A Better Way to Share

Share your script anytime with anyone.

Through your account, you can use Script Share to create links that take someone directly to your InkTip script listings.

Send that link to your friends, colleagues, or that producer you chatted up at Starbucks. Drop it into your next pitch on InkTip. Any time someone looks at your share link, you'll know!

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Why Script Share:

  • Your logline, synopsis, resume, and script are all in one place, ready to be read.
  • Uncomfortable sharing? Require anyone with the link to request your permission to read your script.
  • Create and suspend links at any time, and you'll see know when someone sees your logline, synopsis, or script.
  • Keep track of all the people you've sent your script to—all in one place.

Some Ways to Share:

  • Send a query through InkTip:
  • Drop a link into your submission query that goes straight to your script listing.

  • Send a Link to an Individual:
  • Drop the link in an email to direct someone to your script listing.

  • Post a Link on Social Media:
  • This type of link restricts access by requiring them to email you for the script.

More Info on Sharing:

Want more info? Visit the Sharing FAQ page here