she becomes his valuable ally. But their mission gets complicated when big trouble suddenly enters the life of their father, John. Trouble for John comes in the form of commercial litter from his groundbreaking Healthy Fast Food chain, a progressive enterprise which once made him a local hero.

But Tammy's investigative journalism project for her school assignment is to find the source of their community's shocking litter problem. Plastic bags in particular are killing off many birds and animals who swim into them or try to eat them. So Tammy is deeply shocked when her investigation leads straight to her father's fast food chain, which accounts for a lot of the harmful litter. When this comes to light, Tammy's visionary, philanthropic father goes from local hero to public enemy overnight.

Luke and Tammy love their father dearly, and they are devastated by this turn of events. When they try to get their father to abandon his plastic packaging and go Green, they learn he is locked into a long-term contract with the giant greedy multinational, IBC. International Business Consortium is a ruthless cartel, headed by an ugly dark force named George W Blanco. IBC wields unethical power over smaller businesses like Tammy's father's fast food chain. These businesses are financially entrapped as unwitting partners in the illegal rape of the planet that fills the IBC corporate coffers.

So Luke and Tammy, with their talking puppy Duke, merge their two missions into one. They embark on an investigative adventure to help their father to get out from under the pressure of IBC, which is forcing good people to be unknowingly part of a larger environmental problem that is killing off Animals and habitats worldwide.

Luke, Duke and Tammy have a fast, humorous romp through some serious issues. Along the way they uncover fraud and corruption in the highest corridors of corporate power. They outwit formidable enemies, and they make a big difference in ways that are surprising, exhilarating and funny. The adventure comes to an emotionally rousing climax, leaving us feeling high
and inspired. And all of this is spiced with a colourful array of wild Animal sequences, which are rich with action, humour and personality.

Long Story Short by Andrew Bennett

Long Story Short is a writer's struggle to tell a series of seemingly unconnected stories with a single stroke. The world is not an endless series of short stories, but one neverending narrative of love and life and death. How do you tell that story?

Cigarette Burns by Jason Jacobson and Michelle Trantina


A mute ex-heavy-weight boxing champ and a precocious seven year old girl form an unusual friendship when he reluctantly helps her track down her birth mother. When they run into a number of obstacles along the way, including a hit-man, deviant twins, and her suicidal father, their bond is tested in this raw, humorous tale of love and redemption. In the vein of Pulp Fiction meets Paper Moon.



Cigarette Burns is comprised of four interweaving stories that lead to a fateful conclusion at a remote motel in the Arizona desert. A little girl searches for her mom and in the process forms a bond with a down-and-out boxer mourning the loss of his popstar wife. The little girl’s mother attempts to come to terms with a life pasted together by booze, lipstick, and the lust of men, including a hit-man, a stalker, and a Swedish stock-boy. The little girl's suicidal father reconciles past guilts with a sex-starved motel maid. And the motel maid's twin brother schemes a plan to murder his uncle and gain control of the motel. When these stories converge at the desert motel, the occupants are forced to come to terms with a fateful event they share from their past.

Killer Corpse (Horror) by Malcolm McClintick


An insane killer's corpse terrorizes five teens in a haunted house.


JOSHUA and PAUL take their girlfriends LIZ and ASHLEY behind a "haunted house" to see a murderer's grave. Supposedly, a man murdered five people in the house, then was buried in this grave.

FRANK arrives -- slightly older, and tough. He taunts the four teens, then bets them two hundred bucks they won't spend two full nights with him in the haunted house. They accept.

A couple of nights later, all five enter the house through a back door. No electricity. The door SLAMS SHUT behind them.

NOISES and FOOTSTEPS from overhead. Frank and Paul go upstairs to explore. Frank enters an empty room, and NEVER COMES OUT.

Downstairs in the living room, Liz, Ashley and Joshua light candles. All three candles go out at once, and something comes INTO THE ROOM WITH THEM. They race from the room, as Paul comes downstairs to tell them that Frank has vanished.

In the bathroom, Liz and Ashley find a SEVERED HUMAN HAND in the toilet.

Paul decides to search the house. He finds Frank's gun, grabs a flashlight, and heads upstairs.

When Liz and Ashley return to the living room, they find Joshua MURDERED, his HEAD SEVERED FROM HIS BODY.

Upstairs, Paul finds FRANK'S DEAD BODY in a chair, both of his HANDS MISSING. The body stands up. Its HEAD FALLS TO THE FLOOR, rolls into the hallway, and BITES at Paul's feet.

Back downstairs, Paul finds Ashley sobbing and hysterical -- she tells him that Joshua is dead, and now Liz has disappeared.

Now a ROTTING CORPSE comes down the stairs -- the corpse of the murderer buried behind the house. It grips a large AX as it advances on Paul and Ashley.

They race into the kitchen, only to find the kitchen windows bricked over. There's no way out.

As Paul and Ashley cringe in the kitchen, Liz -- who was hiding in an upstairs closet -- comes downstairs, only to be attacked and killed by the murderer's corpse. Now only Paul and Ashley are left.

The corpse gets into the kitchen with its ax. As it advances on Ashley, Paul gets behind it, GRABS THE AX, and chops off its head.

Paul and Ashley run to the rear of the house, where Paul uses the ax to chop open the back door. They race outside, into the woods, and down to the dead murderer's grave.

The grave is OPEN, dirt piled to one side. Paul shines his flashlight into the grave and they see the rotting corpse, its severed head, and three other heads -- Joshua, Frank, and Liz, staring blankly up at them.

Ten Miles From Nowhere (Drama) by Robbie Waller


A star college athlete fakes his own death to escape the fame only to find true love as a different man, and dies trying to hold onto it.


In Southern California, fame and perfection are the obsessions. Everyone spends their days trying to stand out. All Lance Wall ever wanted to do was fit in. Wall, an all-American, soft spoken, star-studded wrestler, with hidden drug addictions and pain-staking internal conflicts, wrestles daily with the thought of committing suicide or impending doom. Lance's "poster boy" status for the wrestling community which has grown into the public eye, and his surmounting addictions and depression have finally forced Lance to look for a way out.

His decision to secretly fake his own death comes to the shocking surprise of his fans and all of the so-called loved ones who smothered him on a daily basis. Given Lance's absence, but under his curious eye, many of those closest to him begin to reveal their own imperfections and deceitful ways. From his father and mother to his best friend and his girlfriend, Lance sees life from a ghost's perspective, watching and observing how cruel the world can be when you're not around.

Lance's new outlook on the corruption of life and the impurity of humanity convinces him that his decision to remove himself from the world was a good one. But the discovery of true love changes Lance's path of personal destruction and his perspective on life itself. With Amanda now by his side, he must face his biggest fear, returning from the dead. A personal reevaluation and a loving commitment leave Lance at a crossroad.

A gut-wrenching confession from Lance leaves us all wondering if his wish for death is worth the price he pays for true love. With Amanda and Lance headed for bliss across the border, death once again plays a part in this ill-fated drama about the harshness of reality and the immortality of love.

Power & Way (Drama) by Paul Locander


Winner of the 2003 Open Door Screenwriting Competition. Nine people that Kevin Campbell never met before will die in the wreck of a passenger train now half-buried in the West Virginian mud, all caused by one man's fatal error in judgment: his father's.


Power & Way is a story of one man’s fatal error in judgment, his self-persecution and his son’s refusal to look into his eyes because he’s afraid he’ll see himself. Power & Way is a vivid portrait of an emotional divide that can run as deep between a father and son as the hereditary lines that bind them together.

Pennies From Heaven (Comedy) by Mark Bennett


When an idealistic but inept young vicar is forced to leave his parish after being framed for theft, his unscrupulous, evangelical 'friend' takes over with disastrous consequences.


'Pennies From Heaven' is a feature length comedy based on the disastrous effects of corruption and evangelical teachings on the community of a small parish church and its annual 'Bake a cake for Jesus' competition. When the aging vicar of St. Martin's, Reverend Kent, shows signs of senility and poor bladder control, he is forced to retire by a corrupt church official, Mrs. Tibbs, much to the objection of his son Daniel.

After an embarrassing incident at a theological college, the good hearted but bungling young cleric, Laurence, is sent to the parish as a replacement. Before long, under direction from a concerned Daniel and his wife Laura, he is attempting to investigate the shady financial dealings at the church, and sympathizing with Mrs. Tibb's downtrodden nephew Norman. But before he can take effective action, he is framed for the theft of an old lady's purse by Mrs. Tibbs, and is forced to leave the village in shame.

His charming but unscrupulous 'friend' Bertie takes over and soon has the parish spellbound with his charismatic services and money making schemes, in addition to taking more than a professional interest in Daniel's beautiful but naïve sister Jenny. Soon Bertie and Mrs. Tibbs strike up a strong alliance, outcasting Daniel from the community, and planning to gamble the stolen church funds on the 'Bake a cake for Jesus' competition, which, with Bertie as judge, will be heavily biased in their favour. Bertie plans to take his ill gotten gains with Jenny to Thailand, unless Daniel and Laura can hatch a plan to stop them with the help of Norman, who for a long time has harboured romantic feelings for Jenny.

The big showdown occurs as the competition degenerates into chaos when the villagers finally rumble the scam. There is a surprise twist at the end when it is revealed that Bertie has been 'stung' by Laurence, who set up the illegal betting shop to take the gambled money, while also claiming insurance for Bertie's theft, effectively doubling the church's funds.

Minuteman (Action/Adventure) by Doug Simonton


"War Games" meets "Armageddon"... a techno-thriller/action-adventure about what happens when a computer virus infiltrates defense systems around the world and begins launching nuclear missiles at the world's biggest cities. The only person who can stop the destruction is the traitor who invented the virus.


After freak, unexplained nuclear missile launches destroy major cities in Russia and the U.S., John Brannen is thrust into the center of the crisis. At first glance a genius anti-hero who's fallen out of life due to mistakes in his past, John's brought back by a government not entirely sure it should trust him thanks to a secret project he was developing in the eighties which attempted to do to nuclear command and control exactly what is happening now.

Forced to clear his name and save the world at the same time, he can't do it alone: he needs the help of Tasha Rykov, a brilliant Russian computer scientist embittered by an association between John and her deceased father which put the world on the brink of nuclear annihilation early in their careers. He also needs the help of his one-time teacher and mentor, Dr. Nicholas Koeffler, now the president's National Security Adviser and someone who knows John's inner demons better than anyone else.

As John fights his past as well as the clock, he struggles to solve a mystery that extends around the world and even into outer space. In the end he must overcome himself and confront a technology pushing mankind to the brink of extinction.

Deadly Investment (Drama, Mystery) by Wayne C. Johnson


A smugly successful banker finds his life coming apart when a deal with the Mafia goes wrong and he is played by 2 gorgeous female con artists.

Lucky Teeter (Comedy) by Jason Allen


After he's struck by lightning for the third time, a shy country bumpkin discovers that everyone who comes in contact with him finds him irresistible.


Lucky Teeter is a 28-year-old bait shop employee who isn't having much luck. He lives in an abandoned caboose, struggles to make ends meet at his job, can't get his truck started, and is too insecure to approach the girl of his dreams.

When Lucky is struck by lightning for the third time in his life, it would appear to be just another case of rotten luck. But this time things are different. The lightning strike causes Lucky's skin to tingle -- he feels "wired up." And when people begin chasing Lucky all over town, he soon realizes what's going on: Everyone who touches him becomes instantly smitten with him, finding him irresistible.

Life changes drastically for Lucky. Beautiful women (and some not-so-beautiful women) want to seduce him. Elderly women want to bake him pies. Jealous boyfriends want to punch his lights out. Dogs want to hump his leg. Even Luther the macho fisherman is making eyes at him.

But the only thing on Lucky's mind is a cute local girl named Marlene Henderson -- the girl of his dreams. Lucky realizes this newfound "magnetism" is the only chance he'll ever have to be with Marlene -- and he's determined to win her love.

Canopy by Barry Morrison and P. J. Long


When rivers and oceans begin to disappear, a young scientist puts up the fight of her life to stop the global disaster and uncovers the frightening truth about why a canopy of water is forming around the earth.


Abandoned cars line the guard rail of the Pacific Coast Highway. Thousands stand and gawk. DR. MAGGIE JORDAN and FBI agent TYLER DRAKE push their way through the crush to the rail.

The Pacific Ocean is a mud flatto the horizon.

It¹s not the first. Water has been disappearing all over the world. People are panicking. No one knows what¹s happening.

Maggie and Drake believe it is the work of DR. DOUGLAS opportunist who masquerades as an environmentalist. But WARREN swears he is not involved.

NASA scientists track strange pyramid-shaped objects orbiting the earth. At first, just a hundreds...with no apparent country of origin.

A global disaster is unfolding. Rivers and lakes are vanishing. Alarming weather systems are developing.

There's only one man who seems to know what's happening. He calls himself COLEMAN. He's an odd duck who keeps turning up wherever there's a trouble spot.

A mutual attraction develops between Maggie and Coleman, but Maggie isn't sure whether he's for real...or if he should be locked up. Drake thinks Coleman is stalking fact, he¹s convinced Coleman is a nut case.

And the earth's water keeps disappearing. Cruise ships hit bottom. Submarines dive into mud. Whales flap and die on the ocean floor.

Determined to stop this global disaster, Maggie tries to get answers from Coleman. But he remains vague and Maggie's emotions become more muddled.

Coleman has begun to spend time on a fishing boat at the Mariana Trench...the deepest part of the Pacific. He drops objects into the ocean. Little black pyramids. Each one meticulously lined up with something in space.

The President gives orders to shoot at the convoy of pyramids now circling the earth. But the missiles blow through the objects... like they are holograms.

The world is in chaos.

Maggie is now convinced that Coleman is responsible for the unfolding disaster. In fact, she¹s beginning to suspect the unthinkable. That he has come here from 'somewhere else'.

Maggie and Drake track Coleman over the bottom of the Pacific treacherous mud flats littered with debris and danger. They find him holed up in the rusted hull of an old freighter...a few hundred feet from the Mariana Trench.

Coleman tells her it¹s too late. Maggie watches in horror as the ocean begins to climb skyward. Crawling up, up on an intricate grid of lasers. She demands to know the truth. Coleman tells her his frightening secret...why he's creating a CANOPY of water around planet earth.

"I'm just taking back what is rightfully ours," he tells Maggie "returning earth to it's original purpose, created eons ago by our ancestors."

The ultimate greenhouse.

Maggie puts up the fight of her life to stop Coleman. She must find a way to destroy the CANOPY before it's too late.

But in the end, it is Coleman's decision. With only minutes to spare, he reverses the process. The CANOPY dissolves. A gentle rain begins to fall.

"For now, Margaret," says Coleman. "For you."

Full script 121 pages.

When Angels Cry (Romance) by Aaron Allan


The troubled and tormented soul of a young woman returns from the underworld seeking justice and forgiveness from the tragic choices made in her past.

The Killer's Cousin (Thriller) by Joe Gruberman


An adaptation of Nancy Werlin's young adult novel of the same name, this story is about a young man acquitted of murder and trying to start life over, and his 11-year old cousin who has a morbid curiosity about his past.


David Yaffe is a normal, well-adjusted teenager whose world is turned upside-down in one horrifying moment. When girlfriend Emily abruptly intercedes in a fistfight between David and her own brother, she is struck with an unintentional but fatal blow delivered by David himself. David's father, an influential Baltimore attorney, represents his own son at the trial. David is forced to keep his emotions beneath the surface, to suppress any desire to admit to his deadly deed, and to cope with his own father's distant, professional demeanor throughout the ordeal. Did Mr. Yaffe even believe that what David had done was an accident? Or was he just defending another criminal?

Yaffe is successful in exonerating his son of legal blame. Nevertheless, the fact that David killed Emily, albeit accidentally, is undeniable. Unable to cope with the pressure within their own community and with David having missed most of his senior year of high school, the Yaffes send their only son to a private school in Cambridge where he can at least finish high school and live a low-key existence in the home of his uncle Vic.

By the time David heads off for Cambridge, he is a changed young man. Haunted by guilt and a deep sense of loss and loneliness, he is now being "shipped off" to live with distant relatives.

When David arrives in Cambridge, the initial reception is cold. First, Vic's eleven-year-old daughter makes it clear that David is invading her territory. Then he overhears his Aunt Julia shun him from behind closed doors. And she disappears altogether during that entire first day. Only Uncle Vic greets David with open arms. The feeling of familial bond is short-lived as Vic ushers David up a narrow flight of stairs toward the attic. Luckily, the door of the attic opens into a spacious and clean apartment, once used by Vic's older daughter, Kathy, who had committed suicide years before. Lily is quick to claim this apartment as part of her rightful domain.

The conflicts only begin here, as David finds that Julia is almost as resentful as Lily about David's presence; that instead of living a low-key existence, he is in fact the talk of the school; and that his name, "David Bernard Yaffe", is as notorious a moniker as "John Wayne Gacy". At his wit's end, it comes as no surprise to David when he starts having bizarre dreams about his cousin Kathy -- dreams which seep into his waking life as he starts seeing apparitions of his dead cousin. And with each appearance, it
becomes clear that Kathy is trying to tell him something.

Lily has her own plan for getting rid of David. On a daily basis, she torments him in subtlety intrusive and destructive ways, all the time falling short of incrimination herself in the eyes of her doting parents, who are blind -- or at least, lax -- to her insidiousness. David's attempts at peacemaking with Lily are ignored by the little girl, whose only desire is to see him gone, or at least worn down to a torturedly complacent existence.

Lily's bizarre antics finally strike a major nerve and David's retaliation causes Vic and Julia to evict him from the house. But before David has a chance to move back to Baltimore, a fire breaks out in the attic apartment and David finds himself risking his own life to save the little girl who had hated him so. With the walls in flames and the roof caving in, Lily reveals something that David already sensed: that she killed her own sister and now she, herself, deserved to die.

This is an example of a response to a lead in our Preferred Newsletter. Paul gained representation with Ariel as a result.

The R.O.M.E.O.'s (Comedy) by Paul Longo

TO: Ariel Ciudadano, Acrobatic Entertainment
FROM: Paul Longo

Dear Ariel,

I am writing in regards to your call for high-concept comedy/buddy scripts on My scripts have been optioned and placed in major screenplay competitions and I believe my most recent screenplay, "The R.O.M.E.O.'s", will build on this success.

"The R.O.M.E.O.'s (Retired Old Men Eating Out)" is "Old School" meets the "Rat Pack" as a group of recent New Jersey retirees head down to Miami to honor the dying wish of a friend and unwittingly become embroiled in a diamond smuggling con game.

"The R.O.M.E.O's", the ultimate comedy, is a funny heart-warmer with universal appeal.

I have attached a summary of "The R.O.M.E.O.'s" as well as my bio and would be interested in discussing my script with you further. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,
Paul Longo


The R.O.M.E.O.’s, Retired Old Men Eating Out: it’s what Charlie, Jack, Harry, Nick and Louis, regular guys from New Jersey, call themselves. For the past three years, The R.O.M.E.O.’s have held weekly gatherings every Thursday night at Pagano’s in Spring Lake where they enjoy an Italian feast and talk about everything from grandchildren to their old Brooklyn stomping grounds.

The R.O.M.E.O.’s realize that no matter what, they’ll always have one thing – their Thursday nights out. That is, until Charlie, the founder of The R.O.M.E.O.’s, unexpectedly passes away. This throws Jack, Harry, Nick and Louis into a tailspin and threatens to break up the group.

When Jack is presented with Charlie’s will, he finds out that his dying wish is for The R.O.M.E.O.’s to spread his ashes over the ocean in Miami, his old childhood vacation spot. After some initial hesitation, Jack rallies The. R.O.M.E.O.’s together and gets them to head down to Miami to fulfill Charlie’s wish.

Eddie, an old friend from the Brooklyn neighborhood who now lives in Miami, comes into the picture to help The R.O.M.E.O.’s plan their trip. But there is something the Romeos don’t know about Eddie… he’s an ex-diamond smuggler who is in the Witness Relocation Program.

When The R.O.M.E.O.’s arrive at the airport they immediately fall under the surveillance of Art, an over-the-hill FBI agent and his new partner, Billy, who is fresh out of the academy. Art has tracked Eddie for his entire career and is convinced that he’s flown The R.O.M.E.O.’s in to pull off the mother-of-all-diamond jobs. Art’s last FBI mission is to bust Eddie so he can finally retire with piece of mind.

Before they know what’s happening, Eddie takes The R.O.M.E.O.’s out for a tour of Miami’s hottest parties, clubs and casinos where they are introduced to a whole new world, including Master Smoove, the nation’s top rapper and hip-hop producer. This reinvigorates The R.O.M.E.O.’s and injects some much-needed excitement back into their lives.

But as the days go on, Eddie’s real plan unfolds and The R.O.M.E.O’s gradually become involved in a con game that is beyond their control. As Eddie’s scheme is hatched The R.O.M.E.O.’s, Agent Art and even Master Smoove all become deeply involved. But are the Romeos truly in the dark?

The R.O.M.E.O.’s (Retired Old Men Eating Out), the ultimate comedy, is a funny heart-warmer with universal appeal.

Minotaur (Sci-Fi/Thriller) by Adewole Adeyoyin


To run is survival. To stop is suicide.


An amnesiac woman awakes to find herself mysteriously trapped in an underground labyrinth, joining seven embattled inhabitants to become prey for a relentless, murderous beast.

Dead Scared (Horror) by Stephen Cashmore


A young man fights for his sanity after road construction works disturb a sacrificial site, setting loose an ancient, terrifying evil. If he fails and is overcome, a demon will again walk the earth.


Dead Scared is a supernatural horror mystery. At the start of the film, two mysteries are presented: viewers wonder why the main character (Dave) is confined in a mental hospital, and the characters themselves are trying to solve the mystery of what appears to be a ghost causing car accidents. The following synopsis is chronological, although the script itself is not presented in this way.

Motorway construction work disturbs ground which was used in ancient times for sacrificial rites. The earth loses its grip on a form of demon which kills Elsie, an old woman whose cottage lies in the path of the roadworks. Later, a spate of accidents is caused by her ghost running across the new motorway at night, although nobody realises what is happening at first.

Dave and Jane investigate what is happening. Jane’s motive is that her father died in an accident on the construction works: Dave’s is that a friend, Bailin, was involved in one of the motorway accidents - and he has fallen in love with Jane.

They discover the address of Elsie’s sister, and hit on the idea of asking her for a photo of Elsie. Then, out of character, Dave sexually assaults Jane. Next morning he does not remember what has happened. He is devastated when Jane wants nothing more to do with him.

Jane, still committed to solving the mystery of her father’s death, takes the photo to Bailin’s hospital room. Bailin identifies Elsie as the ghost running across the motorway, but then they wonder – what is it running from? They do not know.

Dave, desperate to win Jane back, decides to visit the motorway site in the middle of the night. There he witnesses the horror of the ghost running, fleeing from something infinitely worse. Dave himself drives off panic-stricken, but not before he has witnessed horrific visions and been touched by the demon.

He is picked up by the police and after several violent incidents, is sectioned under the Mental Health Act. He tries to deal with events by not remembering anything at all, and does not respond to treatment. In desperation his psychiatrist turns to an old friend for help, Clive Gardner, an American Professor of parapsychology.

Dave is subject to several hypnosis or regression sessions, at first resisting but eventually remembering age-old events and also the fatal motorway accidents. But his condition steadily worsens. At different times he is possessed by extraordinary powers of hearing, sight, or strength. He attacks another of the nurses, and almost escapes from his cell.

Towards the end, he is strapped to a metal table watching a monitor where Gardner reveals what is happening, adding that it is almost too late. Gardner explains that the demon is not rigidly bound to the rules of time, which is why its influence on Dave extends backwards from the visit to the motorway as well as forward (solving mystery of Dave’s attack on Jane). As night falls, Dave snaps his constraints and staff only just manage to sedate him.

Dave does not know it, but Gardner arranges for him to be transported to the US (a USAF air force base is hooked earlier in the story). Gardner and Jane then play-act a midnight sacrifice at the site of the demolished cottage, summoning the demon. But when it leaves Dave, the shutters are thrown open at the US site, letting in unexpected sunlight. The demon, fooled by the time difference, cannot return to Dave. Later, Dave reflects on the irony of a creature aeons old being thwarted by a mere six hours.

Dave finds himself recovering in a US hospital. Jane rings. After a somewhat stilted conversation, she tells him to get back. She’s waiting for him.

