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Create Links for Your Scripts in Less than 30 Seconds

Since we launched Script Share—our newest feature, which gives writers the ability to share links to their InkTip script listings—we’ve received generous feedback.

More importantly, not only have writers complimented the service, but they’ve begun to send more people to read their scripts because of Script Share.

We launched Script Share with the goal of providing a safe, easy way for writers to create links to their scripts that people can send out or post in a variety of spaces, such as in email or on social media.

If you aren’t familiar with InkTip’s Script Share feature and how you can create links that take someone directly to your InkTip script listing, check it out here.

Here’s how InkTip writers have shared links over the last 2 weeks using Script Share (February 4th 2016 to February 18th 2016):

As you can see, writers have used Script Share in 3 main ways:

  • Some have created links intended for one-on-one correspondence, such as email queries.
  • Others have created links to post on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • And many have created links when sending queries through InkTip's weekly newsletter service.

At InkTip, we don’t want you to sit back and wait for producers to discover you.

We want to provide more tools and services that empower you to help build your writing career.

The best part of Script Share is knowing that people are looking at your scripts and when they do.

Instead of struggling to locate scripts on your hard drive and wondering if someone read your script after emailing them, use Script Share.

Sharing your scripts easily in less than 30 seconds gives you a central place to store your script, treatment, synopsis and logline. It gives you the assurance of knowing when someone read your script so you can take further action.

How have you been using InkTip’s Script Share feature?

Let us know if it’s been effective in helping you get your scripts read.

Write to InkTipStoryPower at gmail dot com

Written by: Mike Kim
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