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The Ghost of Gabrielle Emmett by   Jared Wynn
    |    26 Feb 2009
    |    #1
Four kids find themselves stuck in a town in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of dead people - except these aren't exactly Zombies, these corpses still have souls and goals in life, or in the afterlife, as the case may be. And one of them even has a sense of humor; too bad he's hungry...

(The Ghost of Gabrielle Emmett was developed as a crossover horror/action/comedy story with a unique, never-before-done premise and broad audience appeal.)
Hollywood Douche Bags by   Gato Scatena & Jordan Rosner
    |    25 Feb 2009
    |    #2
Julian and Chad were a couple of gym-rat douche bags sitting on the throne of Hollywood's nightlife, but after CNN declares them the World's Best Party Promoters, Europe's best invade L.A.; there can be only one best douche bag party duo!

"Zoolander" meets "Swingers" in the competitive world of party-throwing. For the trailer, go to
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