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Share Your Scripts with Anyone

We present to you InkTip's newest service: Sharing Scripts.

Now you can send producers, reps and others a direct link to your script listings. It makes connecting readers to your scripts faster and easier than ever before.

Why Share Scripts?
Sharing scripts saves everyone time -- including you -- and provides assurance when your pitches were received.

In short, it eliminates that whole waiting period between the time someone wants to read your script to your reply with the attachment -- not to mention, it avoids having to upload attachments to emails at all.

Pitching a Script via Email Can Take a While

Here’s How Sharing via InkTip Works
Through your InkTip account, you can now create links that take someone directly to your InkTip script listings.

You can create as many links as you’d like for each script listing and share them in your email queries, submissions to InkTip leads, or anywhere else.

A page in your account is dedicated to saving all of the shared links that you created. When someone views your synopses and scripts, you’ll know!

Two Simple Steps: Click "Share" and Paste!
Once you log into your InkTip account, you’ll see “Share” buttons next to each of your script listings. If you don’t have scripts listed on InkTip, go here.

  1. Click the “Share” button. Our easy, quick guide will help create a link for you. Copy that new link.
  2. Paste the link into your email queries, submissions to InkTip leads, and anywhere else where you’d like to send someone over to your script listing.

It’s that easy.

Track Who Viewed Your Scripts
Any time you log in, you can also see all of the shared links you’ve created as well as track the viewings for them. That means you won’t need to wonder if someone has read your script.

Where You Can Use Your Links

  1. Drop the link in your email queries to producers
  2. Include the link in the submission queries you send through InkTip
  3. Email the link to your friends to review your scripts, send it to your writing groups, paste it into your email when producers request your script…and more!

Email Queries
When you email query a company, all you need to do is include a link to your script listing. For the reader, it makes it faster and easier to read your script. Instead of replying to you and waiting for you to reply and send your script, they’ll be able to check out your script right away.

InkTip Leads
Similar to email queries above, when you use InkTip’s leads to submit queries through our site, include links to your script listings.

Simply drop a link to your script listing on the submission form page at the end of your logline. You can mention something like, “This script is available right now on InkTip here:” and then paste the link.

De-Activate and Re-Activate Links
You can de-activate any link at any time, meaning anyone that clicks on that link will not be able to see your listing. You can re-activate that link as well.

Faster for Them to Read Your Script
Don’t make anyone wait any longer to read your script. When you pitch your script, include your link so they don’t have to request your script and wait for your reply with an attachment. Speaking of which…

No More Emailing Attachments
You no longer have to mess with uploading the correct attachment or waiting to get home if you’re an iPhone user to look through your files.

Simply send them a link to your listing. You’ll also save yourself the embarrassment of having to send an “oops, sorry, I forgot to attach” email.

Emailing script from a cafeNo more searching for the most updated script file while you're at a cafe.

Create an Unlimited Number of Links

Create as many links as you'd like for each script listing. This way, you can create a link for each query you send and track the reads individually.

Creating Links is Free
All you need to do is make sure your scripts are listed on InkTip.

In order to begin sharing your scripts right now, list your scripts on InkTip. Then, once they’re posted, go to your "My Scripts on InkTip" page and click on the “Share” button. We've also created a page dedicated to all of the shared links you've created called "Sharing Scripts."

Written by: Mike Kim
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