InkTip Pro Membership

Getting your scripts to filmmakers is complicated and difficult, but with InkTip Pro, those barriers disappear. Our Pro service is a monthly membership for screenwriters to advance their careers.

Pro benefits include:

  • One "Live" Feature/TV Script

    While anyone can add scripts to their InkTip account, only Pro members will be able to "go live" with their script. When a script is live, it is discoverable by vetted filmmakers and reps who use InkTip every day to find new material and new writers.

  • Weekly Script Requests

    Every week, filmmakers tell us what they're looking for, and we pass that information along to you in the form of script requests. You'll be able to pitch your scripts to 24+ requests per month.

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  • Price

    InkTip Pro is $32.50 per month and includes one "live" script and 24+ script requests per month. Additional live scripts can be added to your membership for $12.50 per month per script.

    Until September 17th, your first two months of InkTip Pro will be 50% off.