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Increasing Your Visibility as a Writer

2014 was a big year for InkTip!

Just some of the films we profiled last year that were written by writers who used InkTip.

Congratulations to them!

Through these successes, we’ve learned that many talented writers work day in and day out on scripts that catch the attention of producers. Yet often, some writers focus only on their own writing instead of shining a light on themselves. True, a writer’s script needs to deliver once it’s read – craft is never overrated, and a producer’s sensibilities and the investors’ needs must also co-align. But ultimately, a writer must continually create opportunities to present that script in front of producers’ eyes in the first place.

We at InkTip are proud of the results, particularly in the number of writers who secure their first option deal through InkTip. We do, however, want to encourage writers to not bank hope in one script that will change fortunes overnight. Instead, sell yourself. Being visible matters. For instance, some writers consistently list more than one script at a time. This ensures that more producers would be able to discover more of their scripts than if they only listed one.

Also, some writers will not only have more than one script on InkTip at once, but will replace those titles with others that they have written, to “switch it up” a bit. With InkTip, you are able to replace scripts any time you like. That way when a producer logs in looking for scripts, even if you only have one listing at a time on the site, producers are able to see your other scripts.

Quite simply, the more scripts that writers list on InkTip, the more their visibility increases. And the more their visibility increases, the more likely a producer searching on InkTip will see those writers’ names again and again in their search results and read those scripts.

Just as an actor must take many headshots and try and get them into many casting directors’ hands, a writer must not only write many scripts but make them visible to many producers. So if you’re a writer, and you have one script listed on InkTip now, we definitely encourage you to list more. This is a crucial way in which you sell yourself, and in turn, help make all of your scripts visible to others. Create opportunities to make yourself as visible as possible. Don’t just rest your hopes on one script.

One thing we want to make clear this year is that InkTip is where everyone goes for writers and scripts. How do we know this? Well, no one comes close to producing results for writers and producers like we do:

In the last 14 years, over 250 movies have been made by producers who discovered writers and scripts on InkTip. During last year alone, 32 movies were made through InkTip. 32 movies in a single year? Again, no one can come close to that success.

Writer/director Laurie Weltz is proof of this.

A scene from the upcoming Scout, which boasts a highly-accomplished cast: India Ennenga, (star of the upcoming A&E series The Returned), Nikki Reed, Danny Glover, Jane Seymour and Ellen Burstyn).

Laurie wrote and directed the film Scout, and this was made possible because producer Beverly Gordon discovered the script on InkTip. Laurie’s advice to writers: "Don't give up. It's a really hard business and perseverance goes a long way.”

For all of you writers, the sooner you list your scripts on InkTip, the quicker producers can begin discovering them. After all, since October, we've seen a 21% increase in producers searching on InkTip to look for scripts. More searches means more opportunities for you right now.

Take action now. To list your scripts, go here.

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Written by: Jerrol LeBaron
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