Time & Again (Action/Adventure) by Orlanda Szabo


Murry is a bored publisher until he sleeps. But are they his dreams, or another’s?


1912, Black and White. As an old man, James nears his homeland of Scotland. He daydreams of a future time. In colored present, Murry (AKA James) dreams in Black and White of the progression of James' life from 1842-1912. How, as a young thief, the death of his brother and escape from Scotland threw him into a life of adventure. From sailor to miner, lead ranch hand to riverboat gambler, railroad surveyor to crotchety prospector.


In present day Boston, Murry is a bored publishing agent, he finds himself immersed in dreams of the past that feel so real he starts to question his sanity. Armed only with an old journal and daydreams, Carolyn writes James' story. A chance encounter mixes a few of her pages with Murry’s. Upon finding them, Murry has to find the elusive author of his dreams.


Meanwhile, Carolyn deals with a beach bum, sometimes scuba diver, mooch friend Max's intentions and deceptions. Who, to prove his sincerity, attempts to get Murry and Carolyn together, which backfires horrendously. When Murry and Carolyn finally meet, they find they have much more in common than James' story.


1912, Black and White. His fortune made, old James embarks on his journey home, to Scotland.


Skank (Romantic Comedy) by David Hanson


Skank is one part American Pie and one part Pretty Woman combined in a summer romantic comedy about about a virgin in private school who makes a deal with a townie for some sex education so his upcoming prom goes well. Unfortunately, he's about to find love where he least expected.


When Jake Smith goes from blue collar scholarship nobody to surprise sports hero, he lands a date to the prom with the most popular girl, Ashley, at wealthy Holden Academy. Jake's mother, a working class success story who wants the best for her son, is thrilled that her son has finally met the ìright kind of girl. Jake only has one problem. Hes a virgin and Ashley wants a prom night to remember. Jake's friends enlighten him on a little secret that has been handed down from generation to generation at Holden Academy. The local girls in the working class town that surrounds the school will do anything for a taste of the high life. So Jake and his friends hit the town, where he meets the worldly wise, Sam (short for Samantha).

Sam is a confident young woman, especially in bed. She wasnt always this way, but hard times lead to hard choices. She agrees to teach Jake about sex, if he agrees to treat her like a lady and show her a good time in the weeks leading up to the prom. She didn't bargain, however, for Jake to be a genuinely decent human being and exactly the kind of guy she thought she'd never meet. While Jake grows closer to Sam, he also feels pressure from his mother to make the right match. When Jake's mother discovers his relationship with a townie, she vows to put an end to it and successfully drives Sam away.

Jake's mother tells him that he will be transferring at year end to some other high brow institution, a place where he can meet the right kind of people. Jake finds Sam and vows that he'll quit Holden and get a job just to be close to her. Sam rejects Jake. She has been hurt too many times, most recently by Jake's mother, and won't allow herself to let anyone in. Devastated, Jake drops out of school and turns his back on his mother by running away in hopes of getting lost in the world. With Jake's future now in doubt, his mother is forced to turn to the one person who might still reach him, Sam. The two women who care more about Jake than anyone else find common ground in their hard upbringings, and it is Jake's mother who helps Sam finally believe that someone like Jake could truly love her.

On prom night, Sam finally tracks Jake down at his new job, a dishwasher at an expensive restaurant. In a new prom dress, a gift from Jake's mother, Sam stands in the hot, steamy kitchen and asks Jake if he not only wants to go back to school, but go to the prom with her. With his mother's blessing, Jake dons a tux and joins Sam in a night when two outsiders finally realize true love at the swankiest high school prom in the state.

Pistons (Drama/Action) by Bryan Kinnaird


Set in the world of NASCAR, the daughter of a former racing champion defies the paradigm of professional motor sports, controversially employs an all-female pit crew, and races a stock car in America's number one spectator sport, NASCAR’s Cup Series.


Formerly known as "NASCAR's Winston Cup," in 2003, R.J. Reynolds pulled out as the primary sponsor for NASCAR. It was absorbed by NEXTEL. Until now, no film has tackled the sport of stock car racing, featuring the new sponsor or its newly defined rules governing a 36-race season.

TARA GORDON, daughter of a former racing champion, uproots herself from El Cajon, CA to race in "NASCAR's Busch Grand Nationals." Women have raced cars in the Busch series, and there have even been female owned and financed teams, but pit crews in all motor leagues are still men. There are a handful of female pit crewmembers in the league, but they are considered back ups only. No female has ever gone over the wall in a pit stall on pit road, in a NASCAR event under circumstances of checking a car during a race.

In the perfect mix of fantasy and reality, Tara Gordon defies the real paradigm of professional motorsports, employs an all-female pit crew, and sponsors and races a stock car in America's number one spectator sport, "NASCAR’s Nextel Cup Series."

Nicknamed "Pretty in Purple," after the looks of her car, and dubbed by one announcer as, “the Anna Kournakova’s of motor sports," the Pistons race team doesn’t necessarily need to be the best at the sport to grab all of the attention, just like the famed tennis star. And attention is what they get. The Pistons become permanent fixtures in pop culture, and catapult to celebrity sports star status.

To its conclusion, the story takes place and revolves around a 36-race season. Inside the tumultuous season, Tara's ex-boyfriend, and racecar champion Joshua Banks, loses his sponsorship and partners with the Pistons team to acquire another car. They race as a two-car team, but as the team races amongst ridicule for the title cup, and a whole lot of notoriety along the way, all paths lead to self-discovery.

Conflicts abound. A love triangle involving Tara, Joshua, and Tara's nymphomaniacal crew chief, Dant'zelle, threatens to tear apart the team. Tara and her brother Fife, often “perceived to be gay,” persevere in the shadow of their father’s alcoholism to deal with his career ending past, and invent a wildly successful business against the backdrop of the automotive industry, and their family garage. Further opposition to our heroine’s plight manifests in a chauvinistic driver named Levi King, a four-time consecutive cup champion, and story-arc nemesis to the Pistons team on the racetrack.

The ultimate goal is winning the Nextel Cup. The catch of the story is the all female team with thin resumes going against all odds.

Plastic Soldiers (Drama) by James Bridges


Would you play pro ball for millions or give a friend a kidney, which would end your career?


Jimmy Williams, an All American high school football player from South-Central Los Angeles finds himself with only one scholarship offer after having a great senior year.

When he arrives at Victorville State he meets John Stewart, another All American football player from Minnesota who's in the same situation. The two become best friends.

Things are going along fine until John starts to gain weight, uncontrollably. Turner, the coach, who had a player die on him a couple of years back sends John to a doctor for a routine check up.

The tests reveal John has a congenital narrowing of the vessels leading to the kidneys resulting in kidney damage.

The news spreads fast. Some of the players being uneducated quit the team, others don’t want to be around John and some don’t know what to do. Utter chaos breaks loose. The team decides to have a vote to see if John should retain his scholarship.

They vote him off the team. When Jimmy hears the news he quits the team, saying “I got yo back, John”

John’s health diminishes. He gains more weight from lack of urination from his malfunctioning kidneys. To add fuel to the fire John gets a phone call from the doctor saying "your natural mother is in my office and wants to talk".

When John arrives at the doctor’s office he finally gets his first look at his natural mother. She gave him up because of her drug addiction and felt he’d have a better life with another family. John storms out of the room yelling "I never want to see you again".

Doctor Mander a specialist in kidney function tells John’s parents that John needs a kidney transplant and he needs it now. Neither of John’s parents is a match, John was adopted. The only person that matches John is his buddy Jimmy. Jimmy's a perfect match.

Leading college football in rushing his freshman year Jimmy is predicted to go in the first round of the NFL draft if he entered. Because of his mother's financial situation at home it's an easy decision...but

...If Jimmy decides to give John a kidney he would have to give up his life long dream of playing professional football and relieving his family's financial burden.

The Ingested (Horror) by Mischa Ayoub


A group of homeless teens elect to participate in the testing of a new diet pill, which turns out to contain the eggs of carnivorous spiders intent on taking over the world, one body at a timeŠ Tagline: "Thin Is In." "28 Days Later" meets "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers."


Ned, a homeless teenager , submits to paid experiments at the University with his girlfriend and buddies for a new diet pill called "Bexatryn." The designer warns the test subjects of the possible side-effects: increased sexuality, irritability, paranoia, strength and reflexes. Most of all, the diet pill increases your appetite while decreasing your weight. Ned encounters both a sinister looking "Controller," who follows him around town, as well as a sexy executive of an advertising agency, Marion, who seduces Ned in a hotel bedroom. Afterwards, she gives Ned a job as an assistant in her office.

Meanwhile, the "side-effects" begin to take over the other homeless teens, one of whom blows up at a stuck-up pedestrian and gets run over by a bus. Ned's girlfriend, previously frigid, now craves sex constantly. They take a shower together, her appetite overflowing, until she starts to convulse then her head finally explodes in a haze of blood, brains and a multitude of red and black spiders. Ned flees the bathroom, finds his buddy George and returns to an empty, spotless bathroom. Unable to explain it, they trek down to the morgue to see the body of the bus accident victim.

While on the way, the medical examiner conducting the autopsy cuts open the body and is attacked by a swarm of spiders. The Controller enters the morgue and the spiders enter his body by way of his mouth, nose and ears and then exit the hospital unseen and without leaving a trace. Discouraged, Ned and George get the experimental pills examined to discover they contain eggs
of a rare spider breed called Black Dawn.

Meanwhile, the homeless teens taken over by the spiders begin attacking innocent pedestrians in back alleys, spewing streams of spiders out of their mouths and onto their terrified prey. Ned is forced to take his pills by the other teens. He does, secretly thinking that he is the "placebo" of the experiment.

Back at his new job, Ned's boss Marion displays signs of infestation and calls him into a board meeting where the agency celebrates the acquisition of a brand new account: Bexatryn. Ned tries to destroy the marketing tools at the agency, only to be chased by his fellow "ingested " employees. Ned hides in the office of an overweight co-worker, thinking he is safe, only to
find a recent picture of the fat man on the desk: he is fifty pounds heavier. After a narrow escape, Ned is rescued by the arresting cops.

At the station house, Ned and George realize that there can be only one placebo of the experiment. During the night in their cell, George creeps up on a sleepless Ned and opens his mouth as if to spew spiders. Instead, he kisses Ned, admitting to a lifelong crush. The arresting detective tells them that he has investigated Dr. Jontag and found that no one has ever complained about his experiments, which have been going on for years. Ned and George leave the station, looking at every passerby as a possible

They decide to return to the university to destroy Dr. Jontag's supply of pills. After a battle on top of the main campus tower with the Controller, Ned is caught by his own friend George, the last to succumb to the spiders. Ned is confronted by Dr. Jontag himself and defies him by stating "I am the placebo." Dr. Jontag tells him that his experiment had no placebo and that
everything Ned has experienced, the paranoia, sleeplessness, increased sexuality and strength, are merely the foretold side-effects of the pill. Ned wonders about the increase in hunger. Jontag slides a meal in front of Ned and coaxes him to eat. "Aren't you hungry?" he asks.

Mind Games (Suspense) by Sean Carsley


A man convinces a woman she's insane.


TAYLOR HALL (33) has one recurrent vision: a blond woman crashing through the ice on a frozen lake. Who was the woman? Why was Taylor there? And what made Taylor lose her memory?

Taylor now lives with her boyfriend, JOHN GIBBS (35) in a New York city condo. The only other person Taylor can recollect is MICHAEL HANSEN (35) whom she had met recently at a party. John is worried about her mental state even when Taylor insists she's fine. However, Taylor keeps losing track of time, finding items that don't belong to her, and repeatedly seeing the blond woman.

One morning, Taylor wakes up in an entirely new apartment. Even when John assures her they've lived there for months, her despair heightens. The more Taylor probes about the woman on the lake, the more resistant John becomes. Taylor begins to believe that John's been obstructing her quest all along. Then to add to her problems, Michael Hansen and John begin to look like one another.

When Taylor discovers she has an address in Colorado, she escapes the city to find an answer. Taylor wants to determine who the girl on the frozen lake may have been before she falls fully into madness.

Bringing Back Santa (Comedy) by Joe Gruberman


In post-Depression Mesa, Arizona, all they had left was Christmas, until they accidentally killed Santa Claus. (Based on actual events.)


In 1932, the Larkin family travels from New York City to Mesa, Arizona. A victim of the Great Depression, Rosco Larkin jumps at the chance to supervise the operation of "hi-tech" printing presses at the venerable but stagnating local newspaper. Ann Larkin, of aristocratic bloodline, pudgy, unathletic son, Tommy, and tiny cherubs Mabel and Lillian round out the
family of fish out of water.

Publisher Charles Mitten has grand plans for the town and for the Mesa Tribune. Enlisting the aid of editor, John McPhee, Mitten arranges for a stunt aviator to fly over the town during the annual Christmas parade and parachute from the plane in a Santa Claus suit. The unique attraction would draw attention to the event and promote good will for the Trib. But luck is
not with McPhee. He finds himself improvising when the intended skydiver is nowhere to be found. Instead, McPhee hires an eccentric pilot to fly over the parade route and toss a costumed mannequin out of the plane. The plan appears to work until the mannequin's parachute fails to open and scores of Christmas revelers -- half of whom are children -- watch in horror as Santa
plummets to his apparent demise.

As a disheartened atmosphere settles over the townsfolk, Trib writer Eugene Carlisle concocts a plan to bring back Santa Claus. He would need the help of his son, Jimmy, to lead a troop of Boy Scouts to the site of the crash where a very much alive Santa Claus (Carlisle's father) would be waiting with a sack full of toys and gifts for the scouts to distribute, along with a message of reassurance that Santa is still very much alive.

For better or for worse, the Rosco and Tommy Larkin find themselves caught up in these local escapades. New scout, Tommy, practically kills Santa again when he and Grandpa Carlisle surprise each other in a cornfield. A mix-up of sacks in the newspaper van requires Rosco to don the mannequin's suit and venture out into the cornfield to switch sacks. The ensuing
confusion -- including Santa's apparent ability to disappear and reappear a quarter mile away -- manages to make true believers out of the previously skeptical scouts, who were expecting to peel Santa's dead body off the ground.

Things begin to turn around when the scouts discover Santa's sack filled, not with toys and gifts, but with letters from desperate people living in desperate times. The Scouts decide to answer the letters, which are all addressed to Santa Claus, care of the Tribune. With the entire Southwest Boy Scout Council, they not only bring Christmas cheer back to the people of Mesa, but they rally the support of the adjoining towns to organize the largest and best Christmas parade anyone could ever have imagined.

A Santa for Snowy Ridge (Romantic Comedy) by Bryan Murray


A ruthless business tycoon, a non-believer in Christmas, suddenly realizes what the true spirit of Christmas is all about when he inherits a Christmas cottage (complete with stables and reindeer) that had been used every year by his recently deceased, equally ruthless father, who had acted as the surprisingly kind-hearted Santa for the impoverished children of the village of Snowy Ridge, up in the cascade mountains.


When the ruthless owner of timber conglomerate Clausen Industries dies, he leaves to his son, the equally ruthless new president, a home in the village of Snowy Ridge, up in the Cascade mountains outside Seattle.

The young tycoon is hell bent on closing all the company's US lumber mills, including the one in Snowy Ridge, the sole employer in town, and transferring all operations to lower labor cost areas of Canada.

When he gets to Snowy Ridge, he is amazed to see that the home left to him is decorated all year round like a Christmas grotto, complete with stables at the back in which he finds a full complement of reindeer, all named Rudolph, Prancer etc, together with a fancy sleigh.

Strictly a non-believer in Christmas, he is even more shocked to find that his ruthless father, with whom he hardly ever spoke, used to act, incognito, as the Santa for the impoverished children of the village each Christmas. He would make two trips, dressed as Santa, the first to find what the children wanted for Christmas and the second to bring the gifts requested on Christmas Eve.

In a farewell note left to him by his father, the young tycoon realizes that his deceased father actually expects him to continue the tradition. In spite of the coaxing of a pretty, young widow and her cute son, the hero will have none of it and it is only in the freak circumstance when he is called in to deputize for the replacement Santa the villagers have found (who got drunk and broke his leg), that he realizes what it is like to look a small child in the eye and hear the totally unselfish wishes they have for Christmas.

In spite of the pressures of his VP's back in Seattle, to continue with the closure plans, the hero is slowly softening towards the potential plight of the villagers if the mill closes and when he fights it off in a heart-warming ending, he not only plays the continuing role started by his father, but he trades in all his stock with the company in exchnage for the complete new ownership of the lumber mill in Snowy Ridge, thus ensuring its continuance and the future of the village.

In a happy, romantic ending, he and the young widow, now in love, decide to get married and satisfy the Christmas wish of her young son, a wish given to the hero when he was disguised behind his white beard and red suit, that all the child wanted for Christmas was a new father.

As the villagers gather together for a final touching scene in the church hall, after the hero arrives to give out the presents, the reindeer and sleigh are left outside unattended. This is when the Real Santa puts in a cameo appearance, complete with sack of toys and he zooms off into the night sky, Rudolph, his nose glowing, leading the way to deliver the special cargo. This will ensure that all children watching will stay convinced that, although the hero may have been dressing up as Santa, there is always the
Real Santa standing by.

This is a movie with strong family values and it emphasizes the true spirit of giving at Christmas.

Glimpses (Supernatural Thriller) by Patte Miller


Past life GLIMPSES and reoccurring dreams influence a tormented psychiatrist to run away, only to find herself in the middle of what she fears most…her past.


In a society of fact-based questions and conclusions, the ever-popular interest in past lives, reincarnation and ESP is one exception that continues to attract and amaze us.

GLIMPSES takes us on one woman’s journey into that gray area we all possess, but seldom visit within ourselves; whether it’s based on fear or the inability to find our way. We cover our eyes, yet peek through our fingers. It challenges our logic, yet leaves us intrigued. It gives us answers that create further questions. The end for one, so another can begin…


Shannon Gallagher stops in a seaside town where 'familiar' faces and places abound. Logic is tossed to the wayside when she finds the lighthouse from her dreams and meets local contractor, Peter Sampson, whom she 'feels' connected to. Amongst the curious townspeople are local waitress Barb McCullan, who 'knows why she came’, and Earl, the bitter bar owner, who'd 'prefer that she leaves.' Christina Anne, a young girl with leukemia, captures Shannon's heart and attention when she asks, "do you remember me from before ... way before?"

Shannon faces horrific glimpses, all bearing the loss of a child, that span from the 1600's Salem witch-hunt, to an 1800's tragedy at the lighthouse. Many locals, and lost souls, deal with their own Glimpses as they intertwine with hers.

When Shannon is revealed to be an almost perfect match of Christina Anne's bone marrow, a centuries-old connection comes into focus. A bond that unites Shannon, Christina Anne, and Peter is destined to forever resonate through this small town, until Shannon can understand her 'life lesson'.

A Cure for Suicide aka Hold Please (Dark Comedy) by Stacy Dymalski


A suicidal woman's depression is unexpectedly cured when she becomes entangled in a web of crisis hotline phone menus.


When Jane discovers her boyfriend wants to dump her, she's thrown into a tailspin of depression that involves a bottle of tequila and a gun. Stopping herself before she does the unthinkable, she dials a suicide hotline with the hope that some kind soul on the other end will talk her out of her misery. Jane's depression turns to frustration, however, when she's plunged into a nightmare of new-agey, self-help phone menus. Determined to outlast the condescending voice on the other end, Jane's anger finally explodes into a rewarding cure for suicide that anyone who's been placed on hold for more than five minutes can appreciate.

Director’s Cut (Horror/Thriller) by Timothy Richard Hannigan


When a teenage girl finds a video tape depicting a murder in the basement of her new house, she must uncover the identity of the killer before he turns his camera on her.


A teenage girl, PATSY and her father move to a small town following the suicide of her mother. While unpacking alone one night, she discovers a video tape behind the hot water tank. The video tape is a home movie of a woman in the basement of Patsy’s new house being savagely murdered by a killer whose face is concealed. As a result of the heat exposure from the
tank, the tape only lasts a few seconds before tearing to pieces.

With the only evidence of the murder completely destroyed, Patsy is unable to convince the local police that what she saw was real. Her own father begins to think that she may be showing signs of mental illness which had plagued her mother for a number of years. Patsy sets out to prove the murder occurred by tracking down anyone who could have been connected to the house. As she tries to discover the killer’s identity, she unwittingly makes the killer aware that she found the tape. The killer begins stalking her, recording her every move with his video camera. One night when her father is away, the killer breaks into the house and abducts her. Patsy finds herself staring into the lens of the camera, trapped in the same scene she witnessed on the tape. Patsy must fight to free herself from the killer in order to make sure this video has a different ending.

Kiss of the Gorgon (Horror) by D. Glase Lomond


Six young adults are taken to a remote island for a Survivor-style reality show, but have trouble surviving after awakening Medusa's daughter, a ghastly, serpentine creature that can transform herself into a beautiful, seductive woman.
(Species meets The Evil Dead)


10 years earlier. On a remote Caribbean island, two young archaeologists are camped out in the jungle when they’re attacked by a hideous creature – a hellish, corpse-like woman with oozing fangs and a hissing tangle of snakes for hair. It tears apart the girl then turns the young man to stone with a flash from its red eyes. A band of tribal warriors arrive to do extra-sensory battle with the creature - they have cut out their own eyes in order not to fall prey to the creature’s deadly stare. After a bloody
conflict, they re-capture it by placing a golden amulet around its neck.

Present day. A yacht carries six, multi-cultural young adults to the same island to be in a new reality TV series. Once on the island, hormones flare as the six participants prepare for their broadcast adventure: building shacks, chopping wood, starting a fire – all while being videotaped and interviewed. One day, three of the guys discover a cave where an old Chieftain is guarding a stone sarcophagus. The Chieftain tells them the legend of the gorgon Adorias, who could transform between human and monster at will. It is Adorias that is now imprisoned within the sarcophagus, but as long as the Golden Amulet of Medusa remains around her neck, the creature is powerless. Ignoring the Chieftain’s warning, one of the guys steals the golden amulet from around the neck of the withered corpse inside the sarcophagus.

Now free from the amulet, Adorias is reanimated and rises from her stony grave. At first, she is a horrible walking corpse with serpents darting about her awful face. But after she devours the cameraman, then seduces one of the girls as her snakes suck out the victim's life blood, Adorias becomes a beautiful seductress. She infiltrates the campsite, but before she can kill them all, the last eyeless Warrior arrives to do superhuman battle with the psycho-bitch from Hell. He is about to destroy Adorias...when a bullet cuts the Warrior down. It is revealed that the reality show’s producer is a worshipper of the evil goddess, and he has brought the group here as a sacrifice before he takes Adorias back to the mainland.

In the exciting and gory finale, the last two survivors struggle to survive and stop Adorias from returning to civilization. Back aboard the yacht, it seems as though Adorias will escape, but the golden amulet is placed around the evil goddess’ neck and the creature falls into the dark Caribbean waters.

Mr. Boogs (Animation Action/Adventure) by Donna Kienbaum


If you were eight years old, afraid of the dark and had accidentally switched places with the boogeyman...what would you do?


Cammie Schlippert is eight years old and afraid of the dark. She can deal with the fact that her dad's just remarried and her new step-sister is a brat. She can even deal with a deranged and rather stupid school bully. But a boogeyman just crosses the line.

When her family doesn't believe her and her step-sister tells the kids at school that Cammie is too frightened to sleep in her own bed at night, things get pretty desperate. However, Cammie's favorite cartoon provides Cammie with a possible solution: she'll set some traps and capture the boogeyman herself and prove once and for all that the boogeyman is real. One problem...her plan actually works. Well, almost.

The boogeyman is trapped all right. Trapped inside Cammie's body and world, and she in his. While Cammie is stunned at the discovery that she is now a four-foot, blue little odd-ball, her boogeyman, "Boogsy" is mortified to find that not only is he now a human, but he's also a girl.

With the aid of Zip, the family glowfish, Cammie must now masquerade as Boogsy, overcome her fear of the dark, and outwit the villainous Fins Dubois, an undersized glowfish with little man's syndrome and Leophat "Phatty" Boombah, his bumbling boogey counterpart who are determined to expose Cammie's true identity.

Oh, and there's just another small glitch - Boogsy is scheduled to take his final Boogey exam at Scarem Elementary that afternoon and if he fails (again), he will be shipped off to Boogeyman Bootcamp. Now Zip must give Cammie a crash course in boogeyman magic so that she can take the exam in Boogsy's place and graduate.

