Weekly Successes

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J.M. Logan Options "Haunted" Jan 15, 2019
J.M. Logan with JML Film Corp found "Haunted" on InkTip and optioned it from Aaron Mendelsohn. J.M.'s credits include the Duplass Brothers' production "Manson Family Vacation," which is currently streaming on Netflix. Aaron has been with InkTip for over a decade with multiple successes as a result. A five-time Board Member of the Writers Guild of America West, Aaron is the co-creator and co-writer of the "Air Bud" franchise for Disney and has numerous credits as a writer, producer, and director.
Vitaly Kozlov Options "Eternal Life" Jan 15, 2019
Vitaly Kozlov with Partners In Crime found "Eternal Life" on InkTip and optioned it from Lyndon McGill. Vitaly's credits include the award-winning thriller feature "Death Waits for No Man," among others. This is Lyndon's first option through InkTip, though several of his other scripts have previously been in development with various companies. His work has also been recognized as a winner or finalist in numerous script competitions including Scriptapalooza. Lyndon has been an InkTip member since 2002.
Brenda Rusnak Hires Rose Tavelli Jan 15, 2019
Brenda Rusnak with The Best Part Inc. discovered Rose Tavelli on InkTip and has hired her to rewrite an as-yet-untitled feature project. Brenda’s credits include several documentaries such as the award-winning "Cyber-Seniors" and the upcoming "Designer S#!t" but she also has several narrative features in development. Rose joined InkTip in 2014 and has written for several children's TV series on Nick Jr and Sprout. Her work in other genres has also been recognized by multiple screenwriting contests such as Story Pros and The Write Room.
Paula Landry Options "Fire Season" Jan 8, 2019
Paula Landry with IdeaBlizzard Productions found "Fire Season" on InkTip and optioned it from Tim Stickler. Paula's previous credits include the feature comedy "A Cat's Tale" and the award-winning short film "Angel Passing," among others. Tim is a prolific writer who has been with InkTip since 2008. His script for "Fire Season" was previously recognized as a finalist in multiple competitions before being picked up by Paula. This is Tim's first option through InkTip.
Alexander Vinnitski Options "Visceral" Jan 8, 2019
Alexander Vinnitski with Current Flow Entertainment discovered Brant Hughes on InkTip and has optioned his script "Visceral." Alexander's previous credits include Meg Ryan’s directorial debut "Ithaca" and the drama feature "Corrections Class," which has won numerous awards at festivals around the world. Brant is a previous winner of the Westchester New York Film Festival Screenwriting Competition and a quarterfinalist in the Nicholl Fellowship. He has been an InkTip member since 2008, and this is now his fifth success as a result.
Justice Bowens Options "Believe" Jan 8, 2019
Justice Bowens with B3-Vision found "Believe" on InkTip and optioned it from David Birkenhead. The faith-based film marks the directorial debut for acclaimed actress Lisa Vidal ("Being Mary Jane") whose company Funny Gal Productions will co-produce alongside Justice. David Birkenhead is a New York-based writer who has previously landed multiple options, a hire, and found representation through InkTip since he joined the site in 2008.
Travis Thoms Options "In Debt Deep" Jan 2, 2019
Travis Thoms with Cottonwood Media found "In Debt Deep" on InkTip and optioned it from Andrew Brown. Travis' previous credits include the thriller feature "Prolonged Exposure," starring Dean Cain. This is Andrew’s first option through InkTip. He is also the writer/director of the award-winning short film "Moriah" and is currently in post-production on his debut feature entitled "Confound." Andrew has been with InkTip since 2015.
Wes Tomasz Ciesla Hires Ron Brawer Jan 2, 2019
Wes Tomasz Ciesla with Millions of Pixels discovered Ron Brawer on InkTip and has hired him to write his upcoming comedy feature "American Bed & Breakfast." Wes' credits include the horror/thriller feature "The Ideal," among others. Ron has been with InkTip since 2005 and is the writer of the short film "Almost Home," as well as several feature projects currently in development. This is his first hire through InkTip.