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Update from Jerrol LeBaron Part 3

You now have a pretty good idea of what I am doing with regards to the Pitch & Networking Summit and InkTip, as described in my previous updates, which are on the site here:

As a further note, so far we are averaging one script sold or optioned, writer hired or a writer gaining representation per week from our last Summit in July of this year (15 so far from the last Summit). We will probably get about 25-30 from that last Summit alone. That's not bad considering we only had about 350 writers attend - really good odds.

Through InkTip we are averaging 5 a week, and sometimes we'll have as many as 10 scripts sold/optioned in a single week. I just discovered that we are now at 28 movies made this year alone from writers and scripts found through InkTip. I know of another film, which starts production Dec 2nd, making it 29 movies made. I expect we will have more than 30 movies made this year. 

One of the things I am working is making things as affordable as possible, if only to make sure that we don't have to raise prices for several more years. Ideally, we would be able to lower the prices for having a listing in our InkTip magazine. Go here for your reference.

What are working on doing is accepting advertising for our InkTip magazine and for our e-newsletters, which we have never done before. It has always been through cross-promo with other organizations (they promote us; we promote them). But if we are able to do enough advertising particularly in the magazine, then we should be able to pass the savings on to you by lowering the fee. Still working on that and that might take a while, just because it is a new area for us. And we also have to develop the clientele. So, we will see how that goes.

Another passion of mine is my political documentary now titled "Fools on the Hill" seen here:  This page will be updated soon.

The biggest bugaboo, as with all films, is the financing. That has been an ongoing hurdle. Since this is my first one, it is hard to gauge how expensive something like this would be. It has been nip and tuck, but I have managed to get the money needed to complete it. In fact, I am days away from completing it and having it market ready!

This has been a passion for me, because for a long time now, I have been sick and tired of the rhetoric; petty party politics; politicians saying one thing and doing another; politicians on both sides of the party aisle deciding our fate behind closed doors; and politicians favoring special interests instead of the good of all when passing these bills.

In particular, I think current use of earmarks is abominable. Generally speaking and fairly accurately speaking, an earmark is a set aside of government funds for special projects. For a hypothetical example, congress could brag about giving a billion dollars to education. What we don't know is where exactly that money goes to. For all we know, they could have given 950 million of it to two states and had the other 50 million of it divided between the other 48 states. And it would so happen that the 950 million is given to three companies for further research on improving education. Now, this is a made up gross exaggeration.

What is not an exaggeration is that the current use and purpose of earmarks is to permit our parties and legislators a means by which they can pay back their campaign investors. These special interests invest a few million dollars and then without our being privy to it until after it is done, Congress allots tens of millions to those very same special interests. For the last 10 years or so, there have been about 9,000 earmarks per year, averaging 6-10 billion. Plain and simple, this is theft, embezzlement and extremely unethical.

Anyway, it is that type of stuff that really gets me going. So, I did a documentary about my efforts to get some real change in the way our politicians conduct their affairs so as to encourage them to do the job they were hired to do, not the job power brokers want them to do.

And the documentary was done with humor - myself probably being the biggest fool of all.

A trailer will be available soon and I will let you know when that is.

Wishing you well.

Jerrol LeBaron


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Written by: Jerrol LeBaron
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