If she succeeds, Cammie will once again trade places with the boogeyman who, in her world, has had an adventure of his own pretending to be her! If Cammie fails or her identity is discovered she and Boogsy will be trapped in each other's bodies and worlds forever.

Chills (Horror/Fantasy/Sci-Fi) by Sandor Stern


While on a survival trek in the desert, teenagers are attacked by giant scorpions.


Ten teenage boys and girls are sent by the Juvenile Justice System or desperate parents to a survival camp in the Arizona desert. The kids range from black and Hispanic gang-bangers to rich girls from Beverly Hills and Pasadena. Among them are a car-jacker, a neo-nazi, a computer hacker, a dope dealer and a boy who has killed his own stepfather. The camp is comprised of 50,000 acres of private land owned and operated by an ex-military man whose motto is “Adversity begets strength”. Under the harsh discipline of adult “counselors”, the kids are taken into the desert for two weeks of survival training with a minimum of
supplies and no contact with the outside world. These surly misfits quickly discover that the land beneath their feet is an illegal dumping ground for chemical and biomedical waste. Adversity turns horrific when their counselors are attacked and killed by mutant giant scorpions. In retreating, these disparate kids are forced to overcome their individual weaknesses and pool their strengths to survive the monsters that are a step behind – if not in front.

Voyage of the Antelope (Family Adventure) by Bill Murphy


In the innocent mind of a 13 year old boy the War promises adventure as he sets out with his friends to navigate the winding river in search of U-boats that shelter along the rugged west coast of Ireland. But what they find is the cold Atlantic and the true meaning of war.


It's 1941 and the U-Boats scavenge for prey in the Battle of the North Atlantic. Tom Kitts's only interest in life is to join the Navy, to sail away from his village in the west coast of Ireland for adventure on the high seas. However as Tom is only 13 years old he will have to wait a few more years. His life does change though, the day twin brothers, Jack and Brian Darcy walk into the classroom. Tough, street-wise orphans from Dublin, they soon run rings around the school staff and teach Tom a thing or two about life, shocking him with some startling facts about the opposite sex. But even he doubts them when they talk about rumours of U-Boats that shelter in the nearby bays on stormy nights. The three boys' interest in the sea is encouraged by the arrival of a new teacher at their school. Mr. Boylan, invalided out of the Royal Navy when his ship went down, is himself an outsider in the town and his unorthodox teaching methods attract disdain from the school principal Br. Placit. Under Boylan's supervision the boys escape the hum-drum of school life by building a raft, The Antelope, and ply the river looking for adventure and even enter the annual summer regatta, winning the raft race. However their moment of glory is spoilt as they are disqualified on a technicality and punished by Br. Placit for causing trouble. Tom also receives word that his father is missing after his ship is sunk by U-boats.

The Darcy twins decide to leave town and escape the prejudice they continually have to contend with. Picking up Tom in the dead of night they head for the open sea to find the U-boats. While Jack and Brian are just curious to find the German subs, Tom's love for the U-boats has turned to hatred as he is bent on trying to somehow avenge his father's sinking. The whole town searches for days for the missing boys, only Boylan has any idea where they might have gone. He himself heads for the estuary and just catches up with the Antelope as it enters the open sea. In the fading light and treacherous seas the raft is tossed about and capsizes sending the boys into the water. Only Boylan's quick thinking and bravery saves them from disaster.

Super Bowl Spot (Comedy) by Terry Cosgrove


Who do you turn to when you've lost everything: your family, your job, your reputation? How about the largest television audience in the world?


52-year-old Mike Smith's in trouble. He's bored with his life and hates his job in advertising. In fact, the only reason he still has his job is that he did the famous 'Mikey' spot for Life cereal 20 years ago. To ease his pain, he is having an affair with his young female protege, Tracy.

One day, Mike gets a new, much younger partner -- whom he doesn't want to work with -- and a new challenge. The chance to do a Super Bowl spot for the agency's biggest client, Rocket Cola.

After settling their differences, Mike and his partner, Brandon, create a spot starring future Hall of Fame quarterback, Lance Richards. The client loves it and, feeling better about himself, Mike dumps his girlfriend and recommits himself to his marriage.

There's only one problem. Lance Richards, who is out with an injury, refuses to do commercials. That is until Tracy, Mike's ex, seduces him and gets him to sign on the dotted line.

Lance and Tracy soon make life difficult for Mike. They bar him from the production of the commercial and ultimately force him to give up any claim to it at all. Mike's partner, Brandon, turns against him too.

Forced to resign from the agency, Mike travels to New York while the rest of his colleagues gear up for the Super Bowl broadcast.

As luck would have it, their commercial will air at the start of the fourth quarter, the exact moment when Lance Richards is scheduled to return to action.

On Super Bowl Sunday, however, Mike schemes his way into ABC studios and draws a gun. His request: Pre-empt the Rocket Cola spot with his own 'home made' message.

As the country watches, Mike's brave comments hit a nerve. And, even though he's arrested, Mike is an overnight sensation.

The original Rocket Cola commercial, when it finally airs, makes barely a ripple.

Locked up in a minimum-security prison at movie's end, Mike weighs his options and realizes that his life is not ending. It's just beginning.

Travels with my Lovers (Romantic Adventure) by Erica Miner


A talented young musician who suddenly finds herself a single mom when her husband leaves her for another man takes off for Europe on a series of life-altering adventures and ends up discovering what she really wants - and deserves - out of life


After college, talented young violinist LYDIA BARNES sets off for Europe with some classmates, fulfilling a dream she has held in her soul since childhood and leaving behind her fiance, ERIC. Anxious to bring about their own adventures, Lydia and her best friend VAL abandon the group in Paris and head for Florence. There Lydia meets CARLO, a captivating Florentine youth and, with Val's encouragement, tumbles into a burning-hot liaison with him. Then Lydia finds she is carrying Eric's child, but she and Carlo are so smitten that she cannot wrest herself from him.

As Carlo shows Lydia his favorite haunts, among them the exquisite orange-domed Duomo Cathedral and the carousel he played on as a child, they fall passionately in love. But ultimately Lydia decides she must return home and marry the father of her child, abandoning her first true love, Carlo.

EIGHT YEARS LATER. Lydia is happily ensconced in a charming pre-war New York apartment overlooking the Hudson with Eric and their two precocious children, JULIAN and REGINA. All seems idyllic in the loving family until Lydia finds, squirreled away in a desk, a love letter from Eric's male lover. Eric confesses to his homosexuality and moves out. Lydia practically caves in under the burden of being a single mom until her father, BEN, gives her a ticket to Europe. Soon she is off and running - back to Carlo - but discovers that Carlo is now 'married with children.'

Bitterly disappointed, Lydia hops a train to Paris and finds herself sharing a compartment with a droll Frenchman named GERARD. By the time they reach Paris, Lydia and Gerard have become fast friends. Gerard enchants Lydia with the delights of Paris and the French countryside, and friendship turns into loving passion. When it's time for Lydia to go home, she promises Gerard she will be back to rekindle their romance. Lydia returns to Gerard the following summer, but when he insists that she uproot her children and move to Paris to live with him, she backs off and ends the relationship.

TWO YEARS LATER, Lydia receives a phone call from JEAN-JACQUES, a Swiss national bringing regards from her girlfriend Val, who is now living in Geneva. Lydia offers Jean-Jacques a place to stay, and he responds to the kindness by squiring her to restaurants, theaters and films. Soon their compatibility is evident, and Lydia spends a number of sexually playful nights on the sofa bed with her guest. Before he leaves, Jean-Jacques urges Lydia to come to Switzerland the next
summer, to further explore their mutual attraction.

Their holiday together is an unmitigated disaster, however, as Lydia and Jean-Jacques find themselves in conflict most of the time. Then, once back at Jean-Jacques's home, Lydia's dear friend Val pays a surprise visit. Finding Lydia there, Val confronts Lydia about stealing away Jean-Jacques. Thunderstruck at learning that Jean-Jacques is romantically involved with Val, distraught about losing her best friend and shocked to find that Jean-Jacques is also engaged to a young woman in the UK, Lydia races to the train station. Val goes after Lydia to tell her that Jean-Jacques confessed to being an egregious seducer. Val
and Lydia drink to their friendship and to exposing Jean-Jacques for the scoundrel he is.

On the train, Lydia encounters a sympathetic middle-aged Swiss BUSINESSMAN. Burned out on romance, she confesses to him about her disastrous travels with her lovers and admits that she is still carrying a torch for Carlo. The businessman urges her to find out for certain if her former lover is still worthy of her flame and advises her to go back once again to Florence and seek out her true love.

In spite of both her anger and her fear that her dream love might still be unavailable, Lydia musters the courage to follow the
businessman's advice. She returns to Florence and looks for Carlo everywhere, then remembers the carousel. When she sees him there with his children and a woman she assumes to be his wife, she walks away without revealing her presence.

But the Universe has its own way of carrying out destiny. Carlo catches up with Lydia and reveals that the woman Lydia has seen is actually his sister-in-law, who helps him take care of his kids since his wife left him - for another woman. Lydia is ecstatic. Together, she and Carlo fulfill their yearning for each other, held in check for so many years. They fall into each others' arms, in view of their beloved orange-domed Cathedral, vowing never again to deny their true love.

Malletheads (Comedy) by R.C. Rossenfier


Trash-talking college basketball player forms phony croquet team to woo sexy British transfer student.

The Demons 5 (Horror) by Jim O'Rear


A group of college students researching a gang of vicious serial killers, known as The Demons 5, get more than they bargained for when the murderers are found to be alive and well, possessing supernatural powers of immortality granted to them by an angel of death.


History professor James Prescott assembles a young, mismatched group of college students to chronicle the lives of five vicious serial killers, known as The Demons 5. Part of this research includes spending several days inside an abandoned maximum-security prison, where (beginning in 1938) the murderers finished their final hours.

Thinking that this project will be an easy bonus toward their final grade point average, the group of kids enthusiastically jump in only to discover that The Demons 5 still exist, supported by supernatural powers granted to them by an angel of death and hell-bent on a mission of bloody revenge.

The kids are soon hurled into a fight for survival as The Demons 5 trap them inside the prison and reveal their horrendous plans for them.

DEMONS 5 is an action-packed, twist-filled, supernatural, cat-and-mouse thriller where the characters are forced to trust the untrustworthy, expect the unexpected, and are made to look beyond what their eyes can physically see.

Benjamin Beeware (Action/Adventure) by Rick Rosenberg


When 12-year-old Benjamin and his friends overhear an old man describe a unique strain of magic bees, Benjamin is determined to get stung. When he finally does, he embarks on a wild adventure of fun, danger and discovery.


Welcome to Gardenville, USA. Lots of trees, flowers, grass and an unhappy boy named Benjamin. He’s 12, mischievous and creative, but his father would rather him play football. At least he has a loving mom and two great friends: Faith, an organic, nature girl and Michael, a sickly boy with allergies. He also has an enemy: Sutton, the dumb, tooth-missing school bully. Benjamin made fun of him and now Sutton’s after him.

One day, Benjamin and his buddies overhear the town beekeeper tell a woman about his magic bees. Let just one sting you and you can become anything you want - all you have to do is say you love it! But the venom wears off in 4 and a half days, so if you get caught being something else when it’s gone, you’re stuck for life! The beekeeper’s about to say something else when Michael sneezes and the kids take off before they get caught. Benjamin’s determined to see if the bees are really magic. His friends think he’s nuts.

When Benjamin finds the magic hive in the beekeeper’s backyard, one bee gets out, actually taunts Benjamin and takes off. After an exciting chase through town, Benjamin and Faith finally get stung and say they love dolphins – and they become dolphins! They swim the ocean together and eventually figure out how to change back: Just say you love yourself and you’re back.

The next day at school, Sutton, the school bully, catches up to Benjamin and beats him up. Benjamin screams to Sutton that he hates him – and Benjamin turns into Sutton! Apparently, that was what the beekeeper was about to say before Michael sneezed: It works when you say I hate, too! The problem is now Benjamin can’t figure out how to get back – and he’s only got a few days before he’s stuck!

He eventually convinces Faith and Michael he’s really Benjamin and they all try to figure out how to turn him back – but they’ve got no answers. Benjamin goes to ask the beekeeper, but he’s disappeared. Now what? He can’t go to his own house as Sutton.

So, he goes to Sutton’s home where he meets Sutton’s dad, Mr. Carlsmith, a real mean guy. There’s no mother around. Mr. Carlsmith’s angry because Sutton was supposed to make better grades this year and instead, he’s been out screwing around. Benjamin figures this is how Sutton lost his tooth - he was punched by his dad!

The next day, things at school get complicated. One of the teachers and the Principal have it in for Sutton and the real Sutton’s friends are angry that the new Sutton doesn’t like them anymore. Meanwhile, Benjamin/Sutton keeps visiting the beekeeper’s house, but he’s still nowhere around….and the clock is ticking!

One night, he gets the idea that if he gets stung again, he could buy some time. So he tries it, but instead, he accidentally releases ALL the bees and they begin stinging people all over Gardenville! Then those people start disappearing because they’re saying they love things and becoming them. Benjamin’s whole family disappears! Meanwhile, the teacher, the Principal and Mr. Carlsmith are all becoming more and more threatening.

When Sutton’s friends tell the Principal that Sutton was to blame for their latest prank, he gets suspended. This, he’s sure, will turn him into Mr. Carlsmith’s punching bag. To make matters worse, the National Guard is called in to extinguish the bees wreaking so much havoc in the little town. Benjamin’s at his wit’s end.

With only a few hours left, Benjamin/Sutton finally finds the beekeeper and pleads with him to tell him how to turn back. But the beekeeper thinks he’s lying and takes him home… his father. Thankfully, Mr. Carlsmith isn’t home – but Mrs. Carlsmith is – an even meaner person! She found out he got suspended. Now, he’s really about to get beaten up!

Luckily, Faith and Michael are watching the whole thing through the window and they get an idea. Michael will go to the hive, get stung, say he loves Mrs. Carlsmith, and then become her. He’s scared to death, but agrees. While Faith is distracting Mrs. Carlsmith from punching Sutton, Michael shows up as none other than Mrs. Carlsmith! Benjamin’s saved, but he’s only got a few minutes before he’s stuck for good as Sutton. Michael knows the answer and coaxes it out of him. Right in the nick of time, Benjamin/Sutton says the magic words – “I understand” – and turns back to Benjamin.

Later, we find out the beekeeper and his magic bees planned the whole thing – to teach Benjamin a valuable lesson. Love creates, but hate destroys. And until you understand that which you hate, you’ll be stuck there….forever.

Gwangju (Non-Fiction/History) by Richard Martin


An American reporter in South Korea in 1980 is caught in the vortex of a virtual civil war. When the city of Gwangju erupts in mutiny against military atrocities, he defies death threats and sorts through the chaos, in the harshest of conditions, to cover the story -- and gets a lesson in idealism and sacrifice.


An American reporter, Bill, leaves a plum post to become a wire service reporter in 1979 South Korea, which is in the throes of political crisis. Korean President Park Chung-hee has been assassinated, and a military dictator has taken over. The new leader, Chun Doo-hwan, orders that demonstrators be killed to frighten the country into submission.

That tactic backfires in Gwangju, where the killing of hundreds leads outraged citizens to take over the city. Bill and K.C., a Korean free-lance photographer, sent to cover the events, bond like soldiers who find themselves in the same foxhole. Bill and K.C. face death threats, exhaustion, opposition from the Korean government and the AP boss in Tokyo and chaos in trying to cover the story. They're helped by Jon, a Peace Corps volunteer who wants to be a journalist, and Korean citizens desperate
to get the story out.

All the characters are caught in the vortex of a virtual civil war: reporter Mr. Song, a college friend of Bill's who's determined to cover the riots but finds that censors write his story; Jon's girlfriend Miss Lee, who's caught between wanting to marry him and go to the U.S. and helping the rebels; Bill's boss in Tokyo, who's hearing a stream of complaints about Bill's critical reporting and must decide whether to let it stand; K.C., who sides with the rebels and sees that the best way to advance the cause is show the truth; and even Bill, who starts as a wise-racking reporter but ends up with a newfound idealism at seeing Koreans sacrifice their lives for a cause.

In the background, the U.S. dawdles as officials are manipulated by Chun and his cold- blooded minion, Mr. Bae. The rebels are all killed as the Korean army retakes the city, and Jon's girlfriend is murdered by Mr. Bae, who hates Koreans marrying
foreigners. Gwangju sacrifices galvanize Koreans to become a democratic nation, as ex-dissident Kim Dae-jung is elected president. Bill and K.C. are sent to the Middle East and taken hostage.

The Association (Edgy Psychological Thriller) by Kraig X Wenman


What would you do if you were thrown in to a room with seven strangers, told that every 12 minutes one of you will die at the hands of the other, and that it is between you seven to decide who dies ~ and in what order?

Still Waters (Horror) by George Steele and James McCormick


An architect is trapped with two strangers in a town of his own design. When they start to experience terrifying visitations from the ghostly inhabitants, he must find out what the town wants from each of them, before they become permanent residents.

You'll never leave the bath running again...


Architect David Simons is haunted by the drowning accident that claimed his son's life, so he leaves his crumbling marriage and sets out for the safety of his parents'.

A freakish encounter on the road lands him in the deserted town of Still Waters, together with a runaway woman, Helen, and a cynical life insurance salesman Peter Black. The town is all the more familiar because David designed it.

Soon they start to experience terrifying visions. David sees his son floating in the lake, Helen falls victim to a shadowy Preacher, and Peter Black is pursued by a vengeful female spirit. The hauntings lead them to the one building David did not design, and a mystery that David must solve if he is ever to leave town.

As the town's strange, swirling mists close in around them, David learns that he must persuade three possessive spirits to let them leave before they are trapped there forever.

Only Black stands in their way, deciding instead to stay and search for his missing trunkload of money.

David learns that Black has murdered his wife and is fleeing with the ill-gotten cash. When Black's guilty secret is discovered, he becomes determined to leave no witnesses behind. In a final showdown, David saves Helen at the cost of sacrificing his own life. Father and son, it seems, will be reunited in the end.

A claustrophobic supernatural thriller with minimal locations and haunting visuals.

You'll never leave the bath running again...

The Source (Action Thriller) by Charles Hall and Jeremy Crow


An NSA agent coping with an AIDS-stricken brother discovers the scientist he has been assigned to protect--a marked woman--has developed a cure.

Cabin # 6 (Short Drama) by Mark McCann


A middle-aged couple on the verge of divorce find themselves stuck in a cabin for three rainy days, and reflect upon their life through a series of journal entries left by previous visitors.

Blocked (Comedy) by Jeana Hackman Grady


An effervescent tale of a writer being driven mad by the very characters she has created.


Sydney has just lost her husband and co-writer, Harry. Her grief and alcoholic stupor create profound writer's block, preventing her from finishing a novel she started with him.

At Sydney's lowest point, characters from her "idea box" start appearing in her house. Only she can see and interact with them, while her visiting brother and the local police think she is cracking up. The characters include two gay guys straight out of "Will and Grace," a bad saxophone player, a Latin couple that make love all over the house and a drunken French chef. They all demand resolution in their lives, but Sydney can't deliver the pages. Her female Nazi-editor threatens Sydney with lawsuits based on the hefty advance given for completion of the novel.

Tension heightens in Act 2, as Steven arrives one night, obviously pretending to have a car breakdown. With a rapist in the newspaper, we fear that Steven is about to harm Sydney, even while Sydney seems to start coming on to the surprised Steven. The characters try to stop Sydney and get Steven out in a series of backfiring pranks. When Steven is revealed as a psychologist sent by Syndey's brother, she kicks him out.

It is up to the characters to pull Sydney back together and devise a way to get her writing again. The question is, can they do it?

“This is a very unique story, which is filled with wonderful characters and very funny dialogue.”
-Susan Kouguell- Award Winning Screenwriter and Script Consultant

**Winner of 2002 Women in Film and Video New England. A staged reading of “BLOCKED” took place on May 19, 2002 at Emerson College in Boston. Cast and Directed by Kevin Fennessy

**Finalist WinFemme Film Festival 2001 (Los Angeles).

**Second Round pick at Austin Film Festival

For Bitter or Worse (Romantic Comedy) by Kraig X Wenman


Millions of dollars spent on "dating" services and not a penny spent on "breakup" services? Dave and Deanna are about to give happy couples a well-needed kick to the groin, as they set out to break these relationships in to pieces...for profit and pleasure.

A drunken "Sleepless in Seattle" that says everything on its mind and doesn't call the next day.


Meet Dave “The Mack” Mcloud, 27, too smart for his own good and too dumb to know any better. Dave hates people and relationships for the most part, thus he works as a marriage counselor. But Dave’s profession is about to change.

Here we meet Deanna Dodd, 24, a bright dreamer with a heart of gold if it hadn’t just been broken. The poor girl has just discovered that Aden her dimwitted boyfriend (make that ex-boyfriend) has cheated on her with his old flame, Crazy Carrie Draver…and I mean “crazy” in a Charlie Manson/Joan Rivers way.

Trying to track down Carrie at her place of employment, the “7 Drinks Inn,” Deanna stumbles across our hopeless hero Dave. Deanna should’ve just stayed home, drank a bottle of Old Turkey, and kicked herself in the ass. Remember, our friend Dave is not a “people person.” And it is here at the “7 Drinks Inn,” where Deanna discovers his fateful hidden talent. His talent is of
course for breaking up happy couples. There has to be some pleasure in that doesn’t there?

Inspired by a mutual misery and distaste for all things cute and cuddly, Dave and Deanna go in to the business together. Hired by ex-lovers, disapproving parents, and anyone with a penchant for revenge, Dave and Deanna concoct and execute elaborate plans to make everyone in the world accept that life is easier when you’re alone. But whom are they trying to convince? And of course, what happens when two sad lonely people come together? You guessed it, wildly hateful sex and a working relationship that doesn’t quite work. And wait. What happens when ex-lovers come crawling back? And then what happens when somehow a twist of fate was not actually fate at all?

A comedy for the romantically impaired.

The Tutor (Period Drama) by Barbara Kymlicka


A young man, spoiled and pampered by his far too attentive mother, falls in love with an older woman of lower class, hired to teach him how to court a lady. Will this be a lesson in love or heartbreak?
Scriptapalooza Contest Top Ten Runner-Up


London, England 1850. Jack Ashton (18), a spoiled, lovable rascal of the upper class, spends his leisure time playing at pranks and riding about the countryside with his best friend Henry. As her only child and only connection to her beloved deceased husband, Jack’s mother Catherine has doted upon and spoiled Jack beyond measure. As a result, Jack has grown up without proper manners and etiquette and is completely ignorant in the ways of courting and charming a lady. And Jack has his eye on quite a lady. Lucy Langley, a spoiled demanding young woman with very high standards. When Jack turns to his mother for help, Catherine hires Claire Touchett (38) to tutor Jack in the art of courting a lady. Due to her age and having never been married, Claire is considered an “old maid”. Jack is horrified and is embarrassed when he learns of his mother’s plan, but for once, Catherine puts her foot down and Claire stays. Embarrassed by his mother’s decision to hire Claire, Jack is at first obstinate and rude but eventually develops a friendship with Claire, who is charming, headstrong and honest. Not unattractive, Claire’s decision not to marry has been her own, since she has chosen to wait for true love.

Meanwhile, Jack’s friend Henry finds true love with one of Lucy’s visiting cousins, Emily. Henry and Emily fall head over heels for one another and as such, Emily hides that fact that she is already engaged to wed someone else. When Henry finally learns that Emily is promised to another, the pain of heartache is too much to bear and, to the horror of Jack, he takes his own life.

Catherine struggles through her second marriage to philandering husband, Richard, whom she discovers has impregnated another woman, the young niece of her dear aunt Isabel. Jack despises Richard and sees him for who he truly is, a greedy womanizer who has no love for his mother. Feeling very alone, Catherine turns all her attention and love onto her son. Her need to be loved is so strong it unleashes unwanted desires towards Jack which sicken and frighten her.

As Claire’s tutoring begins to work, Jack manages to charm Lucy off her feet. The problem is, Jack is no longer interested in Lucy. Instead he finds himself falling in love with Claire. Though she attempts to resist, Claire too falls in love with Jack as he makes her feel young and full of life. They desperately attempt to keep their love a secret from those such as Lucy, who now has her sights set on Jack, and Lucy Langley does not take no for an answer. Knowing his mother would condemn the affair due to their differences in age and class, Jack struggles to become a man and stand up for himself and the woman he loves. Will Jack and Claire win the battle for their love, or will their differences in age and class tear them apart?

Takers (Sci-Fi) by Albert Barrera


It's one man against an invading alien race bent on taking everything. Confined within the walls of a psychiatric hospital, this 18
year old drug addict is mankind's only hope for survival.


An 18 year old drug addict in a psychiatric hospital has been having visions of mankind’s extermination by a plague of carnivorous, alien insects followed by an invading alien race since he an epileptic seizure when he was eight. Now, ten years later, with the invasion eminent, William Friedman is contacted by his sister from the future claiming to be on a mission to stop the plague and the invasion. When an assassin, who traveled with her, kills her, it’s up to William to finish what she started before
it’s too late.

Beyond Atlantis (Sci-Fi/Action/Adventure) by Jon McDermid


In 1978 Andrew Hunter’s grandfather disappeared mysteriously into the ocean while flying off the coast of Virginia, in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. The year is 2023 and Andrew has finally discovered the secret of the Bermuda Triangle on a moon orbiting Jupiter; that secret is Atlantis!


In 1978 a Grumman KA-6 Naval Attack Bomber disappears mysteriously with out a trace off the coast of Virginia in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle.

The year is 2019. Andrew Hunter, grandson to the co-pilot of the ill fated flight of 1978, has spent his entire life searching for answers to the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and ultimately his grandfather’s strange disappearance.

His search appears to come to an end when Ann and Ben, two old friends who work for NASA, contact him, and with the help of the United States Navy bring him to a military base near the Bermuda Triangle.

A photograph of the missing plane and a mysterious underwater cave with the symbol of Atlantis carved above it sparks hope in Andrew until he learns the photographs were taken by a probe searching for oceanic life on Callisto, a moon orbiting Jupiter.

After four years of traveling through space in cryogenic suspension Andrew, Ben, Ann, and three Naval trained astronauts arrive on the icy surface of Callisto, eager to discover the answer to one of Earth’s greatest mysteries.

An underwater sub is launched and the missing plane is found without its occupants. Andrew quickly discovers that the real mission is to retrieve a mysterious crystal skull that was being carried in the cargo hold of his grandfather’s plane. The skull however, has mysteriously gone missing from the locked hold.

The search for the crystal skull leads Andrew, Ann, and Ben on a journey of excitement, discovery, and danger. They learn that time behaves differently here; Atlantis is really an alien space ship and the moon a stopover point between Earth and an unknown tenth planet. Atlantis’ rulers as well as its army of bipedal sea creatures were forced to remain on Callisto when their
ship lost power—power that comes from the mysterious crystal skull.

Andrew, Ben, and Ann find the missing skull and when power is restored the space ship automatically tries to return its occupants to Earth. Andrew, Ann, and Ben destroy the space ship and flee in a futuristic shuttle. They are transported back to earth in the wake of the space ship’s explosion, where they discover the military possibly knows more than they are willing
to admit. At least they stopped the creatures from returning to Earth, or so they thought.

Racing to the Altar (Comedy/Drama) by Dianna Ippolito


It's the summer of ‘65 and six teen-aged friends impulsively decide to make a mad dash to Vegas to get married before midnight in order to avoid facing the Vietnam draft. Based on a true story.


Coronado, 1965: Life is good when you’re eighteen, the country is embracing flower-power, love-ins and folk tunes, and the most you have to worry about is which bikini to wear.

Everything changes in a flash, however, for honor student Molly, her boyfriend Paul, spirited Pamela and shy but tough Will, when they learn that the marriage deferment for the Vietnam War draft will end at midnight. In order to avoid getting drafted—and suffering the fate of Will’s older brother, who died in the war only months earlier—the friends decide to get married in Las Vegas that night.

Just as quickly, the plan is beset by obstacles. First, Molly has to arrange to present the keys to the city to the Beatles, who are visiting. Next, Paul must ditch the party his parents are throwing in honor of his acceptance to Stanford, and instead auditions for the role of a singing carrot in a commercial. The friends then crash a nearby wedding in order to hijack Pamela’s bandleader boyfriend, Ryan, and finally speed down the highway, heading not only to Vegas but also into their adulthood.

When they stop at a roadside diner, waitress Gina lights up like a neon sign at the sight of Will, who finally sheds his tough-guy front to return the flirtation. Upon seeing Gina get fired and fight with her brutish boyfriend Roy, Will insists upon taking her with them, but Roy chases the car, resulting in a crash. A passing pig farmer has room in his truck for Molly and Paul, while the other four get a ride from a drunk in a stolen station wagon. After a struggle with runaway pigs and a never-ending bingo game, Paul and Molly catch another ride with a deaf senior citizen, and along the way, share their concerns about marriage.

Soon, the cops are after the speeding foursome, who make it into Vegas and evade them in a casino. Not even their doubts about marriage can slow them as they race to find a ride to the Justice of the Peace. Because all taxis are on strike, the gang is forced to accept the help of an amorous Italian with a private airplane, and even after the plane crashes, the group is able to sprint to the altar. There, first Pamela and Ryan and then Will and Gina marry. When Molly and Paul arrive, however, they decide they’re better off waiting, and in that moment, experience the first bittersweet taste of adulthood.

What they don’t know is that within two months, their marriage deferments will be abandoned. What they do know is that their friendships, grown even stronger in the past night, will see them through their uncertain futures.

Go Get Carlos by Mark Steinberg


As Vic struggles to somehow come up with fifteen grand to pay his bookie in just seven days, he unwittingly becomes in embroiled in a substantial, numismatic heist with French fugitives, Uzi-toting nuns, pick-pocketing midgets and a vicious Balkan warlord hot on his tail.


Vic Chestnut is a bail bondsman with a struggling business; he’s a gambler with a severe problem and a soon-to-be father with an eight months pregnant wife. Thanks to a series of poor wagers, horribly bad luck and a horse with a heart murmur, Vic is fifteen grand in the hole with zero cash in the bank. Vic now has seven days to pay back his bookie and brother in law Leon, in
full -- or wind up residing on the wrong side of the grass. And while he’s been able to buy himself time, it still isn’t enough to keep Leon’s body man Mamadou at bay. Having a six foot five, Senegalese monster on your ass is never a good thing.

Luckily, within hours, Vic gets another gig. Return on the lam, lounge singer Tony Lamonté to St. Louis by Sunday and it’s worth eight grand. Eight grand? That’s nearly halfway there, but unfortunately Leon’s not interested in half the money. Tony however has other plans too. He’s come to New York to tag along with his cousin Donald on a small time break in at a small time bank in upstate New York. In and out in under an hour with nearly eight hundred large in their hands. At least, that was the plan until Donald’s untimely aneurysm early this morning. Now, both desperate, Tony proposes a deal. Help him put together a crew to do the job and they can split the cash and go their separate ways. Vic can pull himself out of debt and use the money to raise his budding family, while Tony skips out of the country and heads to the Islands, putting on twice daily shows for geriatric tour groups. It’s win-win.

Meanwhile, the King Carlos II medallion, one of the rarest and most sought after coins in the world, is currently on display at the Museum of Natural History. Once a treasure such as this reaches stateside, thieves, scammers and all around scumbags will come out of the woodwork. Mostly notably Miroslav Durcan, aka “The Duke”, the most feared and reviled warlord in the Balkans. However, Mr. Durcan isn’t crazy enough to bring that kind of heat upon himself. He enlists (well, forces) brothers Pierre and Jean Luc Dumont, fugitives from French authorities, to do his dirty work for him. Not only must the Dumonts somehow steal the coin and get away clean, but they have to accomplish this with two French Intelligence officers closing in on them.

Just when Vic thought he finally had it all figured out, the two heists somehow come together and he is suddenly embroiled in the biggest numismatic lift in years. All he wants to do is pay off his fifteen grand and go home to his pregnant wife, but instead he now has Uzi-toting nuns, a pick pocketing midget and a half dozen lunatics following his every move in search of a four and a half million dollar coin. Nobody said it would be easy.

Goodnight, Pig Dog (Drama) by Adam Jones


Rusty strives to care for his mentally-handicapped brother Tucker, whose only concern in life is how to be the best pirate. But when the bank threatens to foreclose on the brothers’ house, they have to find a solution. Rusty’s answer is practical. Tucker’s answer is piracy.

Take sibling rivalry to the next level.


When Rusty's mother died, she left him with three things: a mentally-handicapped brother to care for, a twice-mortgaged house, and the patience to deal with both. Rusty even managed to get his brother Tucker a job working construction at his side. But when Tucker's negligence at work confines him to a wheelchair, Rusty must rely on Tucker to be the breadwinner for them both. Now the brothers must live for one another, filling the holes in each other's shortcomings.

Tucker carries out his daily job with enthusiasm as Rusty's patience is eaten away by self-pity. As Rusty strives to find a way out of debt with the bank, Tucker's only concern is how to become the world's greatest pirate.

When Tucker finds out that Rusty has been keeping the foreclosure notice from him, he encourages Rusty to confront the bank manager (Mr. Meighan) to set everything straight. Meighan's refusal to assist the struggling brothers dashes Rusty's false hopes.

Rusty returns home drunk to berate his brother for his handicap and point the finger at the only person he can. Pushed past his limits, Tucker retaliates with his own blame and unfathomable ferocity.

In the aftermath, Rusty and Tucker realize that all they can depend on is each other and agree to overcome the bank's eminent foreclosure to the best of their ability. To Rusty, this means a practical plan. To Tucker, this means a pirate's plan. While Rusty sells off his truck and tractor to cover the mortgage, Tucker devises his own means of salvation. Or so he thinks.

Simmering in the heat of Appalachia, Goodnight, Pig Dog is the comic, yet touching, tale of two poor, noble misfits, paralyzed by poverty, empowered by hope, pleading with fate.

Donor (Short Thriller) by Benedict R. Fancy


A man awakens from a night of drinking lying semi-clothed in a bathtub full of ice. A blood-drenched bandage taped around his waist prompts him to discover what happened the night before, fearing that time isn’t on his side.


A tap drips a non-rhythmic beat into a shallow sink. A single wave of water brushes against the side of a hotel’s beaten ceramic bath. A man’s eyelids open with a shivering coldness as he wakes from his alcoholic sleep. The man is Justin, a 32 year old nobody who has woken to discover himself lying in a bathtub full of ice, a blood stained pad of material gaff-taped around his
stomach. With no recollection of how he got there or what has happened to him, he wearily lifts himself out of the bath. Something is not right, something’s wrong. Why are there Doctor’s medical tools and articles of women’s clothing strewn around the hotel room? A wallet lies open still full of money. A credit card receipt wrapped around a bar's matchbook. Empty Champagne bottles, a woman’s lipstick and a set of car keys. Whose hotel room is it? And why is he bleeding? An encounter with the hotel’s receptionist leads to a discovery that no news reporter could ever dream of.

He has the time it takes for his life to leave him to uncover the truth behind the events of last night, prompted by objects and reminders in hotel rooms and the parking lot. A live television news report brings the truth home.

Hector and Harriet (Drama) by Joanne Sydney Lessner


"She was mine, and I defied the world!"

Hector and Harriet is a true story about the search for the perfect expression of love in music. Along the lines of "Shakespeare in Love meets Amadeus," Hector and Harriet recounts the tempestuous and bizarre romance between the French composer Hector Berlioz and a little-known Irish Shakespearean actress named Harriet Smithson.


It is Paris in 1827, and the brilliant, but struggling, composer Hector Berlioz sees the affecting, impassioned actress Harriet Smithson in Romeo and Juliet. Consumed with instant passion, Berlioz leaps to his feet, shouting, "I will marry that woman, and I will write my greatest symphony on this play!" Harriet, understandably, wants nothing to do with this wild-eyed maniac, and she ignores his extravagant letters and the concerts he schedules, at great personal expense, for her benefit. After taking Paris by storm, Harriet returns to London, only to find that her French successes carry little weight with British theatre companies. She returns to Paris and tries, unsuccessfully, to launch her own troupe, while Berlioz tries to forget Harriet by unsuccessfully romancing a young pianist. Five years of chasing after Harriet brings Berlioz to an act of expiation: on an extended opium trip, he pens his orchestral masterpiece "Symphonie Fantastique." The piece is inspired by his love for Harriet, but ends with a graphic musical depiction of him murdering her and his subsequent descent into hell.

When a meddling publisher lures Harriet to the premiere of "Symphonie Fantastique," the entire audience, aware of Berlioz's obsession with her, stares, whispers and points when she enters the music hall. Harriet is terrified, but, to her great surprise, Berlioz's music touches her. Her uncertainty about him continues, but Berlioz, honor-bound to rekindle his passion, goes to dramatic lengths to win her. He even swallows opium in her presence to prove his loyalty ‹ an episode resolved by a timely dose of syrup of ipecac and wild declarations of love between bouts of vomiting.

Finally, Berlioz conquers Harriet's heart. Against strenuous objections from family and friends, they marry and have a son. Unfortunately, Harriet, the exalted muse, bears little in common with Harriet, the woman, who is prone to fits of temper, jealousy and alcoholism. As Berlioz's fortunes rise, Harriet's fade, and her abusive behavior drives him into the arms of another woman. In spite of her troubles and his mistress, Berlioz remains loyal to Harriet until her tragic death, nurturing a lifelong admiration for his muse, his eternal Juliet.

The story of this impulsive, excessive genius and his greatest love unfolds as a unique mix of tragedy, melodrama and farce, highlighted by a soundtrack incorporating his finest music, which includes some of history's greatest masterworks.

Note: 2003 is the Berlioz bicentennial, and, as a result, awareness of his cultural significance is spreading, as his music and extreme personality are celebrated the world over.

Grey Matter (Psychological Drama/Thriller) by Juliet Sanchez


An artist trying to get his life and career on track is derailed by a violent murder that occurs next door.
IFP Screenplay Competition Finalist.


SI SEARS, a struggling and troubled artist of the Van Gogh variety, vigorously pursues his dream of reclaiming his once budding art career. And, to Si, nothing would prove that success like having a showing of his work at one of the most prestigious art galleries in the world, the Eden Gallery in Manhattan's Soho District.

Si submits to the gallery regularly, sending in his newest works as he creates them, hoping for a response only to have his portfolio returned unopened. He ventures into Central Park for inspiration as part of his daily routine. He takes photographs with his Polaroid camera then scribbles on the still wet surface to create a surreal effect, deliberately avoiding anything that includes people.

Late one night Si's sleep is disturbed by the sound of an argument between his neighbors followed by two jolting gunshots. By the time the Detectives arrive and question everybody, the bodies and suspect are mysteriously gone and Si suddenly finds himself being a material witness to a violent double murder.

Though Si only heard the argument and gunshots, he finds himself haunted by nightmares and visions of the incident. This becomes both a blessing and a curse as he begins to purge the images onto canvas after canvas. Coincidentally it's these disturbing images of the murder scene that finally garners interest from the Eden Gallery.

Prior to Si getting the first exhibit of his work in fifteen years, he meets REBECCA, a young lady who works in a coffee shop near Central Park. Rebecca's striking resemblance to Si's murdered neighbor peaks his interest in her. A relationship between the two starts, as does Si's recognition for being a brilliant artist.

Si is on the verge of finally reaping the rewards of his labor, a reputable name in the art world and the company of a beautiful woman. But, the constant images of the murder become increasingly disturbing and begin to confuse him until he cannot tell the difference between what really happened and what his mind has created.

Needing to find the truth and his part in it, his pursuit of answers begins to takes its toll on his burgeoning career and new relationship, as well as his sanity.

When the Homicide Detectives finally uncover the truth about the murder, who the victims are and how they are all intertwined, they unearth a case that awakens Si's past and threatens his future.

Redline (Action/Drama) by Ian Holt


Street Motorcycle Racing is the ultimate illegal X-treme Sport. For two Queens, New York families, one black, one Italian, Street Motorcycle Racing is their lives. But when the young teen siblings of these two competitive clans fall into an interracial romance, more than just rubber is going to burn.


Jam Jackson loses his college scholarship and returns to his Queens hood with the hope of achieving his dream of becoming a
professional bike racer. He falls in love with Danni, the bad seed sibling of an Italian rival street bike racing clan.

Fresh from prison, Jam's older brother, Tee, is trying to go straight by working for the hood's bike racing mechanic and guru, Fixer (Doctor Dre attached to part). In order to pay for his brother's college tuition, Tee returns to crime with Danni's brother, Tony.

When Tony and Tee run afoul of a brutal, old school gangsta, Priest (Ice T attached to part), Jam and Danni are forced to decide between the call of street justice and their dreams of competing in a Hamptons, Long Island Privateer race whose winner will receive a scholarship to the Penguin racing school, the most prestigious professional motorcycle racing school in the country.

Redline is a fast paced urban, crime, action drama -- The Fast and the Furious meets Rocky.

Undead (Horror) by Ian Holt


Named by the descendants of Bram Stoker as the OFFICIAL sequel to Dracula, their ancestor's classic 1897 novel, UNDEAD picks up the story of all the surviving original characters 25 years later.

Deborah Samson (Drama) by John Bellingham


The true story of the first American woman combat soldier who enlisted during the Revolutionary War, served three years, and was wounded twice before her secret was discovered.


I was inspired to write the screenplay Deborah Samson when I came across a letter written by Paul Revere, on her behalf, which he gave to Massachusetts Congressman William Eustis who read the letter to Congress in June, 1804. In that letter, he requested that Deborah, who served in the military under the name Robert Shurtleff, be accorded a full veteran's pension for her services to our country during the Revolution. The request was granted.

Deborah Samson is the true story of the first American woman combat soldier, who enlisted during the Revolutionary War disguised as a man. She served two and a half years in the field and was wounded three times before her true identity was discovered.

Although born as a descendent from colonial Massachusetts society, her family had fallen into poverty by 1770. After her father left the home, Deborah was "bound out" to several families by her mother at age five. Eventually, she became an indentured servant for a period of ten years to the widower, Jeremiah Stanton. Deborah was to perform household chores and tutoring for Stanton and his ten sons!

During this time, the self-reliant, bright and spirited buckskin clad girl educated herself and garnered male-type abilities from her ten "brothers." In particular, one of the boys, Deborah's age, Zachary Stanton, seized her interest in more than a brotherly fashion.

After Zachary enlisted in the military and Deborah's indentured time came to an end, Deborah learned of Zachary's capture by the British to the south and his scheduled execution. Unable to enlist support from her male neighbors to aid Zachary's escape, Deborah took matters into her own hands, disguised herself as a man, and enlisted in the Massachusetts regiment under the name Robert Shurtleff. Being tall and having a blonde haired, blue-eyed youthful appearance proved effective enough to fool the authorities, along with the fact that military induction physicals were not held until the 1800's.

After being trained at the military garrison at West Point, New York, Deborah participated in the American campaigns against the Tories in the New York area for nearly two years near the end of the war. Along with her faithful horse, Puddin',she accompanied her "rough around the edges" fellow soldiers, Pierre and Bemis, in battle She was wounded seriously near Tarrytown, N.Y. and "escaped" from a doctor in order to operate on her own wounds in order that her secret would not be discovered.

General Patterson, head of the West Point garrison, enlisted her as his personal aid and she accompanied him to Philadelphia under special assignment from General Washington. In Philadelphia, much to her surprise and delight, she learns that Zachary is not only alive and well, but is stationed in Philadelphia and will be attending the Continental Officer's Ball that very week. Deborah, having been invited to the ball along with General Patterson, plans to temporarily shed her military attire and wear a gown to the event. Her appearance is striking. She's radiant. Zachary's reaction…

Deborah, in addition to being the first woman to serve in a combat capacity, was also the first woman to earn a livelihood as a public speaker as she toured New England and the mid-Atlantic states relating her wartime experiences. In 1986, Governor Michael Dukakis named Deborah Samson the Official Heroine of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Hopalong Kate (Action/Adventure) by Luanne Brown


Who's stealing the dinosaur bones? That's the mystery 12 year old Kate MacDonald must solve if she hopes to save the town of Dinosaur Gap, Wyoming AND her parents' marriage.


One minute Kate’s a scientist saving the world from certain destruction, the next minute she’s a rodeo star. Kate uses her fantasies as an escape from the pending separation of her parents. Jane, her mother, writes books for kids. Jane has hit a writing block as big as the Rock of Gibraltar. Escaping to a friend’s ranch in Wyoming she does research for her next book, about a ring of dinosaur fossil thieves.

As the story opens, Kate is preparing to join her. A sudden business trip has called her father, Kevin, away. Kate doesn’t want to go, but at 13 she doesn’t have much choice. On the plane she meets a friendly Native American woman, Ardith, who becomes suddenly ill. Kate finds help for Ardith and as the older woman is carried off the plane, she asks Kate to take care of her Chihuahua, Gabby, until she gets better.

Kate soon discovers that she’s landed right in the middle of a dinosaur mystery. Thieves are stealing dinosaur fossils, the town’s main attraction and there’s nothing the Bureau of Land Management can do about it. Tourists are scared and the town is hurting economically.

Then Kate discovers that her mom is planning a permanent move to the ranch, without Dad. When she sees mysterious flashing lights in the sky, she’s sure she’s discovered where the thieves are working and sets out to discover who they are and follow them back to their lair.

Kate’s adventure turns out to be wilder than even her imagination could have predicted. Instead of capturing the thieves, she gets captured by them, thanks to the misdeeds of Gabby the dog. Then it’s Mom and Ardith to the rescue as they race against the clock trying to find Kate, before the dinosaur thieves (who turns out to be led by someone Kate already knows!) go too far.

Kate, however is not the kind of girl to sit around waiting to be rescued. A true new millennium kid, she takes matters into her own hands and tries to escape with the help of an unexpected ally. In the end, Mom and Kate wrangle the bad guys, as the whole town, including Dad, arrives to deliver the final blow.

The story ends happily. Mom and Dad are reunited, just as Kate had hoped. Mom moves back home and finishes her book. Kate gets to keep Gabby. And the town of Dinosaur Gulch finds enough fossils at the bad guys’ hideout to open a museum of their own.

The Defender by Karl M. Rysted, Esq.


A Chicago Public Defender who knows her client is guilty presents evidence that, though truthful in itself, misleads the jury into thinking that he didn't commit the crime.


In the Teaser, Billy Beauchamp follows Naomi Steinberg at a Chicago el train stop one night about 8:30. When she's alone, he steals her watch and wallet, then knocks her unconscious.

In Act I, Public Defender Heather Gates is trying to achieve something new: representing someone truly innocent, so she is excited to draw a murder case representing Devante Jones, just such a defendant. Billy, a drifter from Mississippi, just wants to get away with another robbery and thinks he has hit the jackpot up north.

He goes to a bar he frequents, giving the goods to his accomplice on the way. Several of his friends and the bartender see him there from 9:15 on.

About midnight, Naomi regains consciousness and calls the cops. They tell her she can come in and file a report if she wants. She is so dazed, she's lucky to make it home, and she tries to go to sleep. In the morning, she goes to the station and files a report. They dust her purse for fingerprints, and she tells them it happened at 10:30. They ask if she could identify the robber, and she says it was dark but she thinks so.

In Act II, a few days later, they show up at Billy's sleazy hotel in Uptown and haul him off. They book him, and she identifies him in a lineup.

Heather is in court for the arraignment docket. Billy says he can't afford a lawyer, so the judge appoints her to his case.

Heather comes to jail to interview Billy about the case. She goes over the police report with him, and it says the robbery happened at 10:30. She asked where he was. He says at the bar, that he has witnesses. She studies his face closely and thinks he's lying. She's seen it so many times before. He swears he's telling the truth. He tries some southern charm on her, and it makes her feel sick because she knows in the pit of her stomach that he's guilty. She asks him pointblank if he did it.

In Act III, he admits he did, at 8:30. He tells her she has to present his alibi defense, because it's true he was at the bar after 9:15. It's not his fault Naomi got mixed up about the time. Of course it is, she points out. He hit her over the head.

She says she'll get him the best deal she can. He says he won't plead out. Heather walks out, disgusted, and tells the guard to lock him up.

The guard takes him to the cell-block. The other inmates taunt him sexually.

In Act IV, he keeps them at bay by acting crazy. In the morning, he's in front of the judge again for a bail hearing. Of course, Kurt Offen, the State's Attorney, wants it high, and Heather says very little.

At the weekly staff meeting that afternoon, she tells her coworkers about her dilemma. Does she have to present the alibi defense? It's misleading. Her boss Supanich says to plead him out. She says he's already closed that door. Christensen says you have to put on a defense, and the alibi is all you've got.

Depressed, Heather calls the state bar ethics counsel, thinking he'll let her off the hook. He says she has to do it. After all, it is the truth and her paramount ethical duty is to defend the client.

She goes to Kurt and gives him the notice of alibi. She explains that she's already sick of this case and it just got going. He says he would like to cut her a really good deal but doesn't know if he can. She kisses him on the cheek and says thanks anyway and she'll see him at trial.

Open All Night (Horror) by Mike Sherer


Young Army vet and his coworkers on third shift at twenty-four hour supermarket feel threatened by weird ghoulish new people being hired, even though vet is attracted to one of them and the feeling seems mutual. More and more ghouls are hired and as they close in engage vet in a life-and-death struggle, from which he is rescued by the female ghoul. She is captured away from him by the others, so he returns to the supermarket for a climactic violent showdown to rescue her. A guaranteed surprise ending.


Taylor, fresh out of the Army and living at home with his mother, has gone back to the job he held right after high school – polishing floors on third shift at the Save-Your-Bucks Supermarket. He works with Waldo and Neil, two young men who stock shelves. But Zizi, a young ghoulish Eastern European woman who looks like she has just stepped off the boat from Transylvania and has just been hired to run the lone cash register kept open on third shift, has intrigued all three of them.

Until Waldo apparently says the wrong thing to her and is badly injured. Also at this time Taylor begins having terrifying dreams which take place in the supermarket. Finally, Waldo’s injury grows so bad he has to quit his job. He is replaced by a ghoulish man similar in appearance to Zizi.

Neil is so freaked out by these people and by what happened to Waldo that he quits. Only to be replaced by another Eastern European.

Eventually, Waldo’s injury grows so bad he is admitted to a hospital. When Taylor goes to visit him, he sees that much of the hospital staff has become these same kind of Eastern Europeans. And all these people seem to be under the control of the man who drives them around, Jakeem, another Eastern European, only larger and stronger.

Finally, there is a showdown between Taylor and the two new men at the supermarket. They nearly kill him. But Zizi comes to his rescue, and they flee the store together. They are now on the run through the night, chased by the Eastern Europeans. Zizi is stolen away by them, which causes Taylor to bring out his M-16 for a bloody confrontation at the supermarket. Which he survives, only to find himself face-to-face in a final showdown with Jakeem.

The way this showdown is resolved, to the music of Barenaked Ladies, is completely over the top and totally unpredictable. And nothing is as it seems in the story, there are a number of surprising revelations at the end. Much like "The Usual Suspects", you will be going back over the script to see how it was set up.

There are great visuals, especially the eerie dream sequences. Have you ever imagined how creepy working in one of those huge mega supermarkets practically by yourself all night long could be? There is one terrifying scene after another as Taylor finds himself being hemmed in tighter and tighter by the Eastern Europeans. And he develops an intense romance with one of them! Very original, very intense, very unpredictable. And very low-budget. Ninety-per cent of the screenplay takes place at the supermarket and Taylor’s apartment. The only other location, besides a few outside shots when Taylor and Zizi are on the run through city streets, is a hospital.

The Last Sacrifice (Horror) by Ioannis Skiotes


For the budget range of $100,000, star talent is attached such as Afro-American stars as Yasmine (The Parkers, Boston Public), Darius McCrary (ABC's Family Matters, Fifteen Minutes, Mississippi Burning), John Lewis (Save The Last Dance, Hardball), and the legendary Issac Hayes from Shaft fame. Cameo music performances by Pastor Troy from the video soundtrack XXX, Rasheeda, and Lil G of Silk.

This budget also includes a soundtrack with hip-hop from Ludacris, Pastor Troy, Rasheeda, Sammy Sam, and R&B from Lil G of Silk.

A woman seeks revenge on a satanic cult that sacrificed her younger sister. But what she doesn't know is that Satan has promised his son, Lucifer, immortality if he makes her The Last Sacrifice.


For the budget range of $100,000, star talent is attached such as Afro-American stars as Yasmine (The Parkers, Boston Public), Darius McCrary (ABC's Family Matters, Fifteen Minutes, Mississippi Burning), John Lewis (Save The Last Dance, Hardball), and the legendary Issac Hayes from Shaft fame. Cameo music performances by Pastor Troy from the video soundtrack XXX, Rasheeda, and Lil G of Silk.

This budget also includes a soundtrack with hip-hop from Ludacris, Pastor Troy, Rasheeda, Sammy Sam, and R&B from Lil G of Silk.

A young crowd parties in a wild club. Exotic dancers tease the patrons. A vibrant coed, Erica, dances with her best friend Gloria and the rest of her college buddies.

In comes a sinister patron, Lucifer, with his sexy disciple Raquel. They check out Erica. Lucifer dances with her. With Erica dizzy from alcohol, he seduces her as he kisses her near the club's exit.

His mood darkens as Raquel and his other sexy disciple, Lynn, bind Erica on Satan's Pentacle. He stabs her viciously. "One done," he announces. "And two to go!" Raquel adds.

Now somebody seeks revenge. "You a cop?" the owner, Jim, asks Sandra at his bar. "No, I'm her sister," she replies.

But somebody already awaits her as Lucifer joins Sandra for a drink at the club. "Who are you?" she asks. "Whoever you want me to be," he coyly answers. After clever bantering, Lucifer commands, "Fall and worship me and all this shall be yours!" Sandra crawls near Lucifer at the table, lures him close, and says, "Go fuck yourself."

She has no idea who she faces, as he barks, "Now don't be as foolish as your sister!" The revelation staggers her into a drunken stupor. Lucifer laughs as she careens and patrons grope her.

Lucifer deceives Gloria to his place with money. And stabs her violently on Satan's Pentacle as well. A Voice orders, "The last one must be to glorify Satan - the Evil Spirit!"

He stalks Sandra. In her bedroom, he stands behind her. From her pov in the mirror, she sees his reflection. She shrieks, but he's gone. Instead, she finds a letter with Greek acrostics on the bed.

"What does it mean?" Sandra asks Fr Phillip in the church.

"It means you complete his trinity to Satan. He will be coming for you on the sixth hour, the hour Christ died on the cross, the hour the paschal lambs were ritually killed. For you are The Last Sacrifice," states the priest.

After the disciples abduct her, Lucifer approaches a scared Sandra, bound on Satan's Pentacle. As he circles in for the kill, Fr Phillip's words of defense come to her, "Let the Holy Spirit guide you." Armed with only her wits, spiritual advice, and an Orthodox Cross that dangles from her bosom, Sandra takes on her nemesis.

She taunts him to have sex first. Confused, he allows the request as she promises, "Oh, you're gonna love this." She rides him, in full control sexually, and right as he's ready to succumb to the pleasures of the flesh, Sandra removes the crucifix from her neck, plunges it through the heart, and claims, "Vengeance belongs to God!" The woman yanks out the cross and raises it victoriously as she says, "But today, He loaned it to me." Lucifer perishes as a drop of blood drips off the crucifix and splats on the camera lens. Cut to black.

Mourning (Suspense/Thriller) by Charlie McCarrick


Don’t fall asleep.


Since her best friend’s death, a young woman named Adela Maize has
mysteriously awoken each morning in a new location. The places she awakens
are often dangerous, and she must quickly use her wits and limited resources
to survive. Also, she is pursued by an unknown stalker whose identity may
explain her phenomenon. Adela’s adventures challenge her, surprise her, and
enlighten her with insights about humanity.

“Intense. Very intense.”
- Todd Kessler (No Hands Productions)

- Vanessa Chismar (Blackwood Entertainment)

“Very well written.”
- Trevor Engelson (Underground Films)

Hush Little Baby (Thriller) by Barbara Kymlicka


Fatal Attraction is back with deranged ex-wife Kate Sheridan who will do anything to get her 'husband' back, even if it means she has to KILL to get her way.


It has been almost a year since PETER SHERIDAN left his controlling wife, KATE. An architect with a reputable firm, Peter looks forward to starting a new life and continued success within the firm. What he doesn't realize is that Kate is far from letting Peter go. A loving father to their only child, HAILEY, Peter attempts to make the divorce transition as easy as possible for his daughter. Aware that Peter will do almost anything for their daughter, Kate manipulates Peter into 'family' outings, attempting to get closer to Peter. Despite warnings from his brother and sister-in-law regarding Kate's mental stability, Peter feels Kate is harmless and only doing what is best for their daughter. He does not realize that Kate is poisoning Hailey with lies and her own demented beliefs that 'daddy will be coming home soon'.

Kate's true psychotic self is revealed when Peter meets a new love interest, ALEX. When Kate learns of the new woman, her obsession with Peter becomes dangerous. Kate sets out to destroy everyone and everything that comes in the way of her and her 'husband'. She sabotages Peter's chances of a promotion, threatens his weak mother and stalks Alex. As a result, Kate reveals her true self to Peter who attempts to rid himself of his 'ex' once and for all.

Thanks again to everyone for their help!

Silent Prayer (Thriller) by Dave Lundgren


Desperate to shed light on her husband's shadowed secrets, a woman finds herself as the final pawn in a terrifying and deadly cat and mouse game.


Journalist Naomi Tate knows that her husband is hiding something from her. And because she has just cause to fear the worst, she's determined to find out what it is.

Naomi turns to a local police officer, only to make the unsettling discovery that he is conspiring with her husband. A frightening web of lies reveals that her best friend is also involved with the shadowed mystery.

As Naomi's life begins to fall apart around her, it appears the only person she can trust is Loren Collins, a suave college acquaintance she has recently crossed paths with. Little does she know, Loren has his own set of dark secrets, and even darker intentions. A curious trail leads her to a grisly discovery that involves the missing women of her most recent story, her own connection to these women, and the deranged desires that now force her into a cat and mouse game for her very life.

A fast paced suspense thriller with a strong female protagonist, and a deeply disturbing antagonist, "Silent Prayers" is a roller coaster ride filled with shocking surprises that ultimately lead to a terrifying climax. It is also a story that explores the issues of trust and honesty.

The Amateurs (Dark Comedy/Thriller) by Sampson Williams


The bitch, the slut, the pawn, the idiot, four guns, one heist, no clue. Three desperate women con
an ex-con into helping them plan a robbery that goes awry when it ends up in murder.


JENNIFER -The Bitch: After the death of her grandmother Jennifer begins to contemplate the direction of her life. She's going nowhere slowly and the future looks bleak, especially after her low life boss tries to rape her at closing time. A martial arts expert, he doesn't have a chance, Jennifer takes names and on her way out she steals the drop from her cash register as revenge. Her first crime, but not her last.

LISA - The Pawn: Lisa has a car problem, it was repossessed and she's having trouble coming up with the rent. A compulsive spender who feels the need to live beyond her means, Lisa's teller job for a local loan shark isn't helping her with her mammoth debt. Desperate and in need of fast cash she reluctantly turns to prostitution for money, only problem, her first John has a particular fetish, he likes to beat women while he has sex with them.

KATHY - The Slut: Kathy's prone to fall for the wrong guy... any guy. An extreme case of A.D.D. she thirsts for something, anything different. Her job as a retail clerk at a downtown pharmacy is not only less than thrilling, it's mind numbing. However, her life is about to change tonight when she meets Chris, a handsome moron with a shotgun looking for a Vicodin fix.

CHRIS - The Idiot: An easy con for two desperate women and one nymphomaniac. Chris agrees to help them solve their troubles by going after the big score. Half a million in cash from a loan shark's safe.

THE AMATEURS is a dark ride down an unmarked road to murder and mistrust. Three women out of desperation, boredom, and greed turn to crime to satisfy their urges. Urges that overtake them and ultimately lead to their own destruction.

The Blue Monkey (Action/Adventure) by Michael Gibson


A female archeologist convinces three WW II GI's to help her find a lost treasure in Burma.


World War II has just ended. Captain Jack Denham and a couple of his army buddies have opened a sleazy bar in Calcutta. During a card game, a mysterious woman named Tracy ducks into the bar to hide from thugs that are chasing her. When the thugs are gone, Tracy shows Jack and his friends a map of Burma that reveals the location of an abandoned temple containing a priceless treasure. But in order to find the treasure, they must first locate a small idol called the Blue Monkey. The Blue Monkey bears an inscription that will reveal the location of the treasure hidden inside the temple. Tracy convinces Jack to help her get to the temple. They steal a bomber from a U.S. air base and head for Burma. But Tracy has ulterior motives. She is actually going to the temple to find her archeologist father. Her father has been double-crossed by a colleague named Alexei, a ruthless Russian who also has a map and will do anything to get the treasure. Unknown to all of them is the fact that the temple sits atop an active volcano which is about to erupt. Tracy, Jack and his buddies must elude Alexei and get down from the mountain before the volcano erupts.

The Barona Brothers (Comedy) by Stephen Padilla


A comedy about three brothers who travel to Croton-on-Hudson to witness the entombment of a saint and nearly get entombed themselves.

Has God Gone Fishing? (Drama) By Gerald Jones


Do children in state custody have the same rights as convicted criminals? The courts say, 'No.' Abuse is all too common, even today. An activist female attorney takes the case of a disturbed boy in a state facility but doesn't count on falling in love with his Chicano father, a soft-spoken widower with a tenth-grade education. True story. Chesterfield semifinalist.


Troubled adolescent Danny Padilla is sentenced to a Texas state facility for the mentally ill, where abuse from staff drives him over the edge.

Kaye Somerville is about to get her promotion to partner at a prestigious corporate law firm when Danny's single-parent father walks in with a plea that takes over her heart and her life.

Ultimately, her devout Catholic faith will be rocked and she will come to question the very existence of God as she seeks compensation for horrible things Danny has endured in state custody.

Housed with severely disturbed teens, Danny became increasingly depressed. He tried to hang himself -- twice -- the second time at the *urging* of staff. The second attempt was also unsuccessful, but caused severe brain damage.

As she comes to know the boy, both as the rebellious teen he was and as the infantile patient he has become, Kaye bonds with his single-parent father, a backwoods philosopher with a tenth-grade education, and the two begin an unlikely love affair. This relationship will be her main source of strength in the face of almost insurmountable challenges.

Kaye must do battle first with the bigoted senior partner of her own law firm, then with corrupt state politicians, and finally with a seemingly uncaring federal court. Federal law, it seems, shields state employees from legal responsibility for incompetence, even negligence. And within that same system, children held in state institutions can be treated worse than adult criminals -- subjected to solitary confinement for long periods, deprived of food, and beaten -- all of which happened to Danny.

As Kaye builds her case and takes it to court, her discovery of the facts unfolds in flashbacks that show Danny's horrendous treatment and the curious and touching peer relationships he formed in this strange and cruel place.

As a portrait of teenage anguish, the movie gives us some insight on the frustration and rage inside young people who are driven to do violence to themselves and to others.

(Based on a true story. Life story rights attached. Chesterfield semifinalist.)

I'm With Stupid (Comedy) by Anthony Grieco


A comedy about a down-on-his-luck used car salesman who accidentally becomes a celebrity through a TV commercial gone awry. As a result of being famous, he gets everything he ever wanted, and almost loses everything he once had.

Nevada Carl (Crime/Action) by James Schlicker


A vengeful contract killer's unexpected encounter with his estranged daughter stirs deep memories that lead him into a private war with his employer.


Carl Nevada left his badge on the body of his son's murderer and his life as a LA police officer behind, then walked off into the night. Ten years pass, and the once decorated officer is now the most feared contract killer in the nation, known only as "Nevada Carl."

After a hit that leaves Carl wounded and trying to escape, an unexpected encounter with his estranged daughter, Casey, now an LA police officer herself, throws both their lives into a tailspin. Bound and gagged, Carl abducts Casey and flees with her to his mountain hideaway where a rekindling of father and daughter begins. With Carl's instruction Casey removes the bullets from his arm and the pain from his heart.

Carl decides to start life anew and arranges for a trusted friend to take Casey back to LA and her life; but his last employer, feared the police would never stop looking for the kidnapper of a cop, contracts Carl's life. The attempt fails, but a betrayal puts Casey in the hands of the employer, leading Carl into a war with the man's private army and a surprise conclusion to the Nevada family legacy.

Holy Einstein! (Comedy) by Bibi Ong-VanZandt

A high school kid uses a time machine to bring Einstein to the here and now, hoping to get his help to win a math competition. Catch is, the Einstein that shows up is only 16 and wants to party.


His father doesn't respect him, his Principal makes his life a living hell and the girl of his dreams is slipping through his fingers. Troy Andrews needs to win an all-important Math Competition to change his fortune and regain his confidence.
Using an experimental time machine, he teleports Einstein to coach him. But due to an error, he gets a 16-year old who has given up on studying. All he wants is fun and girls. Through a mix of comic and touching situations, the two boys foster a deep bond, changing their lives and creating history.

My Inner Nerd (Comedy) by Peter Berk


The coolest kid in high school suddenly unveils his long-suppressed "inner nerd" as the result of an accidental and wildly unpredictable post-hypnotic suggestion.


Jason Garrett is everyone's idea of the quintessential cool teen - a good-looking jock who's as much of a star off the high school basketball court as he is on. Yet, defying the usual stereotype, Jason - forever trying to live up to his father's and his own lofty expectations - hides an insecure, even nerdy part of himself. Unfortunately for Jason in the short run, but fortunately in the long run, this "inner nerd" begins manifesting itself comedically and unpredictably after he accidentally falls prey to a post-hypnotic suggestion. With his domineering father watching over him, and his jock friends abandoning him as he strikes up a formerly unthinkable friendship with reigning school nerd Greg Cutler, Jason begins a transformation that will earn him a new girlfriend, put his relationship with his Dad and his team's championship game on the line, and change his life forever.

Sweetwater Flyers (Drama) by Susan M. Lockwood


In World War II America, some of the hottest pilots in the Army Air Corps... were women.


Jillian Nicks is already a hot pilot when she applies to the Women Airforce Service Pilots, an elite group of women flyers who ferry factory-new fighters, bombers, transports and trainers to military bases around the United States. At a time when most women don't hold driver's licenses, Jill's dreams of flying a P-51 Mustang are dismissed by friends and foster family as ridiculous and "unladylike."

When her WASP application stalls in the Washington maze, Jill bluffs her way into a meeting with the Director of Women Pilots and walks away with a shot at her dream.

The easy part is over.

At the Sweetwater, Texas, training camp, Jill soon earns a reputation for being an excellent candidate, if a little cold around the heart. A childhood spent in orphanages and foster homes has left her leery about forging close friendships, but Jill finds the sister she never had in fellow candidate Constance Fontaine. A southern deb with a wild streak, Constance is naturally gregarious and accustomed to the spotlight, and she'll graduate top of the class - if Jill doesn't get there first.

Jill's emotional armor is further compromised when she's assigned to Ben Brinton, a downed fighter ace and the toughest instructor in the school. At first adversarial, their professional relationship blossoms into something deeper, although discovery could mean immediate expulsion for Jill.

As graduation nears and the washout rate rises, Jill manages to stay one step ahead of the game until she runs afoul of Mason, Sweetwater's womanizing chief flight instructor. When Jill rebuffs his sexual advances, Mason delivers an ultimatum that would have her choose between winning her wings and keeping her self respect.

And in the meantime, Congress is threatening to cancel the WASP program altogether...

Crib Point (Horror) by Ben Blanks


An FBI agent discovers that a missing person investigation has led him to the front porch of hell.


"Wee Willie Winkie runs through the town, upstairs downstairs in his cap and gown, peering through the windows screaming through the locks, is everyone asleep? It's past nine o'clock" - Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme.

The island township of Crib Point has a dark past.

Forty years ago in the dead of night, a gentle witch was mistreated by the townspeople. They ignorantly locked their doors and shut their windows, turning a blind eye while her daughter was raped and murdered by the local Judge's son in the centre of town.

Her vengeance came in the form of killing the Judge's son and implanting a curse to punish the residents.

Ever since that night (as the witch forewarned), the imprisoned township has been unable to leave the island during daylight as a fatal virus infects all that flee within days. After dark the spell releases an evil shrouded being that searches the town's streets, peering inside each house's windows for anyone caught roaming outside the safety of home.

When well-seasoned FBI agent Caleb Dwyer is sent to investigate the disappearance of two backpackers, he believes he is looking into a standard crime. But as the search deepens, mythology overcomes reason when it becomes clearer and clearer that this mystery stretches beyond human realms, into a vast evil force.

When the witch cried out into the spirit world for help forty years ago, something terrifying answered the call.

The town's dark past is catching up with them and Wee Willie Winkie is not their only problem.

The Witch's Cup (Suspense/Thriller) by Jennifer Shippee


Guided by psychic visions and love, a young college student must discover the mysteries of an ancient Cup before the Antichrist destroys its power forever!


The war on terror has continued for eight years. Fear and religious tension has brought the Apocalyptic prophesies closer than ever before. Violence controls the streets, and the only solution seems to be the moralistic teachings of the Christian Right. As more and more communities and centers of learning fall to the Right's power, freethinkers and "pagans" find themselves the object of all that is wrong in society. Even Mara's liberal New Hampshire college isn't immune; the new candidate for college president, Karl Weber, is as Christian Right as they come!

Raised by a strict Christian herself, Mara has nevertheless turned to the teachings of her aunt, and the worship of the Goddess. Here she has learned to accept her intuitive skills and the "psychic" visions that are sometimes given to her. Making her way through college and living alone with her two cats, Mara is trying to find her own faith quietly and without conflict.

But when she dreams that she must find an ancient Cup that has been stolen from the college's museum, her solitude is shattered and Mara's true testing begins. Dreams and reality merge as she struggles to understand the visions that she is seeing. Ancient Greek rituals, the crucifixion of Christ, the stolen Cup crying tears of blood, and visions of the Apocalypse seem to have no connection, but they must! Or is she just going crazy? She soon realizes that her search for the Cup brings her into direct conflict with Karl Weber's group and their Christian Right crusade!

Friends, foes, mentors, and lovers reveal themselves as Mara struggles to understand the forces facing her. Finding strength to enter the dream world with her own power, she finally understands her visions and the meaning of the stolen Cup. But not until she enters the cave of the coyote, and discovers that her lover is her greatest adversary, and that Christ has become the Antichrist, does full understanding come to Mara. There she must challenge the powers of God to save herself, her friends, the Cup and the Goddess herself!

In triumph, she frees the Witch's Cup.

A combination of fantasy and modern reality, the "Witch's Cup" brings to mind films like "Devil's Advocate" and "The Prophesy" with a fresh twist of feminine power and a solution to the Apocalypse that is new and unique!

Racy Radio (Drama) by Warwick Teece


Wouldn't it be interesting if a whole town tuned in on a kidnapping? In a small Australian town in the early 1960's this happens. Two radio jocks, one female C&W star taken hostage and everyone is listening.


In 1960, the Australian town of Racy, is about to have new radio personality, Brian Lillyput. It's Brian's big break into radio and he doesn't mind if it's a small, quite town at all. This is Racy Radio and he's part of the team.

Everything goes well and he's a happy boy, even changed his surname to Lillee to make it all sound so much better. The boss is happy, the listeners like Brian and he has a new girl. Then things change dramatically.

Bruce McBean also lives in Racy and he's a fan of radio too. Problem is Bruce is an obsessive fan; he listens all day and loves to make requests. Every request, however, is for one singer, a C&W star named Connie Withers. Bruce is obsessed with Connie too. He believes they should be together. So when he makes his usual call to the breakfast jock and requests Connie's music and the breakfast jock says he's sick of the same thing and refuses to play Connie, Bruce gets mad.

In Australia in 1960, small a town radio station went on air at 6am and off at midnight, Bruce knows this and takes advantage. When Pat the breakfast jock comes to work, there's Bruce all set up in the studio with a shotgun.

Now it's "bring Connie to me or I kill you, Pat". Peter, the newsman, joins them soon after and he too is taken hostage. Then Bruce goes on air himself and tells the town what he's done, he also says, cut him off air and Pat and Peter are dead. The police believe him and cordon off the radio station allowing only the manager and assistant in. So everyone who works at Racy Radio is locked out, including young Brian, so he befriends a TV crew who are in town to cover the event; a big city station crew who happened to be nearby on another story.

Brian informs them that Connie is set to be in town for a concert, so why not find her? Brian knows the local promoter so they could get lucky. They do. Connie has heard the radio on the tour bus and is frightened by the whole event that is unfolding, so she has taken refuge in the local promoters office. When the TV crew discovers this, all hell breaks loose and a fight occurs between the leading journalist and Connie's minders.

The on camera journo is injured so it appears that their exclusive story and coverage will go out the window, until Brian steps in and steps up to appear on camera.

Meanwhile Bruce is getting very agitated and wants Connie near him or Pat and Peter will die. The police go looking for Connie too. This is a story of two terrified men, and a very frightened woman. Connie, against her better judgment agrees to go to Bruce and his studio.
She fears for, and feels responsible for the two jocks, who will certainly die, as Bruce is becoming more unhinged every moment. What happens next is a drama in the studio, near death for Connie and a complete television exclusive for Brian and his new found friends.

Pat and Peter, the hostage jocks are battered and bruised, Connie traumatized, Bruce's life ruined but Brian has his face up front for a new career.



Uptight William travels to Italy to bury his father, a bizarre, flamboyant character he's not seen in years. To his astonishment he finds him not only alive and well but with a new family. Will the charm of Italy, and love, melt William's icy exterior and bring about a reconciliation with his father before it's too late?


James Plum with his big nose, jutting chin, and humped back is the image of Mr. Punch in the flesh. Rather than hide his strange appearance in the shadows Plum has opted instead to dance in the limelight. Growing up in the shadow of his flamboyant father William has become a timid man who hides his insecurities behind a stern facade. Over the years they've grown apart. Plum moved to Italy while William remained in London where he lives alone and works as a book illustrator.

William, now 35, has received a telegram from Italy saying that his father is dying. He flies out to Italy only to find his father seemingly fit and well and as flamboyant as ever. He's also married to a local woman who has a daughter Teresa, about William's age, from a previous marriage.

William's reaction is to get the next plane out but the fates, and Plum, conspire to keep him in Italy. During his stay William relaxes into the charm of the place and casts a shy eye over the shapely form of Teresa. Seeing this Plum sets up a scheme, with the help of his cronies, to get them together. The scheme goes hopelessly wrong collapsing into farce. William returns to London vowing never to see Plum again.

Teresa arrives in London to tell William that his father is very ill and urges him to return to Italy/ During Teresa's stay they fall in love.

William and Teresa travel to Italy to surprise Plum by attending a concert in the village at which he's vowed to dance. They arrive in high spirits only to find that Plum has died while they were in flight. It's decided that the concert should go ahead in Plum's honour. William tries to dance in his father's place but realises that he can't be his father he can only be himself. As the concert gathers pace William proposes to Teresa and she accepts.

Somewhere up there Plum is doing a little dance of delight.

Sleek (Horror Short) by Robynn Clairday


The fashion world has gone mad in its hunger for the ultimate beauty.

Stalled by Christopher R. Bruce


Nerves, mishaps, and mayhem confine three friends to the bathroom during their ten-year high school reunion. Over the course of the evening they struggle with high school baggage and the effect it still has on their lives ten years later.


Three friends land at their ten-year high school reunion with unresolved issues. Rory wants to avoid his past but the object of his teen lust, Alice, slips him a sexually charged note demanding that they finish what they started ten years ago. Rory promptly scampers to the bathroom and burrows into a stall, his nerves besting him just like they did years ago. Rory's pals, Fleetwood and Bowman, gather in the bathroom to boost Rory's confidence but old memories and long-buried grudges creep to the surface.

As a mountain of teenage baggage threatens to bury lifelong friendships, a visit by Bowman's wife exposes more high school atrocities, secrets, and lies. Fleetwood spots bathroom graffiti suggesting he wasn't as popular as he thought, and a recovered video camera with incriminating footage devastates Bowman's marriage. On a positive note, Rory's dream girl Alice takes matters
into her own hands and corners Rory inside a bathroom stall. But just when Rory's teen fantasy is about to be fulfilled, Alice snaps, blaming Rory for ruining her prom and her subsequent five-year, post-prom depression. As Rory reels from his rejection, the bathroom degenerates into a war zone once more.

Reunion coordinator and former high school whipping boy Gary Bean blasts his old heroes for their selfishness, and a time capsule sunk in the back of a toilet reminds the combatants of good times. After all the dirty laundry has aired and the hidden resentments revealed, these lucky few make peace with their adolescence and leave the bathroom better men and women than when they entered.

¡Esez! (Latin Comedy) by Tim Stitzel and Bradford Iten


Two best friends set out for the Long Beach Lowrider Convention in a borrowed lowrider, but something in the trunk keeps attracting the wrong kind of attention.



ALEX PEREZ is a good kid who lives with his parents and works his way through college as a locksmith. He's in love with a girl, MARIA, who barely knows he's alive. He's also a connoisseur of ranflas, or lowriders. Problem is, he's made a deal with his strict father to pay for college first before he thinks about spending money on a car.

When MANNY, his criminal-turned-mechanic uncle winds up in jail, Alex presents his best friend CHUY with a proposition: break into Manny's garage and "borrow" his mint-condition 1964 Impala, a sure head-turner, and "escort" it to this year's car convention in Long Beach. Chuy, a loveable but dopey kid, is in for the plan, and the two of them set off down the 710 freeway, wrestling badly-wired hydraulics and an ancient 8 track player.

At the convention, Alex reconnects with Maria, but she's with her well-muscled and very jealous boyfriend. It doesn't help, either, that Chuy has fibbed to her and claimed that Alex is a streetwise gangbanger. Alex and Chuy soon discover that the car's trunk is full of potent, psychedelic pot. Pot that the Mexican Mafia was planning on purchasing from Manny. When they come for the car, Alex and Chuy outrun the thugs in the Impala, but Chuy wants to stick around Long Beach and help Alex find Maria. Against his better judgment, Alex agrees to use some of the goods from the trunk in order to buy their way into different parties. Along the way, Alex spends more time with Maria, who's just broken up with her boyfriend.

Unfortunately, Alex and Chuy manage to get on the bad side of rival street gangs out to steal the pot. The Long Beach police join in the chase, along with the Mexican Mafia. But Chuy, misguided though he is, saves the day by setting the whole stash on fire in a poorly ventilated warehouse. Escaping, Alex wins over Maria by convincing her that he's not a gangbanger, but rather a normal kid who goes to school and has dreams of a better life.

The Crockettville Kid by Phil Yuhas


Old West meets New West: A legendary 1880's outlaw mysteriously reappears in a present-day Western tourist town and aims to right the wrongs of the past.


Crockettville. An Old West-themed tourist town, nestled in the foothills of the Sierras. Daily duels and mock hangings, fun for the whole family. Until a dusty old cowboy, GRIFF, gallops into the middle of a staged gunfight, scatters stunt performers with real bullets and claims to be "Kid McGriff," a legendary local outlaw. From 1883.

Rancher, banker and local big shot SAM CROCKETT sees dollar signs and appoints the crazy cowboy as the town greeter. Sam also appoints ranch hand JOHN NOBLE to be Griff's round-the-clock guardian. Noble, a wayward lawyer with a chip on his shoulder, accepts the assignment like a branding iron to the butt.

No one listens when Griff gripes about his family's stolen land, but all are amused when he tackles mock gunfighters in the street. Griff even becomes a bit of a hero as he wields his Colt revolver and foils an actual bank robbery. While Sam blames Noble for these unsafe incidents, townsfolk start to believe the unbelievable: Is he really Kid McGriff?

Noble, eager to end the charade, publicly challenges Sam to prove Griff's identity. How? By DNA comparison, using hair fibers from the museum-preserved hat of Kid McGriff.

The town's fondness for the old cowboy soon fades with his century-old sensibilities: Griff rolls his own cigarettes, relieves himself in alleys and throws a surprisingly effective roundhouse punch. Noble stands up for Griff, but Sam now sees him as a liability and relegates him to ranch duty.

A wave of excitement hits the town: DNA analysis proves Griff to be a descendant of Kid McGriff and the long gone McGriff clan. When Sam discovers that Griff could rightfully reclaim a portion of his land, he promptly dumps the feeble-minded old man into the local mental hospital.

Noble makes a valid assertion that Griff is entitled to a competency hearing. Sam agrees, but arranges for a quick trial. In court, Noble defends Griff's odd behavior. But Griff still believes he's Kid McGriff. Noble's losing the case, and Griff's losing his freedom.

Noble also discovers that Griff is the rightful owner of a piece of Sam's land, which explains why Sam is rushing for an insanity judgment. Back in court, Noble attempts to prove that Griff really is Kid McGriff. As ridiculous as it is, Noble presents a strong case. But the judge declares
Griff legally insane, assuring Sam's right to keep the land.

Noble learns Griff is dying and breaks him out of the mental hospital. After a wild chase through town -- cops in cars vs. Griff on horseback -- Griff escapes into the hills. Sam and Noble fight to the finish, but Noble emerges victorious, exposes Sam's wicked ways and vows to make Crockettville a better place for all.

Seeing The Light (Drama) by Jenna Glatzer


Mark never wanted a disabled son. Paul will do anything to win his father's love-- he'll even risk his life to become the star athlete he knows his father wanted. A Frank Capra-esque family script based on a true story. *Current semifinalist in the People's Picture Show screenwriting competition.


*Chris Burke ('Corky' from 'Life Goes On' TV series) is attached to play Paul.*

When Paul is born with Down syndrome in 1978, doctors advise his parents to institutionalize him and forget his existence. His devastated father (Mark) almost agrees, but his mother sets to prove the doctors wrong.

Paul desperately wants to make his father proud, and works hard to be the 'normal' son Mark wanted. Mark belittles Paul's accomplishments, and instead focuses his attention on his college-bound, athletic nephew. However, when Paul sustains a life-threatening injury while trying to impress his father, Mark is forced to reconsider his values, and take notice of the impact Paul has on those around him.

This coming-of-age tale explores the complete and sometimes ugly truth about this disability as Paul knocks over every barrier thrown in his path on his journey into manhood. Paul exceeds the expectations and wins the hearts of even the most cynical naysayers.

He'll win yours, too.

Finding Jack Kerouac (Drama) by Jeff Lyon


Eighth year senior, Mitch, reads On The Road by Kerouac and decides to hit the road, experience life and write the next great American novel. Traveling by foot, rail and car with friends Dwight and Lisa, Mitch tries to find Kerouac. His plan is flawed as Kerouac is dead. However, he learns valuable life lessons along the way.


Mitch is a senior in his eighth year of college. He has switched majors several times. This is part of a strategy to prolong his college experience as long as possible. Mitch enjoys the comfort of school and fears the real world. This is due, in part, to the fact that he has no idea what he wants to do with his life.

Dwight is Mitch's roommate. He is also in his eighth year of school. Dwight enjoys hanging out with Mitch and has no real inclination to do anything. Lisa is a fourth year senior and the object of Mitch's affection. Lisa has a thing for Mitch, but neither has ever had the nerve to approach the subject so they remain "just friends."

When Lisa gives Mitch a copy of On The Road by Jack Kerouac, Mitch's life takes a definite turn. Mitch decides to become a beatnik, hitchhike to New York, talk with Jack Kerouac, and write the next great American novel. Dwight and Lisa both decide to join him on his quest, but their journey is flawed from the onset.

Unbeknownst to Mitch, Jack Kerouac is dead. Lisa thinks that Mitch is trying to find Jack Kerouac, "like you find religion, or you find yourself." Dwight just wants to roadtrip. The trio travels by car, bus, train, and on foot. Along the way Lisa and Mitch reveal their love for each other and all of them learn the value of real friends.

When Mitch learns that Kerouac is dead, the other two convince him that the trip was invaluable and that he has found the spirit of Jack Kerouac and learned some valuable life lessons along the way.

Tango King (Drama) Kal Wagenheim


A moving tribute to legendary tango singer-composer Carlos Gardel who died in a plane crash in 1935, but whose music remains ever popular. (Script is also available in Spanish as "Es un soplo la vida".)


Legendary Argentine tango star Carlos Gardel(1890-1935) is approaching the pinnacle of his career when his mother reveals a dark secret. He is illegitimate.

His father, thought to have died years ago in France, has suddenly appeared in Buenos Aires. Stunned, angry, Gardel refuses to see his father (who would die a year later).

Flashback. A two-year-old boy is brought to Argentina by his young single mother, who raises him in the tough barrios of Buenos Aires, with its brothels and tango cafes.

Gardel, with his expressive baritone voice, rises from poverty to wealth and social acceptance. His films for Paramount make him an international star. He hobnobs in Paris with Chaplin, Valentino and other icons. Women adore him. Men emulate his dress and manner.

But his glamorous life is tinged by melancholy. He sings of love, but love in his own life proves elusive--until one day he meets a kindred spirit, the actress Mona Maris. Their friendship blossoms into romance.

But Gardel must embark alone on a tour of South America. June 24, 1935. In Colombia, near the end of his tour, Gardel dies in a fiery plane crash. He is suddenly gone, confirming the lyric of one of his most famous tangos: "es un soplo la vida" (life is a mere puff of wind).

When Gardel's casket is borne through the streets of Buenos Aires (newsreel footage of this massive outpouring of grief is available) he is mourned by ten of thousands.

Today, fresh flowers bedeck Gardel's grave, and his millions of fans worldwide insist that "he sings better every day."

Note: Gardel recorded more than 600 songs, several of which--regarded as classics--would be included in the film.

Lover Boy (Romantic Comedy) by David Cabrera


A beautiful music diva turns a nerdy high school boy into the newest teen idol in order to make her teen pop star boyfriend jealous.

The Pint Sized President (Comedy) by David Cabrera


Due to a computer glitch, a junior high school boy, running for class president, winds up being elected President of the United States.

Sight Unseen (Suspense/Drama) by Lauren Smith


Family Secrets? Better check the back yard.
A college hockey player battles to recall the last day he spent with his estranged father. A lifetime of bad vision ends with eye surgery but begins a horrible look into the truth buried in his mind...and the back yard. Sight Unseen is a low budget suspense drama that has the feel of Stir Of Echoes meets Ordinary People.

Nathan's Christmas (Dramedy) by Tim Toepel and Gary Kriesel


Nathan Bennett, 20, who lived a life of loneliness rather than face rejection, is killed two days before Christmas saving a child from a speeding car. An angel, disguised as a homeless person, gives Nathan a chance at redemption by helping four troubled people find happiness and discover the true meaning of Christmas.


Two days before Christmas, NATHAN BENNETT, 20, a young man without family or friends, dies while saving a young boy from a speeding car. As Nathan's ghost leaves his body, he discovers that CRAZY MARY, a neighborhood homeless person, is in reality an angel, and she has been assigned to his case.

She shows him how his life of isolation has actually been a selfish one and that there are people around him who could have used his love and support. Nathan is given one chance at redemption: he must help four troubled people get their lives back together and discover the true meaning of Christmas, which is fast approaching.

CHRIS HAMILTON, 8, whose life Nathan died saving, has given up his childhood in order to take care of his divorced alcoholic mother.

SARAH JENNINGS, 66, a widow who lost her son in Viet Nam, now grieves for her daughter ANGELA, who is dying from a life of drug abuse.

MEGAN MURPHY, 19, is a college student whose lack of self-worth has caused her to become suicidal after breaking up with her boyfriend.

JEFF THOMPSON, 28, the police officer in whose arms Nathan died, faces the loss of his young son who will be moving across the country with Jeff's ex-wife and her new husband,

Crazy Mary explains to Nathan that each of these people will be the only ones able to see him, and that he has until Christmas Day to complete his mission.

Lucky Teeter (Romantic Drama) by Jason Allen


A lonely bait shop employee is struck by lightning for the third time, resulting in a strange phenomenon: Everyone who touches him finds him irresistible


Lucky Teeter is a 28-year-old bait shop employee who doesn't have much luck: He lives in a caboose, struggles to make ends meet at his job, can't get his truck started, and is too insecure to approach the girl of his dreams.

When Lucky is struck by lightning for the third time in his life, it would appear to be just another case of bad luck. But this time things are different. The lightning strike causes Lucky's skin to tingle oddly - he feels "wired up." And when people begin chasing Lucky all over town, he soon realizes what's going on: Everyone who touches him becomes instantly smitten by him, finding him irresistible.

Life changes drastically for Lucky. Beautiful women (and some not so beautiful women) want to seduce him. Elderly women want to bake him pies. Dogs want to hump his leg. Even Luther the macho fisherman is making eyes at him. But Lucky's life really turns upside down when a famous Hollywood actress accidentally comes in contact with him while passing through town. Now Lucky must contend with not only a smitten actress but also some minor fame, a sneaky paparazzi and the actress' jealous, hotheaded boyfriend.

But the only thing on Lucky's mind is the girl of his dreams, a cute local girl named Marlene Henderson. Lucky realizes this "power" is the only chance he'll ever have to be with her -- and he's determined to win her love.

I'm Pretty Sure I Have a Fear of Commitment (Comedy) by Terry Cosgrove


Scott Baxter can't even commit to a magazine subscription. How's he supposed to commit to marriage?


Every time Scott Baxter gets close to a meaningful relationship with a woman, he sabotages it. To remedy the situation, he consults a psychiatrist, Dr. Rockwell -- who informs him he may have a fear of commitment.

Scott takes a look at his life and realizes the doctor has a point. He's never committed to anything. A mortgage. A pet. A live plant. And even though he's worked at a mergers and acquisitions firm for ten years, he's still holding onto his status as a freelancer.

One day, Scott meets a new neighbor, Madison, and gets violently ill. Dr. Rockwell suggests that pursuing her would be a great way to confront his fear. He agrees. But Madison doesn't like guys with commitment issues. To prove he's cured, Scott buys a house and invites her over for a party where she's the only guest. They kiss.

At work, Scott's boss and friend, Billy, is looking for merger candidates. Scott suggests merging the ad agency where Madison works with the largest agency in town. Billy likes the idea.

As merger plans progress, so does Scott and Madison's relationship. They sleep together. She moves in. But then Scott meets Tiffany, the rep from the large agency. She's the kind of girl Scott has always dreamed of and she's eager to merge in more ways than one.

Even though Scott's attracted to Tiffany, he resists. He gets Madison to set up a meeting with her boss, who agrees to the merger as long as he can remain totally autonomous.

Curious to see if Tiffany's the 'right' woman for him, Scott asks her out. He's just about to kiss her when Madison sees them. Scott tries to apologize but Madison moves out.

Soon after, Scott learns that Billy and Tiffany are planning to double cross Madison's boss. Scott confronts Billy who tells him that, without the merger, the firm will go under.

At the meeting to seal the deal, Scott takes advantage of the situation to do two things. 1) Propose to Madison - she runs out. 2) Torpedo the merger - everyone else runs out.

Later, moved by Scott's courage at the meeting, Madison agrees to marry him. And, after one last battle with his fear, the two tie the knot. The story ends with Madison informing Scott that she's pregnant. He doesn't feel so good.

Phobia by (Thriller) Barbara Kymlicka


"PHOBIA" - Troy Dawson plays the ultimate game of seduction. By manipulating the phobias of his lust interests, Troy gets his lady…every time. But what if those worst fears became a deadly reality? Will the game go too far? *2002 NuReel Contest Finalist


Troy Dawson is in control of his life. He's a successful and highly ambitious investment banker who loves to seduce the ladies. And Troy seems to get his lady, every time. Luck? I think not. Troy Dawson is a master of control. His ultimate game…to discover the worst fears of the women he wishes to bed. By toying with their fears, he weakens his women into a state of submission. Whether it be fire, spiders or germs, Troy plays with it all. A relatively harmless game, until the women he seduces begin to turn up dead, killed gruesomely by their worst fears…a fatal spider bite, fire and deadly bacteria.

When Troy is linked to all the dead women, he becomes the prime suspect in the murder case. This unleashes Troy's worst fear…loss of control. His life begins to unravel around him as the police close in. Troy turns to his brother for help when bad childhood memories and panic attacks return, jeopardizing his career and at times, his life. Once surrounded by friends, colleagues and a woman he has grown to care for, Troy now finds himself wondering if everyone is after him. Is he being framed? Or is a rage, suppressed in Troy for years, resurfaced?

Lesser Evil (Thriller) by James Justice


A fashion designer striving to bring the man who savagely raped her to justice discovers a high-level cover-up that puts her in even deeper jeopardy when she tries to expose it.


Karen Max is a fashion designer, who on the brink of stardom suffers a brutal rape that leaves her creatively blocked and emotionally scarred. While struggling to regain her emotional balance, she must cope with her coke-wired partner Jon's ploys to assume control of her company.

Karen's life takes another dramatic turn when she spots Becker, her rapist, on the street and has him arrested. At the station house, a man named Corrs shows up with an alibi for Becker, he and the detective captain pressuring Karen to drop the charges. Though she is certain Becker is the one, she finally relents rather than risk the prospect of a slander suit bankrupting her company.

Becker continues stalking Karen and the police assign Det. Ray Loomis to guard her - but their real intention is to protect Becker from Karen. Becker is the key witness in a big federal drug trial, and Corrs, the agent in-charge, doesn't want Karen jeopardizing their case. For security reasons, he allows Becker to roam free, though he's a known rapist. To him, it's a question of greater and lesser evils. Loomis, a maverick in bad odor with the department, despises his role in the deception but plays along.

After Becker trashes Karen's loft and sadistically kills her pet bird, Loomis stashes her in his apartment, where she overhears a phone message regarding Becker and realizes she's being duped. She's now determined expose the cover-up, and when the paper won't print her story she goes to the courtroom where the hooded Becker is testifying and accuses him openly.

Corrs brings Federal pressure to bear on Karen's company and she finally yields, agreeing to leave till Becker is through testifying. But she pulls a ruse, slips back into town and delivers a sketch she's drawn of Becker's new face to the henchmen of one of the dope czars on trial.

The mobsters ambush Becker's federal escort, but Becker escapes. Karen returns to her loft to collect her things and finds an intruder lurking. Not Becker - Jon, wired out of his mind on coke, paranoid the feds are closing in on him for embezzling money from Karen's company. When Loomis shows, Jon freaks and takes his own life.

Her ordeal seemingly over and Becker on the run from the mob, Karen attends a fashion awards show with Loomis. But, Corrs has one last surprise of his own, and before the night is out Karen finds herself back in the same nightmare situation - with only her new hard-won toughness to rely on.

Practice of Deception (Crime) by James Justice

After seemingly finding Mr. Right, a single mother finds herself entangled in a web of deception and Black Magic.


Dana Morrissey is a divorced mother working as a medical administrator, who after a romantic misstep with a doctor in her practice is looking for Mr. Right. She tries an Internet romance service and finds Brent Ward, a handsome, personable writer who seems like the answer to her dreams.

As Dana's relationship with Brent blossoms, the rest of her life goes into a tailspin. Dead animals and ritual sacrifices appear in her yard. Her ex is run off the road by a car like hers, then her son is almost killed by a jet skier.

At the practice's Holiday party, the wife of the doctor Dana had the affair with exposes and humiliates her. After the doctor is found brutally murdered in the hospital parking garage, the police arrest Dana and her ex seizes custody of their son. The crowning blow comes when she discovers Brent has been deceiving her - secretly using her as a subject for an article he's writing. It's like she's been cursed.

Not knowing who she can trust anymore, Dana goes to a Santeria priest who tells her someone is trying to destroy her. She gives Dana some "white magic" remedies to counteract it, but warns whoever it is may attack even harder. Dana's boss fires her to save the practice from negative publicity, then she's savagely attacked by Brent's psychotic ex-girlfriend. The police discover the woman has been stalking her and the mystery seems solved.

But just when it seems like her curse is broken, Dana finds herself in a deadly game of cat and mouse with her real hidden nemesis, who turns out to be the person she least suspects.

I Should Have Married Joe (Romantic Comedy) by Chera Federle



Beth's so-so life is turned upside down when her geeky childhood best friend, Joe, returns home with a foolish proposal she may or may not refuse.



Do you ever wonder if you've made the right choices in life? Beth does on a daily basis. She's a small town girl trapped in a waitress uniform, and to top it off, she's married to Charlie Parks, Super Dooper Used Car Salesman of the Year, fourth year running. Who could ask for more?


Joe Mallory, Beth's geeky childhood best friend, has returned to Madison, a quaint River town. He's no longer a geek. He's successful, handsome, and getting married to Celeste, a pure-bred city girl.


Upon seeing Beth, Joe regains that old familiar feeling and asks Beth to marry him. It's absurd. So absurd that he gives Beth up to the last minute, his wedding day, to make up her mind.


Should Beth stay with Charlie or follow her dreams? Beth races against time to make the toughest decision of her life.

Cornered (Crime) by Bruce Hidemi Sakow and Larry Hama


Ex-con Whitey Gordon is blackmailed by ringleader Joey Gatto into being wheel man in a Mercedes dealer heist. Through a series of harrowing mishaps, Whitey ends up with all the cash - $470K in small bills. Gatto retaliates by snatching Whitey's kid - only it's the mute daughter of the cop next door.

"Reservoir Dogs" meets "The Getaway" as helmed by the Coen brothers.


WHITEY GORDON, ex-dirt track racer, ex-getaway driver is fresh out of the joint and not anxious to become a recividism stat. He's determined to do right by his wife DAWN and his daughter JESSIE, but on the way home from prison he walks into a robbery at a 7-11, gets taken hostage, and he finds himself right back in the milieu he desperately wants out of.

JOEY GATTO, hard case armed robber who led the heist that Whitey took the fall for is looking for Whitey. Gatto needs a driver. RAY SPEVACK, a sleazy mob lawyer is tied up in Gatto's basement, spilling the beans on the location of a wise-guy chop shop bank. Gatto wants Whitey in on the job even if he has to burn down Dawn's family's diner to do it.

After a disastrous Mercedes showroom heist that leaves a trail of bullet-riddled bodies and Spevack on the loose with a small army of Vietnamese high-binders, Gatto begins to massacre his accomplices so he can keep all the loot. Unbeknownst to Gatto, Whitey who is separated from Gatto's crew, ends up with all the money: $470,000 in used C-notes.

Gatto, looking for leverage, kidnaps who he assumes to be Whitey's daughter, Jessie, but who is actually TIFFANY, the kid of the COP who lives next door at the trailer park. Whitey is faced with the choice between absconding with money with own family intact or facing Gatto in a violent showdown to rescue the child of a stranger.

Meanwhile, Spevack is on a rampage of his own, gunning for both Gatto and Whitey as the cops close in on everybody. After a gruesome icepick stabbing in a bowling alley, Whitey escapes with Tiffany pursued by both Gatto and Spevack and winds up in a furious high-speed chase that results in retribution, redemption and a trip to Disney World.

Josh Michaels: Alien Fighter (Sci-Fi) by Greg Finley


It's up to twelve-year-old Josh to save the world when no one will believe that the new next door neighbors, disguised as humans, are really monstrous aliens bent on conquering Earth.

Shape-shifting aliens. Courageous kids. Family commitment. First love. These are just some of the elements in Josh Michaels: Alien Fighter.

Josh is a typical twelve-year-old boy whose hobbies include karate and watching old science fiction movies. When he discovers that his new next-door neighbors are really monstrous aliens disguised as humans, he tells his father and older brother, Zach, but they don't believe him and dismiss it as his imagination.

At school, Josh tries to convince his best friend, Rachel, about his discovery, but she wants proof. After the young couple has a dangerously close encounter with the aliens, the disappearance of two policemen, and his Dad is kidnapped, Josh plans the assault on the alien's house to free his father and save the world.

Josh, Rachel, and Zach use homemade weapons and a captured alien disintegration device to defeat the creatures in the climactic battle. (Romantic Comedy) by Sheri Keasler


Fearful of being sent to boarding school, motherless girl orders (via the Internet) a Russian bride to marry her father and make their family whole again.


Haley's eleven, she's motherless, and her father (who knows he can't raise a teenager all by his lonesome) plans to send her to boarding school. What's a girl to do? The answer? Filch Dad's credit card and order (via the Internet) a Russian bride to marry him and make their family whole again.

Haley tries to break the news to her father John that a surprise package is on its way. But she chickens out. And so Alexandra (Lexi) Malenkov arrives in Golden, Colorado, only to discover the man she thought sent for her has no clue she exists. Haley smuggles Lexi into the house, but John soon discovers her and is appalled. What was Haley thinking?! Though Haley is crazy about Lexi, he plans to put the Russian bride on the first flight home. Lexi, however, has no intention of going back to Russia. She bolts and spends a blizzardy day on the lam. John feels guilty enough to track her down -- after she's jumped smack in the middle of a domestic squabble. Struck by her moxie, he agrees to let her stay. Until she makes other arrangements.

And so begins Lexi's indoctrination into American life. She bungles the language. She finds credit cards truly magical. She can't understand how John writes a check to the electric company and it comes back to him. As she becomes part of the household, John tries to keep his distance. But fails utterly.

Lexi soon learns the truth about John's wife Susan. She's not dead, as Lexi had assumed, but abandoned her husband and child. Lexi, abandoned long ago by her own mother, bonds with Haley. When Susan divorces John and relinquishes custody of Haley, John, furious and hurt, defaces a billboard sporting her face. Lexi helps him with his artwork (mustache, goatee, blackened teeth), and that's when the spark of attraction ignites between them. John, who's sworn all along he would not get involved with the Russian bride, falls head over heels.

At which point things take a turn for the worse. John learns Lexi came to the U.S. under false pretenses. He's so angry and hurt, he won't give her a chance to explain. Mortified, she flees. Only to run smack into her past: Nikolai, the powerful Russian who attempted to force her to marry him. As Nikolai coerces her onto a plane home, across town John communicates online with Lexi's cousin in Moscow. He learns that Lexi fled Russia to avoid a forced marriage. And that she has truly fallen in love with him.

John and Haley race to the airport. But will they be able to stop Lexi from returning to Russia with Nikolai?

Winning Ticket (Comedy) by Everett Howe


Rednecks chase their stolen lottery ticket across Florida.

TEDDY and MIMI JUDSON wake up to the miracle of winning a $100 million dollar Florida lottery jackpot. Their glee is short-lived, however, when they discover that Teddy's ex-wife LORRAINE has stolen the ticket.

The Judsons join up with Teddy's redneck buddy BILLY-RAY on a high-speed interstate chase to catch Lorraine before she can reach Tallahassee to cash in the ticket.

Before long, the chase attracts the attention of JOE, a disillusioned state trooper, ROBERT, an elderly tourist in Orlando and MEMBERS of a local TV news crew, among others. A series of roadside breakdowns, switched allegiances, ticket-swaps and double-crosses convinces everyone on the chase that he or she is the only rightful owner of the ticket.

The chase is carried live by TV helicopters to viewers throughout the state. In Tallahassee, dim GOVERNOR HOLLY and his image-conscious STAFF conduct a citizens' poll to determine which ticket seeker is most favored by the voting public. An elaborate welcome ceremony is staged as the money-hungry convoy converges on the Capitol.

Once at lotto headquarters, the ticket continually changes hands as Joe, Teddy, Mimi, Billy-Ray and the others race across the parking lot to be the first to the door.

Last minute interference by an anti-lotto, bible-thumping PREACHER and Robert's greedy CHILDREN causes the ticket to be lost in the crowd and all the ticket chasers are left empty-handed.

Creature Feature (Horror) by Everett Howe


A demonic projector brings movie monsters to life.


Preparing for a campy horror festival, college students RICHARD and DYLAN find an unusual projector in the basement of an old theatre. They test the projector on a b-movie called "Moondemon", discovering the projector's dangerous features as it sucks the MOONDEMON and its intended victim, ANNETTE, out of the black and white movie.

Richard and Dylan chase the Moondemon through the theatre and into the basement. They rescue Annette, but are trapped in a storeroom.

The Moondemon reverts to its human form, the brilliant but evil DR. MARCUS CANE. He discovers the magick projector and an old "home" movie. From this reel he releases one of history's most notorious Satanists, ALEISTER CROWLEY. Crowley, believing he is the Antichrist, plans to take over the world. But first the evil forces that control the projector must be appeased by a large amount of bloodshed. That night's film festival is the perfect opportunity.

Meanwhile, Richard, Dylan and Annette try to find their way out of the basement, desperate to stop the Moondemon before the festival.

Back at the theatre, Dylan's girlfriend MARIA arrives. She is captured by Crowley and tied up in the projection room.

By the time Richard, Dylan and Annette return, the festival has begun. The theatre is full of PATRONS. The three try to get to the projection room but are stopped as Cane again turns into the Moondemon. The movie patrons are no help, thinking it's a fan in a costume.

Crowley begins the movies. Quickly he releases a slasher, a Frankenstein monster and three space aliens. The audience finally panics, but cannot escape because Crowley has locked all the exits. Several patrons are killed by the various movie monsters.

Finally Richard, Dylan and Annette are able to free Maria from the projection room, but Crowley uses the aliens to recapture them and herd them and the rest of the patrons into the main theatre. Then Crowley releases the final monster - a giant prehistoric shark.

The shark flops into the theatre, half-destroying the building. The audience is trapped in a corner as Maria recites an old gypsy curse against evil. In the projection room, Crowley is stunned into unconsciousness.

Maria and Dylan scramble over the wreckage into the projection room. Before Crowley regains consciousness, they try running the projector backward. It works, sucking the shark back into the movie just before it eats Annette and Richard. Next they run the Crowley movie backward and he is sent back into the film. They watch the screen as the evil forces in the projector, denied their sacrifice, devour Crowley instead.

With Crowley gone, it is quick work to return the rest of the characters, including Annette, back to their movies.

My Last Christmas Wish by Frank V. Nunez


A cynical boy meets the real, historical St Nicholas and learns the true meaning of Santa Claus and Christmas.


Nine-year-old KYLE just wants to believe in Santa Claus, but when his older brother ADAM declares Santa a fake and his FATHER won't back him up, Kyle is shattered. Until he meets an OLD MAN at a lavish Christmas party thrown at a wealthy New York mansion.

The Old Man tells the story of MARK, a boy who grew up poor and lived alone with his father, MIKE, during the depression. Mike works hard to provide a dignified life. They attend church at St.Patrick's where Mark has a crush on ANNA, a girl his age who sings in the choir. Her wealthy parents downplay their mutual admiration. Anna's even wealthier grandfather, LEO HARTMAN, throws a lavish Christmas party each year for regular citizens of New York to attend. Children sing and perform at the party in order to get their present from Santa Claus (Leo).

Anna invites Mark and his father, much to the disapproval of her mother, MAUREEN, who resents the attention Leo gives Anna. Leo accuses Maureen of believing that Christmas comes from a store. Maureen reminds Leo that's because he always spent Christmas in a boardroom. Anna is upset that she cannot sing well enough to perform her grandfather's favorite Christmas
hymn, O Holy Night, at the party. She's too ashamed to tell him, so she refuses to say what she wants for Christmas. This upsets Leo and makes him wonder what is wrong with his granddaughter.

Mark is turning 13 and wondering if he should continue believing in Santa Claus, so he writes his last letter with his last Christmas wish. Before he can send it, Mike ridicules him and tears the letter up in a drunken fit caused by the loss of his job. Mark is shattered and throws the pieces of the torn letter out his apartment window. He goes to bed having lost all faith in Santa and Christmas.

Mark awakens from his sleep to find himself unexplainably transported to a remote winter cabin. He enters and discovers a white-haired, bearded man wearing cardinal red robes. The man is ST. NICHOLAS, the real Santa Claus, and he explains to Mark his history and life. He teaches Mark the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of faith. He takes Mark outside and shows him the stars in the heavens, explaining that for every child ever born a star shines in heaven. It shines forever unless the child stops believing. Mark's star is fading, but not nearly as faded as his father's star. Mark promises to always believe and to help his father and others believe also.

Mark awakens back in his bedroom. His father is passed out in the kitchen, so Mark takes a cab to Leo Hartman's mansion. There he meets MISS LEWIS, Mr. Hartman's assistant. She's been a part of the family for 12 years, but she is single and lonely, especially at Christmas. She's come to feel only sadness and depression during the season, so Mark tries to restore her faith by telling her all about his Santa visit. When Leo arrives, Mark informs him about Anna's dilemma, and what she wants for Christmas (something Anna shared with Mark earlier). Leo realizes that he himself has been acting like Christmas comes from a store.

Miss Lewis takes Mark back to his father. Mike has been distraught with shame and worry and when Mark returns he begs his forgiveness. Mark reconciles and introduces Mike to Miss Lewis. When they shake hands something electric passes between them. For the first time since his wife died, Mike smiles. They agree to meet at the party.

Maureen finally confidess in her husband that she wishes she could have the kind of Christmas with her father that Anna is getting; something she never had as a child. He reminds her that it's never too late to tell her father how she feels.

At the party Mike realizes giving up on Christmas was like giving up on life and love. Mark restored his belief in Christmas and meeting Miss Lewis restored his faith in love. Mark helps Anna find the faith in herself to give a beautiful gift from her heart to her grandfather - her voice. With restored self-confidence she sings a heavenly, beautiful rendition of O Holy Night for Santa Claus, whom everyone thinks is Leo Hartman but is really the REAL St. Nicholas! Her heart softened by the beauty of her daughter's gift, Maureen reconciles with Leo, who finally realizes it's not too late for him to give his daughter the kind of Christmas she never had.

The Old Man finishes his story and the children listening to it realize that he is Mark. Anna joins Mark at the party and they wish their guests a Merry Christmas.

As Kyle leaves with his family Adam professes his renewed belief in Santa. Kyle nervously asks if his father's star is still in heaven. His father picks him up, points to the sky and says "It's the brightest one up there."

Amends (Romantic Comedy) by Michelle Duarte


Heaven has had it with Mandy, a cut-throat ad executive. They give her six weeks to make amends to people she's stepped on - and find love for the first time in her life ~ before her judgment day. They send a very strange 'Guide' to help, who seems to enjoy embarrassing moments. Apparently heaven has a sense of humor.


Mandy has gone and done it this time, and heaven has had it with her.

A beautiful, smart, cut-throat ad executive, she has pretty much done what she wanted in her life, but she just lied big time to become a vice president at her ad agency and seriously hurt some people. So on her way to celebrate her success, they hit her with a bus.

Heaven sends a very strange, sarcastic woman, a 'Guide' named Ralph, to explain Mandy has six weeks to get her act together before her Judgment Day. She has to make amends to people she's hurt and to find real love for the first time in her life.

Kind of like a fairy godmother, but from a different union, with a much better wardrobe, Ralph is a 'past-lifer' who is here to help. Unfortunately, she is invisible to everyone except Mandy and tends to show up at inopportune moments, with advice that causes as many problems as it solves. She seems to enjoy embarrassing Mandy, who does not see the humor in the situation.

What Mandy finally sees is that it's not going to be anywhere nearly as easy as she thought. Everything goes wrong. No one trusts her, she made an enemy of her boss, her boyfriend turns out to be a lying pig and she finds she hasn't a friend in the world.

Mandy eventually learns that kindness has value, love heals and sometimes a jerk is a jerk and it really isn't your fault. Unfortunately, she also finds out more than she wanted to know about her life, and falls in love with a man she believes she cannot have. She has to make some lose-lose choices that seem guaranteed to blow it all.

Lost, hurt and scared she made a terrible mess of it, she finally lets go of everything that mattered to her. That's when she learns that heaven works in mysterious ways and that Ralph is actually someone she knows, someone from her childhood. She also learns that the happiest ending often has nothing to do with what we plotted and planned. It's not about what we get in life ~ it's
about who we are.

Shifting Gears (Romantic Comedy) by Ken Sonenclar


The editor of a GQ-like magazine, at war with his partner/publisher, discovers what really matters in his life when his partner and he are forced to spend a week bicycling across Spain together.


SHIFTING GEARS tells the comic story of the editor (Jack Moran) and publisher (Dave Stoller) of a GQ-like magazine whose partnership is in tatters and is taking their magazine down with it. Once best friends, they can't stand the sight of each other any more. But the prospect of winding up broke and jobless after 10 years of blood, sweat and tears pushes them to try one final cure before throwing in the towel: spend a week out of the office and away from each other. Only this, their Murdochesque boss/owner/magnate insists, can restore some sanity to their lives and work. Their plans are confounded,
though, when they arrive on their separate vacations and find they've signed up for the same trip: a deluxe bicycle tour across Spain sponsored by their biggest advertiser. This trek, which becomes the crucible of their relationship, is set in part against the magical spectacle of Spain's Holy Week. Along the way, the battling duo encounter passionate bullfighters, militant separatists, an odd assortment of fellow bikers, and, in Jack's case, romance with Julie Pace, the tour leader.

Murder Justified (Drama) by James Chancellor


A teenager murders his father and the State wants to prosecute the boy as an example to other kids. A psychiatrist uses hypnosis and uncovers much more than anyone could have expected! A blend of modern domestic violence with the unexplained.

Letting Go (Drama) by Rita C. Henehan


"Letting Go" is a taut drama about the recently widowed Jill Meehan who rents an apartment inadvertently to her husband's murderer, Charisse Johnson. The story boasts compelling character dynamics as the two women learn about themselves and each other.


In the opening scene, Jill Meehan is having an argument with her husband, Coach Chad Meehan. It ends abruptly with Coach Meehan off to recruit on Chicago's tough West Side. He encounters Charisse Johnson and Lemar Smith in the midst of a drunken fight. His attempt to save Charisse is misconstrued and she hits the Coach with a broken two-by-four, unaware of the nail, which pierces Chad's neck, leaving him dead on the street. Before hurrying off, Lemar takes Chad's NCAA championship watch and searches Chad's wallet. He grabs the money, tossing Chad's rental business cards on the street. A drunken Charisse inadvertently gathers a card up along with the contents of her purse, which had scattered across the pavement during the fight.

Six months after her husband's unsolved murder, Jill Meehan is surprised that life without her husband is going well. The only hitch is her guilt and her teenage daughter Molly. Molly accuses her mother of not caring about her father because Jill has not pursued the police to find Chad's murderer. Wise "Aunt" Sophia, an elderly tenant of Jill's, encourages Jill to have another talk with police for her daughter's sake.

Alcoholic Charisse tries to get away from the abusive Lemar by moving back to Chicago. In digging through her purse she comes across the Meehan's rental business card and dials the 800 number. She ends up renting an apartment from Jill. Lemar shows up one night and leaves his watch behind. Jill discovers the watch and brings this evidence to Detective Leonard who dismisses the housewife playing detective. A frustrated Jill confronts Charisse and Lemar. They both deny knowing anything but the oily Lemar arouses Jill's suspicions. Upon leaving, Jill overhears the two fighting and concludes that Lemar is the murderer. After Lemar leaves, Jill tries to enlist the bruised Charisse in finding evidence against Lemar. Charisse, who had experienced an alcoholic blackout during Chad's murder, has lost her memory of what happened that night. She shouts at Jill to leave, Jill persists telling Charisse that together they can stop Lemar from hurting her again. Charisse is not convinced.

Jill approaches Charisse's businessman brother, Gordon, whom she met earlier when Gordon helped Charisse rent the apartment. In talking to Gordon, Jill finds that she is attracted to the friendly and amusing Gordon.

Charisse finally agrees to help Jill. As they strive to put the devious Lemar behind bars, the two come to grips with basic truths about their lives and what they have in common. Their collaboration leads to a dramatic climax when the two women discover what actually happened the night Chad was murdered.

Gentlemen of the Shade (Thriller) by Eric Wolfhard


When a naive young lawyer refuses to help some old friends who've turned to crime and instead takes on the defence of a mysterious immigrant involved in a murderous conspiracy, he unwittingly puts almost everyone he knows into jeopardy.


[Note that instead of a conventional synopsis, I dropped in some coverage from Fox. I frankly hate writing synopses and usually try to get my kid brother to do it, but now not even he can be suckered into it. Since good coverage can also be useful for marketing, downloading some which contained a synopsis allowed me to kill two birds with one stone...]

The coverage, which includes a synopsis, is as follows:

This stylish, endlessly inventive script is a promising calling card for writer Eric Wolfhard. The screenplay makes good use of its ominous near-future setting, and does an even better job of delivering an offbeat and intriguing thriller.

The story is set in 2006 AD, where criminals rule, courts are in session 24 hours a day, and charismatic, arrogant young attorney Reese is apprenticed to his late father's partner, idealistic shyster Cortez. Reese is ambivalent about Cortez's object of a vendetta being pressed by sexy, ambitious D.A. Amanda. Meanwhile, Reese's privileged, nihilistic pals (Will, Zach and Bobby) pull 'smash & grab' 'thrill crimes.' The plot lines converge when Miller, who specializes in extorting and killing 'college boys,' snares jaded Will in a blackmail scheme: Miller's goofy fence, Ivan, takes the fall for a robbery that Reese's friends committed. Lovers Reese and Amanda end up on opposite sites of the case when he defends Ivan, and she attempts to use Ivan to get at Miller -- without realizing that Reese is implicated and compromised. Things reach a thrilling climax in a warehouse...

The dialogue is slick and sleek. Wolfhard pays homage to Anthony Burgess by creating a lightly stylized future-speak that sounds like a natural evolution of current trends. The effect isn't gratuitous, and the characters' voices sound natural.

The plot and setting are unconventional, but they're engaging. By employing a thriller structure, the writer grounds his offbeat story. As a result, the near-future touches -- legalized joints, 3D Crime Reconstruction Rooms, water meters, $5 coins, Lucasland -- aren't distracting or obtrusive. The backdrop feels like an organic part of the story, which allows us to concentrate on the characters' dynamics and the ingenious plot. Meanwhile, the writer maintains a quirky, semi-comical tone that pays off in scenes like the intense but silly bank robbery.

If Tarantino and Avery collaborated on a theatrical prequel to A CLOCKWORK ORANGE and VURT, then something like 'Gentlemen of the Shade' might be the result. This is a restless, unusual, highly ambitious script that shows imagination and inspiration... Eric Wolfhard is a writer to remember.

Ice Cream Man: a dairy tale (Comedy) by Adam Jones & Justin Lane


When Boone, a beloved beatnik ice cream man in suburbia, falls for Leda, a woman on his route, there's only one problem ~ her husband. Leda's jealous husband retaliates by hiring three hitmen from the local bargain weekly. Now Boone, with the help of his crazed suburban clientele, his outrageous friends, and his less-than-lethal ice cream delivery rivals, strives to hold
onto two things: his love and his life.


The Film follows Boone, a hip rockabilly-blues neo-beatnik, on his adventures as an ice cream truck driver in suburbia. Boone has simple wants and needs: collecting records, listening to live music, the occasional gin and tonic, and pleasing the neighborhood children with a smile and something cool. But all this changes when he falls in love with a married woman on his route. Leda and her son Denis seem too good to be true, so Boone pines from afar. For a while, anyway.

But when Leda's husband mistakes the innocent flirtation for something deeper, Boone's needs really change. Now he has to dodge the three hitmen Mr. Wilkinson finds in the local bargain weekly, hitmen who strangely resemble some reputable singer-songwriters, while still making the rounds for Chicky, his diminutive ex-pro wrestler boss. And his new best friend Wart, a
one-man neighborhood freakshow, doesn't make things much easier, try as he might, as the situation gets sinister.

Luckily for our hero, allies can come from the strangest of circumstances: Roland, Boone's bombardier cap wearing rival whose signature is the Wagner blaring from his truck; Todd, a prep school monster whose accuracy with dirt bombs is destined to become legend; Estelle, the local baby-sitter, who can't comprehend that Boone is too old to be her date at the grade school semi-formal; Boone's poker-playing pals, fellow vendors of food stuffs (Pooch, the cotton-candy-selling punk rocker; Liesel, the German bratwurst vendor; and Howlin - Mad Marty, the crazy wiener man.) Even the animatronic clown, one of the oddities of Wart's fun-house mansion, lends a hand. Thank heavens there's Tick, the all-knowing newsstand man, who does his
best to narrate, despite his stutter, as these and more help Boone in a race for his life, and the fulfillment of the greatest romance in the history of the Silver Screen.

[According to Norm, he found the synopsis funny and engaging, but the one thing that intrigued him to the point of wanting to check it out was the stuttering narrator. This was something he thought was fun and original and worth checking out. And that is that. I hope this is helpful because I feel like the right person read it and we got lucky.]

Seeing the Light (Drama) by Jenna Glatzer


Mark never wanted a disabled son. Paul will do anything to win his father's love-- he'll even risk his life to become the star athlete he knows his father wanted. A Frank Capra-esque family script based on a true story. *Current semi-finalist in the People's Picture Show screenwriting competition.


When Paul is born with Down syndrome in 1978, doctors advise his parents to institutionalize him and forget his existence. His devastated father (Mark) almost agrees, but his mother sets to prove the doctors wrong.

Paul desperately wants to make his father proud, and works hard to be the 'normal' son Mark wanted. Mark belittles Paul~~~s accomplishments, and instead focuses his attention on his college-bound, athletic nephew. However, when Paul sustains a life-threatening injury while trying to impress his father, Mark is forced to reconsider his values, and take notice of the impact Paul
has on those around him.

This coming-of-age tale explores the complete and sometimes ugly truth about this disability as Paul knocks over every barrier thrown in his path on his journey into manhood. Paul exceeds the expectations and wins the hearts of even the most cynical nay-sayers.

He'll win yours, too.

King of the Dorks (Comedy) by Kurt Volkan


A loveable high school loser takes the world's sexiest movie star to prom.

Icer (Sci-Fi Thriller) by Karen Sandler


Threatened with genocide, genetically engineered slaves revolt against their masters.


Earth, late 21st Century.

KAYLA has more attitude than any jick should. A genetically engineered gene trick, Kayla and her millions of compatriots were created for one purpose--to serve the biologically normal ruling class. But Kayla is one jick who wants more than to eke out her life in a jick ghetto, slave to normals. She plays every angle, using her wit and pride to salvage self-respect in a world run by bio-norms.

DAVIK is a jick with a mission. He and the members of the jick underground intend to secure equal rights for gene tricks by any means. As Kaylas former foster brother, hes tried to pull her into the fight, but Kaylas made it clear she helps no one but herself.

Cold and ruthless bio-norm GENAHEN extends his power far beyond the orbiting cryogenic station he controls. With the disease scratchsweeping Earth, infecting both normals and jicks, Genahen can choose who lives and dies. Normals he places into cryogenic freeze to arrest the disease, but scratch-infested jicks he destroys.

When Kayla is accused of sabotage on the cryogenic station, she has to rely on Davik to escape from certain execution. She still resists joining the underground until Genahen, using scratch to force his opponents into cryogenic freeze, compels Earth's government to vote to exterminate the jick population. Using the containment of scratch as justification for jick
genocide, Genahen in reality needs a vital fluid from jick bodies to sustain the cryogenically frozen on his station.

When the extermination begins, Kayla can no longer stand back. She joins Davik in rising up against Genahen's forces. Thousands of jicks die, but in the end, Kayla destroys Genahen while Davik and his confederates stop the jick slaughter.

A year later, Kayla and Davik attend the birth of the first baby born of jick parents.

Forewarned by Michael O'Neill and Stephen Pratt
How do you destroy a group of highly trained assassins that possess psychic abilities?
That's the main problem of Kendra Lynch, a member of a secret government group that employs the worlds leading psychics, code named the Consortium. As an assassin possessing the psychic ability to foresee imminent danger, Kendra wants out of the group and has made it her mission to shut it down, once and for all.

Kendra Lynch is a member of the Consortium, an elite multinational agency of assassins each endowed with a unique psychic ability. Disillusioned, she has turned rogue and with the help of her ability to foresee visions of imminent danger, she is invulnerable to attack. She has made it her mission to destroy this secret program at all costs.

This proves a major problem to the Consortium. Its director, Tantros, is at odds with his superior, the mysterious, never-seen Doctor Watson. Tantros is determined to bring Kendra back to the group; Doctor Watson is intent on terminating her to protect the interests of The Consortium.

The Consortium also has an ace up their sleeve. Imprisoned in their secret research facility is Kendra's thought-to-be-dead seven-year-old daughter, Astrid, confined within a high-tech glass cell. The cell, suspended in mid air by superconducting electromagnets, keeps Astrid isolated from any physical contact with the outside well as isolating her incredible psychic powers.

When a malfunction in the cube's levitation system brings an engineer, Trent, to the secret facility, Astrid seizes the opportunity to send him a cryptic message. Trent does not know it yet, but he is the key to her freedom.

Doctor Watson sets into motion an intricate plan; eliminate Kendra by using an unsuspecting pawn. As the Consortium's minions force Kendra and Trent together, they discover Astrid's imprisonment and team up to rescue her. Along the way, they find themselves pitted against the other assassins, each with their own unique psychic ability, in a series of cat-and-mouse battles.

What Kendra and Trent do not know, however, is that their alliance helps bring Doctor Watson's plan-within-a-plan to fruition.

Messengers by Charles Hall
When the death of his father forces a Manhattan doctor back to his small-town roots, he uncovers a dark secret haunting six people...and threatening six billion.

A Little Hope by Steve Buckner
A six year old Angel helps a couple evaluate their life choices during the Holiday season.

Adam and Lisa Samuels have a busy life. They are both business owners with successful careers and a comfortable, yet, stagnant marriage and no time for the pending Holidays. Their lives have taken a turn, far away from what they had planned or dreamed. After a puzzling encounter, they get a second chance, whether they want it or not.

Enter Hope, a six year old Angel, who shows up one morning on the end of their bed, claiming to be their daughter. Frustrated and unable to find answers, the Samuels realize they are the only ones not in on this elaborate joke. There are only two options, play along or look completely insane.

Dealing with instant parenthood is not easy, particularly with an inquisitive child. Forced to make adjustments in their lifestyle, time and priorities, Adam and Lisa slowly realize that family, the spirit of the Holidays and their marriage are more important than their careers.

Will they be able to maintain their new awareness when things go back to
normal? Not everyone gets a second chance.

Everyone's a Wiseguy by Vanessa Burt

Mobsters don't wear heels. Until now.

Ever since she was 8 years old, Zoe Zambotti has dreamed of becoming a gangster. Problem is, the mob don't take job interviews, and they don't hire women. But Zoe is determined: she wants to become a wiseguy even if she wears a skirt.
But trouble is, Zoe's fiance Nick, a lowly soldier in a mob crew, is dead against the idea.

But when Nick is kidnapped by a rival mob Family from a Family birthday gathering, Zoe goes renegade to get Nick back against the Family's wishes, and manages to convinces Nick's capo boss Sam to let her tag along with the crew. Sam thinks it might be an idea to confuse the FBI, especially with the Family boss Vincent Motta in jail awaiting trial. But first Zoe has to prove to herself and to Sam she has the balls to join the team and singlehandedly robs a crowded cinema screening, getting away with $13k which impresses Sam.

As the crew prepares for a big diamond heist with a million dollar pay off, Zoe is trained by Johnny, one of the crew, in his special "Mob 101" classes. In return, much to their reluctance, Zoe gets the guys in touch with their feminine side, forced to take up yoga, exercise, healthy living, and relationship and housekeeping tips, while trying to avoid becoming the laughing stock of the underworld.

In the mean time Nick's dream of becoming a novelist is taking over his enthusism for the Job. But he can't let them see he's losing his touch whilst his own girlfriend shows him up.

Zoe puts the heavy on a key witness in Vincent Motta's trial which gets him released from jail. When the FBI take Zoe in for questioning, Sam worries Zoe may not be loyal, and asks her to make one of the hardest decisions of her life: whack her own boyfriend. If she does, she'll get made and realize her dream of becoming a wiseguy. She doesn't know it, but Nick has also been asked to whack Zoe in return for a display of loyalty to the Family.

But will she kill Nick after the heist and realize her dream of getting made? Sometimes getting what you wish for can be murder.

Ted, Inc. by Rett Thompson
A business consultant's struggles to find love are complicated by the inept corporation that lives inside his body.

TED BEDFORD, a business consultant, is brought in to revamp the failing Agtec Corporation. Unbeknownst to him, his body is also a corporation.

A management team consisting of CEO, SALES, MANUFACTURING, DESIGN, MARKETING and FINANCE make Ted's decisions in his brain, while a team of union workers runs the various organs and parts of his body. Their major goal is to get Ted a girlfriend.

At his first meeting with the Agtec management, Ted gets caught staring at HOLLY, an attractive line supervisor for the company. He tries to talk his way out of it, but can't due to a logistical mix-up when the Department of Vision FedEx's all the blood destined for the brain, to the Center for Reproduction. The CEO of Ted's body calls on his management staff in the brain for a solution, but their bureaucratic meeting only gets Ted in deeper trouble.

Depressed, his friends JOSH and NEZ take him out on the town. Just as he gathers up the courage to approach a woman, ZACK - a self-imposed "friend" shows up and gets him drunk, much to the chagrin of guys working in Ted's liver. When he does escape to talk to her, the effects of the alcohol and the brain's refusal to listen to the body, cause Sales (talking for Ted) to lose her.

This causes the CEO in Ted's brain to call a meeting to discuss a plan of action to get Ted selling again with women in his target demographic. MARKETING presents research, which shows that muscles are the customer requirement most sought after by female customers. They agree that Ted must get in shape. This news is not well received by the HEART and the other guys who work the body. They are union guys after all.

While he struggles to get in shape, Ted continues to lecture the management staff at Agtec on the best way to run their business. He meets resistance from Holly who is very pro-labor and takes every opportunity to show him up in front of the others.

Due to his frustration with internal screw-ups and some external barbs from Zack, the CEO of the brain decides to launch the new Muscle Ted 2002 earlier then the rest of the management staff and body are prepared for. They decide to Hasselhoff-it. They have Ted fake being in shape. It works well enough to go home with a woman, but backfires when things get intimate. He starts to hyperventilate and passes out, releasing his stomach from a sucked in 6-pack back to its normal 12-pack size.

The CEO of the brain lets the management team have it, one more screw up and they'll all be working in the colon. He charges Design with of the unenviable task of designing self-confidence for Ted. FINANCE is able to convince everyone on the management team that the safest thing to do is keep Ted from going after any women. Everyone that is, but Sales, who in a desperate attempt to meet his sales targets, gets Ted to ask Holly out. She warily accepts.

They go on a date which after a rough start, smoothes out. Ted sees her again at work - she gives him a tour of the factory floor. They see more of each other. Things go well so long as they don't discuss work. Ted presents his ideas on how to make the company profitable to the president. Holly cooks him an elaborate meal (an all-consuming hobby of hers) and things get intimate.

Unfortunately, inside Ted things are not going well. The union body is unhappy with the way they are being treated. They final straw is when, to settle an argument inside Ted, he asks Holly whether she likes him better for his body or his mind. She says his mind, which prompts the body to go on strike during an inopportune time rendering him impotent.

Ted doesn't hear from Holly for a week. She doesn't show up at his work lecture. Ted wonders what went wrong. Finally she calls and agrees to meet him. Meanwhile with the body on strike, the CEO goes ahead and replaces the union workers with temps who aren't really sure how to work the body. MANUFACTURING isn't too keen on this and is forced to train them.

Holly finally agrees to meet Ted. When they meet Ted becomes angry. He can't believe she dumped him because he couldn't perform. Holly tells him that the reason she didn't call him back was that thanks to his proposal to the Agtec President she was fired. Ted tries to comfort her, but the inexperienced temps screw it up and manage to poke her in the eye and dump food and wine on her. She dumps him.

Depressed, Ted retreats to watching television. His friends offer advice. Does he love her? Should he go after her? Should he listen to his head or his heart?

Time passes. He plays in his regular pick-up basketball game. With the union still on strike and the incompetent temps working his body, Ted is a nightmare on the court. He gets a boost of self-confidence when the self-confidence maker Design ordered (off the self) shows up. He takes the last shot. It's blocked by Zack and they lose. Zack finally pushes Ted over the edge by asking for Holly's number. The CEO decides they should punch Zack, against advice from Manufacturing. Ted hits Zack, but then Zack beats the hell out of him. The cheap self-confidence maker that Design bought it smashed to pieces. CEO decides Ted should run away. Just then the HEART and the other union body workers show up. They have decided that even thought they have been treated poorly, they like Holly and they're going to fight back.

They replace the temps and bloody Zack's nose. The union gets rid of the CEO - they want Manufacturing as their leader. Ted leaves to go tell the Agtec President the truth - that it is the President's fault that Agtec is in trouble. Ted gets fired. He goes to find Holly. She has moved. Ted thinks she took job in another city. He discovers that she opened a restaurant and hired some of the other fired Agtec workers to help. She moved above the restaurant to save money.

Ted needs to explain himself. Unfortunately that task falls on Sales, who hasn't closed on any customers. Thanks to Marketing's advice, Sales apologies and leaves (the soft sell). Holly won't let him leave she offers him a job there. They go to kiss. The camera goes up into Holly's head, to discover that a corporation too runs her - only it's a corporation of women.

The Business of Superheroes by Chris Love

Comic book heroes collide with "Men In Black", the World Wrestling Federation, and corporate America. Money and image are the only things that matter -- not the protection of Independence City.

But a new hero has been created. One who will attempt to change all of that, or die trying.

Independence City, a shining metropolis filled with beings of superhuman abilities. Since the depression, heroes have been there to
protect and serve. Lately however, it seems as though all they're serving are their own needs. The heroes are becoming darker, more self centered. Only one hero is left that stands for truth, and that hero is Captain Incredible.

Rob has worshipped Captain Incredible since he was saved by him as a child. When he recieves a letter in the mail, telling him to come to the governmental center known only as "The Municipality", he's shocked to learn that he is pegged to become Incredible's sidekick!

Soon however, he finds out that everything he thought about the superheroes of Independence City is a big lie. They're not the result of gamma bomb explosions or beings from another solar system, they've been created, much like the characters in wrestling, to be marketing tools.

Rob also finds out that he is being bred as the replacement for an "outdated" Captain Incredible. He is to become an extreme hero, one who can generate revenue.

Now it's up to Rob to go against the establishment, proving to them that no man is property, and that you can't copyright a soul.

Unfinished Business by Barbara Beck
Log Line:
A young woman thinks her troubles with her abusive husband are over when he takes his own life. She quickly finds out how wrong she is when he leaves her one last threat in his Will.

A young woman's life appears to improve after her abusive husband decides to leave her. But when the woman is obviously quite happy with her newfound freedom, her husband can~t stand it and starts stalking her. Refusing to be threatened, the woman files a restraining order, ignoring her husband~s pleas to join him on their anniversary.

Drunk and despondent, the husband commits suicide. But the stalking doesn't end there, since the husband has declared in his Will that even though the woman wouldn't join him on this anniversary, he's arranged for her to join him by their next anniversary.

At first the woman doesn't know if the threat is real, or a manifestation of her husband's drunken rage. But the threat becomes very real when the woman discovers that her new boyfriend is the one her husband has set up to kill her.

Medina House by Leslie Streit (Horror)
An evil demon chooses an author as his next victim. Award: Telluride Indiefest 2000.

Rona Tilson and her son Danny head for the west coast hoping for a fresh start and a chance for Rona to write the great American novel. Vivid memories of Rona's mental illness go with them, following like a dark cloud.

They move into Medina House, a Victorian cottage with loads of period charm including a family graveyard. Almost immediately they see things: objects that fly through the air and strange people prowling the upstairs hallway. Rona tries to pretend that these things are not happening. She decides to base her novel on the house's rich history and proceeds in a very matter of fact way.

Her descent back into madness has already begun. The line between dreams and reality starts to blur. Most disturbing of all is Danny's new playmate, a creepy boy who appears and disappears without explanation.

Rona visits Jonathan Medina, the 100 year old owner of the house. He gives her his mother's diary and warns that she and Danny may be in terrible danger. He tries to get her to leave but Rona is more determined than ever to finish her novel.

The diary tells the story of Marie Medina, a young widow living in the house in the early 20th century. Marie writes about a sinister boy who makes her life a living hell and ultimately drives her to a gruesome death. Impossible as it seems, the boy Marie describes is identical to the boy that 's been visiting Danny.

Rona now believes that she faces a monster of untold power. She must summon the last of her fragile sanity to fight back or join the ghosts of Medina House forever.

The Widow Marsh by Thomas Vecchio
A conniving door-to-door salesman encounters the sweetest widow in town who turns the tables on him recruiting the salesman in robbery, sex and cold-blooded, multiple murder.

On a bright sunny day, a boy plays with his bulldog on the banks of the Neuse River. The bulldog suddenly grabs hold of something and refuses to let go. The boy is stunned to realize it is a dead body that has washed ashore and overweight Sheriff Lee Gibson is faced with what may be the first murder in town in forty years.

Ambitious George Padgett sells supplemental medical insurance door-to-door in a small, southern town. The insurance he sells is virtually worthless but George doesn't seem to mind. After being orphaned at a young age, George's view of the world is that you take before you are taken.

With his questionable ethics firmly in hand, George approaches the home of Hayes Marsh, a sweet, middle-aged widow who is a pillar of the community. A perfect candidate ripe for the picking, George fakes an injury on the widow's doorstep. He gains Hayes's sympathy and she invites George into her house. The fast-talking George takes advantage of his entry and unloads with his smooth sales pitch. He quickly convinces Hayes to purchase the medical insurance. When Hayes asks about purchasing additional disability insurance, a surprised George is convinced he has found a sucker and that his ship has finally come in. George, however, has just been conned by the far more sinister Hayes Marsh.

The lonely George becomes very friendly with Hayes spending more and more time at her house and helping the widow with household chores. At the same time, Hayes cultivates and encourages a relationship between George and her daughter Lucy. Lucy has been living in Europe since college and only recently reluctantly returned to the States for financial reasons. The relationship, however, is doomed because Lucy is enamored with overweight Sheriff Lee Gibson whom she finds to be the most honest man she has ever met.

Lucy and her mother have always had a strained relationship due to some obscure, recovered memories of her father's murder when she was four years old. Lucy is unsure but believes that her mother might have been the murderer.

When Hayes suddenly suffers a disabling accident in her own home and collects on the recently purchased disability insurance, George realizes he has been conned. George is powerless to extricate himself from the situation, however, because he has fallen in love with Lucy. Hayes finally comes clean with George that she faked the disability in order to collect on the insurance. George is shocked but Hayes is able to convince him that he can have Lucy and be wealthy if he will just stick with Hayes.

Sadly, though, George has been recruited into something much bigger than just small-time embezzlement and robbery. He has become involved in a scheme that leads to cold-blooded, multiple murder. George is torn between finally having all that he has ever wanted in his lonely life or saving his soul by stopping the Widow Marsh from continuing on her murderous crime spree.

The Field Trip by Kim Pederson

Marooned by a blizzard, six close friends attempt to sort out their lives against the notion, put forth by one of their number, that as
teenagers they had all been abducted and experimented on by aliens and might be again. (Chesterfield Fellowship Semifinalist; Austin Hearts of Film Second Rounder)

Six friends are traveling in North Dakota in the dead of winter. As they drive the back roads, one man, whose wife and children had mysteriously disappeared recently, keeps seeing a dog that no one else sees. Caught in a sudden blizzard, the group "luckily" finds a house to take shelter in. Surprisingly, no one's home. But the lights are on, there's food in the refrigerator, and there's just enough bedrooms for all. It's as if the house were waiting for them to arrive. It was. Not a horror or sci-fi genre film; more like "Big Chill meets Close Encounters." Strong roles for a multi-ethnic ensemble cast. Simple location requirements. (Semifinalist for The Chesterfield Film Company Screenwriting Competition)

Under a Blood Red Sun by Malcolm Ishida

On the morning of December 7, 1941, the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. In the afternoon, the invasion of Hawaii begins.

Based on actual plans devised by the Japanese Military Command, Under a Blood Red Sun deals with the invasion and conquest of the Hawaiian Islands.

Three Japanese Divisions stage an amphibious landing on Oahu's North Shore. Despite fierce resistance by U.S. soldiers, including a strong contingent of Japanese Americans, the Japanese prevail, and gain a foothold on Hawaii's
main island. After fours days of fighting, Japanese troops march into Honolulu and set up their puppet government. The strategy is to restore the Hawaiian monarchy, and renounce Hawaii's status as a U.S. territory.

The occupation of Hawaii is seen through the eyes of three families. The Popes, rich landowners from Massachusetts's stock; the Kimuras, with their roots in the farmlands of Hiroshima, Japan; and the Kawananakoas, a branch
of the deposed Hawaiian royal family. The occupation sets father against son, and brother against brother, as each one comes to terms with their role as a collaborator, observer, or resistance fighter.

The remnants of the American troops take to the Koolau Mountains Oahu and seek to cause as much damage as possible while waiting for the promised U.S. counter invasion. The Japanese occupation forces tighten the noose on the
islands. In turn, the U.S. Navy strangles the supplies lines from Japan, as they build up a huge armada for the liberation of Hawaii. The second battle for Hawaii is about to begin.

The Zamboni Driver by Scott Teel
When money talks, people listen.

Sick of watching losing sports stars earn outrageous salaries, a fed-up, underpaid Zamboni driver requests a $5 million contract and then loses his job, but not before he becomes a media sensation and a hero to millions in the working class.

This romantic comedy follows Ansel Taylor, Zamboni driver extraordinaire for the Buffalo Sabers hockey team (whose players get paid millions to lose each night). Taylor, who does his job very well, lives paycheck to paycheck, and feels that his good work deserves the millions, but is repeatedly and nastily turned down by the Buffalo Sabers' Vice-President. To make matters worse, his ex-girlfriend, who dumped him because of his low salary, is soon dating that very Sabers' VP simply because he makes a lot of money. Now Taylor has to prove his worth to both of them. But it is Ellen, the sports photographer he begins seeing, who ultimately proves that money doesn't talk to everyone.

Taylor steals the show when he tells David Letterman why he's asking for the $5 million contract and ends up suffering a 20% pay cut as a result. But Taylor becomes a media sensation and attendance at Saber games increases. Fans come to watch their hero clean the ice rather than watch their team lose. In a sense, they are lifting themselves up with Taylor, proving that one man can make a difference.

Unfortunately, Taylor pulls a media stunt that gets him fired. To top that off, he's about to be thrown out of his apartment because he can't pay his rent, further proving that, indeed, it is money that makes the world go 'round.

Then Ellen moves to Atlanta to accept a dream job with Sports Illustrated. Where Taylor would rather be rich for the sake of being rich, Ellen intends to leave her mark on the world.

The hilarious conclusion nets Taylor a substantial contract with the Sabers and garners a roar of support not only from Saber fans but the entire team and upper management as well. Taylor's moment of glory forces him see where his real worth lies - in Atlanta with Ellen.

Shadowman by Michael Coady
In the deep forests of a Canadian wilderness the ultimate predator is about to be discovered: And it isn't man.

Cupless by Paul Freeman
It's not easy being an NHL rookie, especially when you're the league's first female. In CUPLESS, an Olympic women's hockey team star settles into a high school teaching career. The Chicago Blackhawks, desperate to sell tickets, offer her a job as goalie. She can't resist the chance to not only chase a lifelong dream, but to inspire her students, as well. On the rocky road to the Stanley Cup, she finds romance, challenges and a new perspective.

After winning an Olympic gold medal as captain of the USA women's hockey team, B.J. Bonner puts her athletic glory behind her. She immerses herself in teaching high school. An imaginative and innovative educator, she relishes
the challenges presented by these youngsters, particularly one would-be dropout named LaTeesha.

When the Chicago Blackhawks come calling, offering B.J. a chance to become their back-up goalie, she is torn. She doesn't want to risk humiliation. But she has always told her students how important it is to follow one's dreams. She can't resist.

To the Blackhawks, who are struggling on the ice and at the gate, the signing is merely a publicity ploy. For B.J., it's an opportunity to test her skills against the world's best players.

It's difficult for her to raise her game to their level. It's even more difficult to raise the consciousness of her new teammates to the point where they can look past her gender and judge her on character and ability. The Blackhawks' first-string goalie, high-strung Jacques LeFournier, considers B.J.'s participation to be sacrilege.

B.J., who's used to overcoming obstacles in her life, does her best to conceal her vulnerability from her peers. She patiently waits for an opportunity to prove herself.

The coach, Doug Campbell, an advocate of old-time hockey, resents having a female foisted upon him. This goodhearted traditionalist gradually warms to B.J. She can't ignore the romantic urges he sparks. But he's unnerved at the
thought of taking the coach-player relationship into such uncharted territory.

When a knee injury fells Jacques, Doug puts B.J. in the Blackhawks' net. Doug doesn't give up on her after a disastrous debut. His encouragement bolsters her, as does the advice offered by a wise, nurturing goalie coach. As B.J.'s confidence grows, she begins to shine.

Despite Jacques' devious efforts to thwart her, B.J. perseveres. Soon she's a media darling and a role model. B.J. inspires not only her underachieving teammates, but her cynical student LaTeesha, as well. Meanwhile, Doug's attraction for his goalie surges.

On the way to the Stanley Cup, B.J. suffers a cracked ankle. She won't quit, not when she's so close to grasping hockey's holy grail. The championship dream she shares with Doug and the Blackhawks is tantalizingly close to fruition. But even as she pours her heart into fulfilling it, B.J. remembers that her other aspiration -- reaching disillusioned teenagers -- might be even more important.

Written by: Various
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